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Phone Answering
Phone Answering

Cost-Effective Live Phone Answering Services In Bangladesh

EcommerceBD provides a low-cost, 24-hour phone answering service for businesses. We want to help our clients resolve consumer complaints and improve their corporate reputation. Our live phone answering services give your customers the finest possible service.

We are one of the best phone answering service providers in the market, with flexible services and also customizable options. Our clients have select us time and time again because they perceive considerable value in what we do. Although, our phone answering services allow you to serve your clients even after normal business hours. And also you don’t need to keep your office open.

We have live answering service operators at EcommereceBD and as well as they handle your calls as if they were working for you from your location. Your consumers won’t be able to tell the difference, and your company won’t miss another crucial call. At last, your organization can seamlessly greet each caller with our strong live phone answering services!

Choose Our Phone Answering Services In Bangladesh

Our highly-train agents will screen calls, take messages, answer questions, schedule appointments. And also provide customer support.

Phone Answering Services

1. Call Screening

With our tailor call screening services, by the time your company will have complete control over who may contact you by phone. Depending on your needs, our call agents accept, decline, or prohibit specific phone numbers while putting others on wait.

Phone Answering Services

2. Deliver Messages

Using IVR technology or a calling agent, you can greet the caller as soon as the call connects. The average wait time, as well as other useful information for the caller, can include in the welcome message. This is configurable according to your needs.

Call Answering and Set Appointments Services

3. Set Appointments

We'll accept your calls and also set up appointments for you. Our team will quickly arrange and set appointments for you, as well as manage your calendar. Our appointment arranging services allow you to focus on your business activities.

Call answering and Technical Support Services

4. Technical Support

For your customers, we will give the all in all around customer and technical assistance. Our team provides dedicate support to your consumers. From answering general questions to resolving particularly issues we are always on your side.

phone answering Services in Bangladesh

5. Call Distribution

Our skill call agents can provide you with accurate and also error-free call distribution services. Calls can be route to different agents base on their availability, in a sequential, random, or priority sequence. Presently, we use up-to-date tools & technology.

Phone answering Services and Analyses

6. Call Analytics

We are able to provide weekly, monthly, and also quarterly call data to clients for each project. Clients can rely on our reports for critical business decisions and improve overall operations. So feel free to contact us now to get the best services.

Get A Virtual Business Address With Call Answering.


Call Answering With Virtual Office & Mailing Address In Bangladesh

We use innovative technology, resources, and standards to deliver high-quality phone answering support.

  • 01. Affordable Pricing
  • 02. Quality Services
  • 03. Data Security
  • 04. World-class Support
  • 05. Quick Turnaround Time
  • 06. Highly Scalable
  • 07. Nonstop Support
  • 08. Skilled Agents
  • 09. Advanced Technology
  • 10.Cheap Solutions

You Can Enjoy Many Benefits When You Outsource Phone Answering Services To EcommereceBD.

1. Call Answering
Call Answering service

Make a positive at first impression! Our call center’s skill call answering services help you keep and also gain consumers. Our call packages are simply based on low, medium, or greater call volumes. There are not in addition expenses for coverage during lunchtime, evening, or weekends.

2. Virtual Reception

Calls are answer under your company’s name, and messages are sent via a via SMS and email in real-time, keeping you informed wherever you are. We are there when you need us, whether you are out of the office, with a client, or unavailable. Also, we provide top-notch services to our clients.

virtual office Reception Services

24/7 Virtual Receptionists & Call Answering Services

We recognize that providing help to your clients on an as-needed basis is impossible for you. We are here to fill in for you whenever and wherever you need us!

24*7 Live Answering Services

A live answering service allows your company to respond to every call instantly during busy periods. Whether you have an unusually high volume of calls, seasonal services, or team members on vacation, you can count on us to answer and handle every call.

Ramp Up To 40% On Demand

When your firm grows, there's no need to hire and train new personnel. Instead, you may change to a plan that better suits your company's objectives. We believe in a pricing plan that is cheap in cost yet high in value. So anyone can get in touch for this services.

No Hidden Charges

Instead of paying a fixed wage to an in-house team that may be unproductive during sluggish periods, you only pay for the calls you receive. Small businesses can purchase bundles on a call-by-call basis as well as monthly subscriptions without hidden fees.

Meet Every Need

Our pricing models include complete management assistance as well as a dedicated point of contact for the client. We assign you a dedicated manager if you choose us as your answering service provider. They will serve as the point of contact for all of your needs.

FAQs For Phone Answering Services

There are a lot of questions concerning phone answering services out there. At last EcommereceBD is in a position to provide answers to those questions.

Respond to phone call

On average, 90 percent of all calls to our facility are answered in four rings or less. The rest are routed to our hold queue, where the caller is informed that an agent will be with them shortly. We don't charge you any time a call is in our hold queue, which is one of the things that sets us apart from other providers.

Within one business day, the majority of accounts are up and running, with messaging capabilities. From the time we receive your instructions and contact lists. We usually accomplish full customization within 1 to 2 business days.

Calls are answered under your company's name. The call will thereafter be handled in accordance with a process that you have consented to. We just record caller information and relay the message through email or SMS text messages. And we could take on a broader customer service role, answering product questions or even processing orders.

Need new phone number

No, you just divert your existing office phone line, mobile phones, or both to your assigned number. You can turn your diversion on and off as often as you like. You might, for example, just redirect the phone to us during lunch breaks, meetings, or staff absences, or divert it to us full-time.

Yes, we take your privacy extremely seriously at our answering service. Every employee signs a non-disclosure agreement that is in effect indefinitely. To ensure the integrity and security of our network, our call center employs the most advanced data encryption. We are HIPAA-compliant, ensuring the highest level of data and information security for our clients. Clients may be confident that their data is safe and secure.

A Virtual Receptionist Will Answer Your Calls, Collect The Caller's Name, Contact Details And Reasons For Calling, And Share The Details With You Straight Away.

24 X 7 Security Services