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Virtual Office For Business Registration With Meeting Room

EcommerceBD provides low-cost meeting room rentals in Bangladesh. Our Meeting Room Services can assist you in repurposing your meeting rooms. We also provide in-depth solutions to transform these important office spaces into well-managed settings.

We allow you to examine how the spaces are being utilized, as well as digital signage. It lets everyone know when rooms are filled or available. We can also use ID card technology to control room access. Yet, we frequently come for meetings to discover rooms. Although, we understand your concerns about the impact of your technology investment on your company and employees

You can reserve meeting rooms, and book conference lines with parking spaces. We also provide, support, and maintain communication and presentation technologies. That suits every budget and also need for meeting productivity. We provide the solutions and at the same time support services that ensure that your investment performs as well as expect and to the satisfaction of your team.

Service Office And Our Meeting Room Services

We offer a range of communication and collaboration solutions. It includes video conferencing devices and interactive whiteboards.

Privacy Meeting Room Services

1. First Impressions

Your business gets a professional image if you give your clients a positive at first impression & we ensure it.

virtual-office/virtual meeting

2. Privacy

Our meeting room, unlike a public conference room, is designed particularly to keep things private and secrete.

Dynamic meeting room Services

3. Focus

Our affordable meeting room provides a distraction-free environment, allowing everyone to concentrate.

Wi-Fi Connectivity meeting Room

4. Connectivity

WiFi is available in our conference rooms. It allows you to use smart devices and other office equipment during the meeting.

Office Services of Support

5. Services of Support

Our well-equipped, modern conference space includes office support services also to dedicated WiFi.


6. Convenience

It is less stressful to rent a place. You won't have to bother about setting up the room while still getting ready for the meeting.

Effectively Optimize Meeting Space Utilization With Us

Our world-class room monitoring technology at first helps you in determining the best arrangement for a meeting.

  • Gain a Clearer Insight
  • Improve the Processes
  • Enhance Access
  • Boost Productivity
  • Track Usage Patterns
  • Cheaper Than Other
  • Superfast Wi-Fi
  • HD Televisions
  • Free Parking
  • Catering Services

Why Our Loving Clients Appreciate Our Meeting Room?

Our meeting rooms for rent give the services you need at a cost that is both reachable and cheap

Administrative Process

We can integrate our software into your existing platforms to improve meeting administration.


EcommerceBD provide you with a meeting room rental. Also, it is both affordable and surpasses your requirements.

Integrate Solutions

We offer complete project, service, and also management support to guarantee after that we meet your needs.

Digital Signage

Our digital signage displays room availability and also occupancy information in reception areas.

Company Incorporation To Create New Entity In Dhaka.

We assist you in planning for your company’s future. Also, ensure well-conference room facilities are well-equipped with the latest technologies.

Productivity meeting room Services

1. Productivity

Is your base of operations your automobile or a neighborhood coffee shop? Our welcoming, professional environment promotes a productive and also successful day. Our rooms are ideal for long meetings and training sessions. At last our on-site coffee shop will keep your guests fueled throughout the day!

Professionalism Meeting room Services

2. Professionalism

You’ll no longer be able to meet with clients in the comfort of your own home! We provide safe, modern, and conference facilities, as well as Reception services. Also, our virtual office plans provide a prominent business address. At this point you can use it in conjunction with your company’s branding.

Meeting Room Services

3. Profitability

Maintain a professional appearance without the long-term obligations after that come with it. Our flexible terms and at this point no upfront charges allow us to offer you economically price fully equip apartments. And no monthly internet or utility payments simply plug in and go! So get in touch with us.

FAQs For Meeting Room Services

Read our meeting rooms FAQ to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the property category. From cost to booking structures, we offer everything you need to know about meeting rooms.

Budget for conference room

The cost of a meeting space varies, however at the time of writing, it may range from $50 to $100 per day and up. The simplest method to moreover estimate the cost is to consider the size of the meeting space you want to rent, its location, and any other services you might need. If you're un surely, we recommend contacting a few providers to get a better understanding of your total cost.

Yes, you will be able to rent a meeting room by the hour in most circumstances. If this is not the case, providers will provide a half-day or full-day alternative.

Without a doubt. You'll need to confirm with the provider that the meeting room you want is available for the dates and also times you need it.

Schedule a meeting room

Of course, this will depend on a number of things, including the size of the venue, the location, and any additional services you may desire. On short notice, for example, finding a small conference location for four or five individuals should be relatively simple. If you need a meeting space for 40 people or moreover with special characteristics, you should reserve ahead of time.

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