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Virtual Office Service Agreement Template
Virtual Office Service Agreement Template
Virtual Office Service Agreement Template
Virtual Office Service Agreement Template
Virtual Office Service Agreement Template

This SERVICES AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made as of ____, ____, 20___ (mm/dd/yyyy) between _____________________________ S/o/D/o ____________________________ and is dated as of ____, ____, 20___ (mm/dd/yyyy).

(hence known as the Client).

1. The Agreement’s Nature

Client is interest in using Spacelance’s Virtual Office Services (hence refer to as the Services) at its facility in Kakkanad, Cochin, 682 021. (hereinafter refer to as the Premise). The entire Premise is still the Spacelance’s property, and it is still in its possession and management. 

Client understands that with regard to the virtual office program, nothing in this Agreement grants Client a tenancy interest, leasehold, also or any other real property interest. 

The Client is the only party to this Agreement, and it cannot be shared with anyone else. The benefits of this Agreement and also Spacelance’s duties hereunder may be transfer by Spacelance at any time.

2. Acceptance Of The Terms And Conditions

The provision of the Services is contingent to Client’s unconditional agreement of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. By using the Service, Client agrees to all of the terms and also conditions outlined in this Agreement. 

Each individual who makes use of the Service or enters into a written or online contract on behalf of their employer or another third party warrants that they have the authority to accept these terms on their employer’s or third party’s behalf. 

The usage of any new features that supplement or improve the current Services, including the introduction of additional resources and services, shall be govern by the Terms of Service, unless otherwise expressly specify. Any breach of these terms will result in cancellation by Spacelance.

3. Fees for Subscription

Payment for subscriptions is expect in advance. The Services will be terminate on the expiration date specify at the time of enrollment or payment if there are any unpaid subscription costs. For

For each day that a late payment is outstanding on subscription costs, also the client is require to pay an extra 2% in fees.

4. Service Retainer Amount

If the Client desires to use the Call forwarding and also Mail handling capabilities, it must pay a service retainer/deposit fee at the time of this Agreement that is equal to one month’s worth of the monthly price. 

The sum in question will be kept apart from subscription costs. When the deposit falls below the required amount, the client must replace it. When the client cancels the service, Spacelance will reimburse the client for the remaining deposit amount.

5. Refund Procedure

A complete refund is available for plans purchase without a free trial within 7 days of the transaction.

Refunds are not available for Space lance Plans acquire after the Free Trial. 

Refunds are not available for any subscription renewal payments. Please click the “Refund Policy” link at the bottom of our website for the most recent refund also information.

6. Virtual Address

The Client may also send business letters to the address. However, without previous explicit consent from Spacelance, the Client is not allow to utilize the Virtual Address as their register office address. 

After receiving written authorization from Spacelance, also the client may only use the virtual address to apply for a license from the local authority.


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