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Trustworthy Assistance / Secretarial Services In Bangladesh

EcommerceBD has a dedicate team of company Assistance / Secretarial services. Our team has extensive experience in business and regulatory compliance. We are business-orient, with experience in a wide range of industries. Our expertise is providing comprehensive solutions for all corporate and company administrative issues.

EcommerceBD’s company Assistance staff works with each company in its own unique context. Specifically, we recognize that some industries are highly regulate. And also navigate the complexity of business compliance can be difficult. Companies must fulfill their obligations in each jurisdiction. They also maintain a global view of their operation and manage them to reduce risk.

Our Secretary Services assist business in meeting regulatory obligation. We also improve company awareness of essential laws, regulation, before. As before indicate, we may supply day to day compliance services. We help with non recurring difficult regulatory advice, such as license, permit, or concession applications. As well as, we work with top regulatory adviser. It has the essential experience for the specific situation at hand.

3 Special Benefits Of Our Company Secretarial Services

Our company administrative service increase your company overall efficiency. It allows your employees to focus on their jobs.

Corporate Secretarial Services

1. Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our company administrative have access to the most important part of up to date technology. Even though, you can apply it to your business. So, using this technology will save you money on install and maintene.

Corporate Secretarial Services for Register Company

2. Eliminate All Risk Of Danger

To prevent fines or even criminal charge, you must follow all legal requirements. Our administrative services are efficient and also accurate. So you can feel confident outsource them to us.

Experienced Corporate Secretarial Services

3. Experienced Professionals

You will enjoy the company knowledge and experience. They will not only know the ins and outs of the process. But they will also be able to give a service that is tailor to your company need

Having A Virtual Secretary Is As Functional As Hiring A personal Assistant

Our professionals in company administrative services are as well as verse in business legality. We go a thorough understanding of how to improve the entity efficiency.

Professionals With Extensive Experience

A company secretary is so important to your firm's performance. Surely, that we industry experience and knowledgeable team. So you can outsource our services.

Excellent Value For Money

When it comes to hiring a company secretary, make sure you receive what you pay for. Hiring us is less expensive than an in-house secretary.

Years of Professional Experience

With over 15 years of expertise, we are the leading provider of secretarial services. We can help you remain on top of all the necessary business rules and regulations.


Back Office Assistant In Overseas Offshore Company

Our services provide you with experience advice and recommendation on a timely basis. This exchange of ideas and also thinking fosters effective learning. It also allows for align strategy in competitive markets.

We Are 100% Committed to Your Satisfaction

A range of ways can use by a business entity to in corporate in Bangladesh. It depends on the short- and long-term goals of the entity. The sort of project offices and in addition liaison offices may encourage short-term involvement. The long-term presence of a company requires its owner ship or a partnership such as an LLP.

  1. High Efficiency
  2. Reasonable
  3. Overhead Expense
  4. 100% Commit

To visualize a scalable enterprise, also we place a high value on our secretarial services. It ensures long-term value. We also ensure fast adherence to standards for seamless business operations. Our services include everything from strategy market entry advice to compliance relate activities.

Open Workspace

We Ensure The Most Convenient & Advanced Solutions

At EcommerceBD, we are proud of our team of highly qualify experts. They are as well as verse in corporate administrative procedures. Although, our expart consultant are familiar with the local marketable regulatory compliance obligation. Accordingly, we can provide our clients with industry information base on our experience. This helps them meet any compliance requirement they may have.

  1. Save Time
  2. Get Freedom
  3. Meet Various Needs
  4. Accurate Transcription

We work in a systematic and structure manner, with timetable and also reminder. We provide you with the most important convenient and advance solutions that are up to date and amend. Contact us for all your company administrative needs as soon as possible. Also, we'll take care of all your compliance issues.

Office Suite

We Meet All Secretarial Business Challenges

Our Services has dedicate teams of company administrative, legal, and also Charter Accountants. We have considerable knowledge in a variety of corporate legislation and legal documentation. Basically, our experts are highly business orient, with extensive industry knowledge. They have the ability to provide comprehensive solutions to all in all administrative business challenges.

  1. Manage Risk
  2. Keep Up to Date
  3. Focus On Core Strength
  4. Advisory Support

Our Secretary Services provide end to end administrative compliance solutions by regulation of Companies Act. As well as rules adopt under it and certain business specific legislation. Our firm follows the applicable secretarial requirement and also performs all another obligation require.

Facilities Management

Give Us The Task - We'll Take Care Of It!

We deal with executives, entrepreneurs, and their assistants. They are busy and sometimes overwhelm. Our organization provides a wide range of services and relieves stress. After that comes with doing mundane or time-consuming tasks. So you don't have the time, patience, or know-how to complete. With our talented and experience staff, you can focus on other revenue-generating activities.

  1. Better Conformities
  2. Cheap Approach
  3. More Reliability
  4. Gain Knowledge

We can handle a variety of tasks. After that includes processing paperwork, invoicing, and answering questions. We also support your business growth in the regular virtual secretarial services list.

Get Started Now

Get Company Secretarial Services From Highly Qualified Professionals

Allow us to manage your corporate secretarial services. We free up time for you to focus on your key competencies.

Corporate Secretarial services

Precise & Consistent Handling

If you outsource this service to us, you can assure that all your regulatory needs will meet on time.

Corporate Secretarial services

Wide Range Of Great Services

Our service includes an offer for a comprehensive package of other incidental services.

Corporate Secretarial services

Affordable Pricing Option Services

Hiring us as a secretarial service provider in Bangladesh is extremely cost-effective. Because it eliminates the need to hire.

Hire Virtual Assistants For Your Business Process

We address common concerns about business secretarial services and EcommerceBD in general. If you have more questions, Feel free to contact us as soon as now.

Every firm must select a secretary within six months of its incorporation date. And the job cannot held vacant for more than six months.

EcommerceBD charges a monthly business secretarial. And also it is automatically collect from your credit or debit card each month.

You must consider the future of your company and the path it is taking, just as well as  you must with any other decision. If you're thinking about going public or changing your corporate structure. You'll need a company that offers more than just corporate secretarial services. You'll need to find a company that has experience working with both regional and worldwide businesses.

Corporate secretaries are in charge of administering board evaluations, conducting corporate governance audits. It also assists directors with education, training, and orientation programs. At last, corporate secretaries collaborate with the executive team on a daily basis.

Virtual Assistance (VA) Service Bet On The Outsourcing Of Your Administrative Tasks.

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