Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal for the Flexibility in Today’s Business World

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Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal for the Flexibility in Today’s Business World
Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal for the Flexibility in Today’s Business World
Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal for the Flexibility in Today’s Business World
Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal for the Flexibility in Today’s Business World
Why Serviced Offices Are Ideal for the Flexibility in Today’s Business World

It used to be challenging for entrepreneurs to locate the ideal commercial location for their requirements. After locating a viable business location, also they had the daunting challenges.

Facing the challenges and raising the money to buy office supplies and furnishings. That was then, but in terms of finding the ideal office space, things have definitely changed.

These days, office spaces come in a variety of designs and configurations that can be easily altered to suit the requirements of each distinct company.

Serviced offices are one of the most well-liked business solutions. Here is a list of reasons to pick a serviced office over other sorts of office spaces.

Let’s discuss a lot about this…….

8 Benefits Of Serviced Office Space

1. Temporary leases

With shorter or even more flexible lease periods, you can rent office space for as long as you need to avoid tying your company to a long-term rental commitment.

And that can make it impossible for it to grow or adapt to changing market conditions.

2. Convenient features

Practical facilities are typically offered by serviced offices. Frequently added amenities include private kitchens and staffed greeting rooms.

However, they might also offer more specialized amenities like access to a gym on-site, IT support, and meeting rooms with AV technology.

3. Cost-effective

A serviced office is fully furnished, has printing capabilities, and also has a lightning-fast wireless internet connection everything a business needs to start up and thrive.

They may also be resized to meet the requirements of your business, saving you money on unneeded office space.

4. Easy to enter  

These offices are fully furnished and ready for use right away, so there is no waiting. When it’s time to move, there is no need to disconnect heavy appliances or carry them because utilities like Wi-Fi, water, and energy are already connected.

5. Beginning upkeep

The maintenance, repair, and cleaning expenses both financial and labor related, are the responsibility of the serviced manager and are often deduct from your rental payments.

You might even be provided with a temporary workstation while the work is being done. Especially if serious repairs, like patching a leak, are require.

6. Access to the Internet

You do not need to enter into an ISP contract when you move into a serviced because the internet is “always on.”

A fast Wi-Fi mesh network will also be deploye in a high-quality serviced office. Allowing teams to stay connect from any location they choose to work from.

Why Select a Serviced Office Facility?

1. Location

Do you require a city center office for your startup? A premium business address may be required. If so, think about a serviced office. They are located in some of the most prominent urban areas.

2. Upfront Costs

Many people think that a serviced office is a more expensive option, but it’s crucial to take into account all the advantages and services that are provided.

Serviced offices offer everything and we do mean everything you could possibly need to operate your business.

3. Mobility & Flexibility

A traditional office often has a long-term lease of three to five years. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to forecast where your company will be at that point. Serviced offices, however, operate under flexible lease terms.

4. Admin Assistance 

Professionally trained admin support is available with service offices, which include everything for a single monthly charge. They are prepare to answer calls, handle paperwork, and also more.

Whatever the business responsibility. They are prepare to take it off your hands so you can concentrate on running your company.

5. Fully Equipped & Prepared

Keeping in mind that everything is cover by the monthly charge You no longer need to worry about including the cost of obtaining office furniture in your budget.

A serviced office includes everything, even furniture. When you move in, they’ll be prepare and waiting.

6. Quick & Simple

Speaking about relocating, a serviced office is simpler. The only thing left to do is pack up your old office’s necessities and transport them to your new one. It’s that easy.

Serviced Office Vs. Conventional Office 

Fully Serviced Offices

Conventional Offices

1. There is no need to go furniture shopping or buy anything because our offices are already furnish

1. Furniture purchases require more funds, which also could delay moving in.

2. You save time because our offices are ready for use, so all you have to do is move in.

2. It takes time to hunt for additional facilities like refreshments, a networking staff, installation, maintenance, etc.

3. Receptionist who is courteous and professional

3. You must employ your own administrative assistant and also receptionist.


EcommerceBd’s Serviced Office provides everything you need to begin managing your business. For small and medium-sized business, renting a serviced office is significantly more economical.

It could help you save up to 60% more on your living expenses than opening your own office.

Unlike normal office space. You are given a fully furnish office.

We offer a free call plan and an international business IP telephone network. Our global IT infrastructure comprises a lightning-fast, secure internet.


1. A serviced office is what, exactly?

A serviced office is a private office that is furnish, equip with phones. And equipped with broadband to enable a rapid start. 

It is located in a building that offers its tenants shared services including a manned lobby, kitchen, WCs, and meeting spaces.

2. What services do serviced offices offer?

Typically, a serviced office comes with chairs, desks, tables, and storage cabinets. The office will also have its own phone system for tenants to use as needed. Offices will feature Wi-Fi and a broadband connection.

3. How much does a serviced office cost?

Serviced offices typically charge a monthly fee based either on a desk-by-desk or office-by-office basis. That cost covers using the area.

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