Food and Lunch Services

Food and Lunch Services
Food and Lunch Services
Food and Lunch Services
Food and Lunch Services

Food & Lunch Services In Dhaka

We give a convenient, quick, and easy approach to provide tasty, nutritious, and inexpensive food and lunch services as Bangladesh’s leading provider of turn-key meal programs.

Across the country, there are food supply chain concerns and shortages. Our district is also having trouble getting many of the goods and materials it needs from vendors. We will do our best to provide food and lunch services the listed menu, however menus may be subject to change owing to item availability. During the morning announcements, students may be informed about menu modifications.

Your patience and understanding are much appreciated! This school year, we plan to provide complimentary meals to all of our children. If you’re looking for the best food and lunch services in Dhaka, please see our service information. Call us to arrange for a healthy and delectable food catering service in your area. Take advantage of Dhaka’s top catering service.

6 Special Benefits Of Taking Our Food & Launch Services

EcommerceBD offers a plethora of advantages, whether you’re eating lunch at the workplace or a meal with your family at home. Some, but not all, of the reasons why you should use a food delivery service are listed below.

1. Convenience

Having fresh food delivered to you is more than convenient. Food delivery services are simple to use, and placing an order is as simple as making a phone call or clicking a button.

4. Saves money

"Time is money," as the saying goes. As a result, the time you spend preparing or procuring food for yourself could be better spent elsewhere. So get in touch with us without any doubt.

2. Saves time

The last thing you want to do when you take a break to eat is go out and get food. You are losing crucial time by eating at a restaurant or picking up a take-out order.

5. Lots of options

Have you ever grown tired of eating the same thing again and over? Make a concoction and have it delivered. At EcommerceBD, we offer a plethora of options to pick from in order to spice up your life!

3. No Cooking

Cooking for oneself takes a lot of effort and time. People eat frozen meals to avoid cooking because they are lazy. Consider ordering a healthy lunch from us. We are the leading provider.

6. Easy cleanup

Dishes will no longer be a problem. Food is delivered in disposable containers, which means there is little to no cleanup. After you've finished your dinner, just dispose of the containers.

How Our Food & Launch Services Work For You?

EcommerceBD Catering, unlike others, is committed to providing exceptionally tasty cuisine and fantastic service to liven up your event. Whatever you're planning — a stunning wedding, a high-end corporate event, a New Year's Eve bash, or anything else – we'll design an unforgettable culinary experience tailored to your preferences.

Professional Catering Services

Whatever the event, whether it's a business luncheon, a family gathering, or a wedding, our experienced, professional catering services personnel will pay close attention to every last detail.

  • Fresh
  • Hygienic
  • Taste
  • Healthy

For meal preparation, we always utilize branded and fresh raw materials of the highest quality. All products coming into the kitchen, as well as cooking techniques, will be inspected by a team of quality control supervisors.

Facility Management

Get Launch Services Affordably

EcommerceBD food and launch service is Dhaka's best daily office launch catering service provider. Office Lunch Service in Dhaka is available on a daily basis at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to delivering a healthy and delicious lunch at your office desk on schedule. We have our own mode of transportation. For six days, there will be six different menus.

With our best service, you can get a variety of tests and food. Food is an essential component of any event or celebration. As a result, we take it seriously. No matter what your wants and specifications are, the staff at EcommerceBD catering will work flexibly to meet them. We will endeavor to exceed your expectations and deliver you with an experience that you will be completely happy with.

Food & Beverage

We Ensure Healthy Food

To assure the healthiest and most flavorful cuisine, we always utilize the freshest ingredients. Our catering services are ideal for office or corporate lunches. Our crew can provide for as few as 20 guests to as many as 500 attendees, depending on the size of your event.

As a result, you can be certain that we have the necessary abilities and experience to provide a professional and dependable service - your needs are our top concern. With our dedicated delivery cars capable of delivering anywhere, at any time, we ensure you receive the best service available.

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Pleasant Delivery Experience

Our experienced drivers work hard to ensure that you have a pleasant delivery experience. They specialize in the packaging and transportation of large, temperature-sensitive food orders, and they keep food fresh throughout the process by using insulated bags and climate-controlled vans.

Throughout the delivery procedure, the same high quality standards that you expect from your favorite restaurant or your own personnel are maintained. We can arrange for vehicles, small and large vans to deliver any size catering order on schedule.

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Our Food & Lunch Services Deliver Excellence Everyday

We source the greatest ingredients from reputable vendors since we have an unwavering preference for fresh food. Our food and lunch services goal is to use chemical-free and fresh ingredients in all of our products.


Menu For All Location

We at ecommerceBD offer micro-event-specific set menus that are completely customizable, right down to the level of spices and toothpick length. Simply contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Clients & Reviews

Find out more about our clients and the projects that we're most proud of. We have served a diverse variety of clientele, from the Honorable Prime Minister to the world's most powerful people.

Global Standard

We run a commercial kitchen that adheres to the strictest of guidelines. Our 10,000+ square foot facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh is advantageously positioned. So get in touch with us today.

2 Specialties Of Our Catering Services

For corporate and private parties, weddings, routine office lunches, and cafeteria management, we provide a bespoke 360° catering and event management solution.

Food and Lunch Services

1. Quantity

Our consumers tell us that “the food quantity was more than enough.” We believe that very excellent meals served in ample portions will make you happy and satisfy your hunger.

Quality Food Services

2. Quality

To assure and maintain excellent food quality throughout, our mission begins in Dhaka with the procurement of the best items and finishes at your doorstep with the delivery of the cuisine you ordered.

FAQs For Food & Launch Services

Our primary service is food delivery. That could mean supplying food as a complete drop-off (where we simply put up the food and leave), or setting up all food, drinks, and guest tables and staying to serve and clean up after your event. We can provide bartenders to serve alcohol if necessary. We can also help you locate florists, photographers, transportation, wedding cake designers, and equipment rentals, among other services.

Yes. Customized, imaginative, and delectable dinners for our clients are our specialty! We also cater to clients with unique dietary requirements, with low-carb, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan food options available. Our menus fluctuate with the seasons to ensure that the cuisine we serve is of the highest quality and flavor.

We provide reasonable catering alternatives to meet your budget, and our pricing are determined by the menu items you select as well as the amount of people attending your event. We'd be delighted to speak with you further about your catering requirements. Please fill out and submit the "Request A Quote" form accessible on our catering services website, and a member of the EcommerceBD Catering team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Our catering services are offered for groups of at least 20 people. For a range of different types of events, we offer both drop-off food delivery and full-service catering. Learn more about what we can provide for you and your guests by visiting our Weddings, Corporate Events, Social Events, Non-Profit Fundraiser & Political Events, Holiday Events, and Memorial / Repast Catering pages.

We Prepare Innovative & Delicious Menus Which The Aid Of Continuous Research & Development By Our Chefs

Food & Beverage Services