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Facilities Management
Facilities Management
Facilities Management

Free Up Your Time & Money With Our Facilities Management Services

We are Bangladesh’s leading integrate facilities management firm. We have 900+ sites and 250 million square feet of facilities management. With over 33 offices in 22 locations across the country, we have a strong presence. Also we are led by a highly qualify team of specialist. They have extensive experience in offering integrate facility solutions.

We take pride in providing our clients with cost effective facilities management services. Although, it helps them run more efficiently. Our goal is to provide smart, integrate facilities management services. At this time, it will enable you to focus on your core business. While increasing profitability, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Regardless of their size or location, our mission is to enable you to work at your best in a safe atmosphere. We give a locally personalized and customized solution. Since we recognize that everyone demand and expectation are different. Our goal is to provide you with a facilities management service after that will help you run your business more efficiently. Eventually it reflects the image you’re attempting to convey. We also offer a comprehensive set of services. After that elate to the tasks require for your business to run smoothly.

6 Special Benefits Of Facilities Management Services

Our Integrate Facility Management Services provide a wide range of supportive services. Manufacturing, hotel, and IT/ITES business are all in all our service.

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1. Sustainability

The advantage of Facilities Management is it as long as term viability. We just cannot ignore the presently enthusiasm for sustainability. Businesses have a social responsibility. Also, it protects the environment for the sake of its employees.

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2. Smarter Decisions

The ability of FM services to deliver vital information to inform your overall business plan. It is a significant asset. Eventually, data drives today’s businesses, and your ability. It helps to get and also analyze data is critical to your success.

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3. Working Conditions

You can provide a better working environment. But you should use a facility by making sure it is well-maintained. And all in all the services are fully functional. Consider how cold it is in the middle of winter.

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4. Productivity

As previously indicated, proper temperature controls can enhance productivity. But Facilities Management can also have a good impact on productivity.

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5. Safety & Health

We install Facilities Managers’ comprehensive understanding of the systems. So you can rest confident that your building satisfies all health and safety regulations.

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6. Save Time & Money

A productive working environment helps your company generate more money. The building services can be train in house by professionals. It helps save time and also money.

Our Expertise In Facilities Management Process

Through a digital platform business model, we are bringing altogether our experience. We provide clever solution with a focus on as long as term value.

We Improve Safety, Productivity & Enjoyment Of Work

A well-manage and maintain workplace provides much more than a pleasant experience. It improves the safety, productivity, and enjoyment of work. This is the distinction between a place of business and a location. So, where people can perform at their best. And it is here when EcommerceBD comes into play.

  1. Soft Services
  2. Hard Services
  3. Pest Control
  4. Food Services

EcommerceBD provide end to end facility management services for your business. It includes cleaning, pantry, and also helpdesk services. Such as pest management, food, and electrical repair. We assist you to focus on your core tasks. It enables cost efficiency as part of our aim to provide in class FM services.

Safely and Security

We Give Unmatched Client Service

EcommerceBD is your true partner. We are delivering nationwide repair and also maintenance services at your sites. On every task, we give unmatch client service. They are prompt response, frequent updates, and expedite service. Transparency, communication, quality, and advocacy have been our guiding principles since the beginning. We will make things right for our customers if something isn't right.

  1. One-Stop Solution
  2. Digital Capabilities
  3. Experience With Clients
  4. Wide Range Services

Although, a number of high profile and blue-chip companies rely on our hard facilities management. In addition, we take pride in providing each one of our clients with critical and as long as term FM solutions.

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We Maintain An Active Environmental Policy

We are aware of the potential for our services to harm the environment or deplete resources. Thus, we strive to maintain an active environmental policy. Facilities Management can assist in identifying potential for energy savings. It conducts site specific risk and also environmental assessment. As well as, by performing routine maintenance, you can reduce the chance of items like air conditioning. After all heating operating inefficiently or being accidentally left on. It will cost you money and also negatively impact the environment.

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Increases Lifespan
  3. Industry Regulations
  4. Improves Efficiency

Allow Facilities Management to stay on top of developing trends and another new technology. It manages a building's requirements in a way that fits your company's goals. While remaining socially conscientious and long-term sustainable.

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We Collaborate Closely To Customize Your Package

Depending on the industry, the role of facilities management can provide quite vare. Even though we'll collaborate closely with you to customize your package. We have a long history of providing heating, air conditioning, mechanical, & electrical services. And also you can trust that our products and services are of the highest quality.

  1. Business Support
  2. Quality Management
  3. Risk Management
  4. Workplace Strategy

Whether you're building a new structure or renovating an existing one. But you need to switch from gas, oil, or biomass to successfully control the temperature of your workplace. We've got you cover. To receive a quote, simply contact us immediately.

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Core Features Of Our FM Services

We collaborate extensively with our clients. So that you determine how our system may customize to fit their specific requirements.

Establishing & Streamlining Processes

FMs assist make days moreover productive and predictable for everyone. Also it involves incorporating processes into the day to day working environment.

Project Management

Budget management and ensuring that deliverables are completed on time is a vital job for FMs to master. We ensure the best project management services.

Supporting Others

A facilities manager's primary function is to provide a welcoming work environment for all employees. As well as our services support all your task.

Using Technology To Help

For the purposes, the fourth role of facilities management is to utilize technology within the organization. And how it is incorporated into existing infrastructures.

Our Special 2 Services For You!

Our team is constantly trained. We urge them to live a healthy and active lifestyle so that they may perform at their best.


1. Hospitality

We deploy receptionists, concierge employees, office boys, and office assistants/administrators. It is part of our extended service offering to work directly with or help our customers' operations.

Security Facilities Management

2. Security

We provide professional security services such as facility guarding, parking lot management. It also includes lifeguarding, patrolling, CTV monitoring, traffic management, and incident response.

FAQs For Facilities Management

Do you have a question? The most frequently asked questions about facilities management services by EcommerceBD FMS clients can be found here.

Hard and soft facility management are the two basic categories of facility management. Hard Facilities Management refers to services. It deals with the physical structure of a building and the mechanisms. That keeps it running smoothly and safely. Pest control, cleaning, grounds care, and security is examples of soft FM services.

Allow your team to focus on their primary role and business plan rather than your company's facilities. It can allow your company to perform more successfully and efficiently, saving you money in the long run. An FM Company is less expensive than hiring a full-time general maintenance person. It ensures that you have the proper experienced and qualified trades on hand when you need them.

A contract might last anywhere between 12 months and 5 years, depending on your needs. You may want to start with a few facility solutions with the intention of adding more. Later if you are satisfied with the service they provide. So look for flexibility in what you agree with the opportunity to add, delete, or change things.

By creating bespoke quality-focused Key Performance Indicators. It monitors with a Service Level Agreement.

Ensure A Safe And Comfortable Work Environment For People With Our Affordable FM Services

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