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6 Types Of Virtual Office Services Available In Dhaka

We will take care of virtual office in Bangladesh. You contribute to the firm’s success. If we take care of the little issues first, we will be able to devote much more time to the more important issues. Know more about our 6 special virtual office services.

Virtual Office Services

1. Virtual Business

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur who is juggling too many balls and missing important deadlines? Allow us to assist you! EcommerceBD is a well-known provider of virtual business services.

Virtual Meeting Room Services

2. Meeting Room

In Bangladesh, EcommerceBD offers low-cost meeting room rentals. We can help you repurpose your meeting rooms with our Meeting Room Services at the best rate.

Virtual Office Mail Address

3. Mail Address

EcommereceBD's virtual mail address offers professionally staffed secure, full-service digital mailbox locations. Each email address is linked to a physical place.

Virtual Phone Answering Services

4. Phone Answering

Phone Answering EcommerceBD provides a low-cost, 24-hour phone answering service for businesses. We want to help our clients resolve customer complaints. Our live phone answering services ensure your customers receive the finest possible service.

Virtual Assistance Secretarial Services

5. Assistance / Secretarial

EcommerceBD has a dedicated team of secretarial and administrative support. Our staff has a wealth of commercial and regulatory compliance experience. We at EcommerceBD, are business-oriented and have worked in a variety of industries in various way.

Virtual office Facilities Management

6. Facilities Management

Accordingly, we are the top integrated facilities management company in Bangladesh. Although, we handle over 900 locations and 250 million square feet of space. Also, we have a significant presence across the country, with 33 offices in 22 cities.

Cost-Effective Virtual Office Solution To Manage Your Business

In EcommerceBd’s, you can meet with your clients. In a fashionable co-working facility, you can work alone or with your team. We ensure you present your work in a high-tech meeting room. At EcommerceBD, you will be proud of your working environment.

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    A Prominent Address

    You'll make a name for   first impression.

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    Personal Receptionist

    We provide a professional receptionist.

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    Modern Meeting Room

    our modern meeting space well designed.


Why EcommerceBD Is The Best Solution To Expand Business?

EcommerceBD are sensible and cost-effective. Our services help to manage your company's administrative needs. Let us worry about the minutiae while you focus on growing your business without incurring high overhead costs.

Get A Flexible Workspace At The Best Rate

More than just a powerful location and a local phone number are provide by our. It provides you with "everything but the workplace." Your calls are answere by a dedicated receptionist. They answer them under your company's name and direct them to your cell phone or home. Besides, we provide mail forwarding and a range of secretarial services.

1. Flexible Workstyle
2. Cost Saving
3. Business Support
4. Fully Equipped Room

When and where you choose, you can use our global network of Coworking Spaces, private offices, and Meeting Rooms. You can run your business from anywhere with EcommerceBD's.

Shared Workspace

Reduce Start Up Cost With Us

With a Virtual Office from EcommerceBD, you may save time and money. When paying by credit card, you can join in minutes online with no costly set up fees or deposits. The first month of our Packages is free.

  1. Prestigious Address
  2. First-class Support
  3. Flexible Solutions
  4. Global Opportunities

Our conference rooms, administrative support team, are all available on a pay-as-you-go basis. It allows you to keep track of your spending. Employees do not need to be hired or trained. Your image will be that of a multi-national with an EcommerceBD for a fraction of the cost!

Get Started Now

We Provide Administrative Support

Our bilingual receptionists and secretaries, all of whom are highly qualified. They provide administrative help through our Virtual Office. Your own personal receptionist will answer your calls in your company's name and with the greetings you provide. Because she will be the "face" of your organization, she will impress your clients. Your personal secretary is available to assist you with your professional requirements.

  1. Zero Set-up Cost
  2. Creates Professional Image
  3. Flexible Expansion
  4. Gives You Anchor

Our global IT personnel can assist you with IT-related issues. You can speak with a local in-house IT expert. Take advantage of all the advantages and services of a huge organization while only paying for what you use.  

Remote Office

Enjoy More Freedom With No#1 Virtual Office

Traditional office locations do not give the same level of flexibility as our space. For the first month, try out our Virtual Office subscription for free with no obligation to continue! We don't want to tie you down to long-term contracts; instead, we provide flexibility and value. Month-to-month contracts allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade your membership.

  1. Dedicated Receptionist
  2. Secretarial Support
  3. In-house IT Support
  4. Meeting Rooms

20% of your Virtual Office expenses can apply to the purchase of your own private Office. Only our Virtual Office subscription gives you this kind of freedom!

Virtual Business

We Ensure Virtual Office Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Your time is really valuable. EcommerceBD offers a wide range of support services. It includes business registration, name-card printing, domain names, CRM services, and more. We can assist you in forming your new business in a timely and easy manner.

  • An Effective Business Address
  • Gives Access to More Talent
  • No Long-term Commitments
  • Optional Business Support Services
  • Flexible Expansion Opportunities
  • Complete Business Toolkit Support
  • We Help Business All Size & Type
  • Perfect Furnished Office Space
  • Hi-Speed WIFI
  • Improve Productivity

FAQs For Virtual Office Services

Although virtual office space is not a novel concept. It is fresh enough that people usually have questions about how it works and what it entails. We'd like to take the time to address some of the most frequently asked questions.

We take pleasure in providing the best customer service at EcommerceBD. Setting up a virtual service or any other of our services is made simple with teams of customer care agents trained. We assist you with our latest equipment and software.

A virtual office offers many of the benefits of a regular office without the high cost of a full-time location. Virtual office packages are adaptable and may tailor to match your individual requirements at any moment. Our virtual office packages are built to scale with your company's growth.

One of the most significant advantages of virtual office space is that it can help you save money. You can reduce your overhead company expenditures and reinvest. The money in other vital aspects of your business, such as advertising and marketing, by employing a virtual office location. Plans for virtual offices start as little as $79 per month.

Virtual offices give you the freedom to work from wherever you want. While still providing you with a professional and distinguished place in which to meet with clients.

Succeed In The Virtual World With Our Virtual Office Services

Get The Right Office Space