The Ultimate Guide to Coliving Spaces is a Comprehensive Guide to Coliving Spaces

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The Ultimate Guide to Coliving Spaces is a Comprehensive Guide to Coliving Spaces
The Ultimate Guide to Coliving Spaces is a Comprehensive Guide to Coliving Spaces
The Ultimate Guide to Coliving Spaces is a Comprehensive Guide to Coliving Spaces
The Ultimate Guide to Coliving Spaces is a Comprehensive Guide to Coliving Spaces
The Ultimate Guide to Coliving Spaces is a Comprehensive Guide to Coliving Spaces

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The way we travel is changing as a result of coliving spaces. People prefer coliving to other forms of housing because of the lifestyle, affordability, and amenities offered. Learn more about why coliving is so popular right now.

Subscription Housing and the Sharing Economy  

There’s no denying it: coliving and subscription housing are arrived, and their impact can be seen all over the world, from Silicon Valley to far-flung tropical beaches.

We’ve had the opportunity of watching this unfold from the inside at EcommerceBD, and we’ve put up this guide to help anyone interested learn more about the coliving movement, including what it means, who’s involved, and what it’s like to live the coliving lifestyle.

What Exactly Is Coliving?

At its most basic level, coliving entails sharing a space with a group of people who have never met before.

While communal accommodations such as artist residences and various sorts of intentional communities have long existed, demand for all-inclusive living and social spaces has exploded in the last ten years due to a variety of factors.

For Whom Is Coliving Intended?

In a recent poll conducted by EcommerceBD, 60% of respondents claimed they have a home base, demonstrating that it isn’t just for digital nomads.

The average EcommerceBD Member is 35 years old, which is a long cry from the prevalent social media picture of the digital nomad movement. Ollie, a firm based in the United States, rents out 20% of its coliving rooms to customers aged 50 and older.

A Brief Overview of Co-Living

Although shared living space is a relatively new phrase, the concept is as old as time. Extended families have been living together for millennia, and history is littered with coliving projects aimed at a variety of aims, ranging from assisting recent immigrants to assisting addicts and crime victims in transitioning from dependent to independent living.

Coworking coliving has recently proven to be a good option for tourists and other persons looking for both housing and employment opportunities in various regions from their homes, such as displaced laborers during World Wars.

At Work: Market Forces

The origins of the coliving movement can be traced back to the earlier coworking movement. Many of the same trends that are transforming corporate life are also affecting our personal lives. For the newly minted class of location flexible/independent mobile workforce, housing flexibility is becoming immensely more valuable.

Models of Cohabitation and Communities

Many cities have standalone coliving spaces, but a few firms are disrupting the industry in many locations, and their business models differ.

The month-to-month renting model is used by the majority of coliving companies. Common, Ollie, Roam, and StarCity are among these businesses. Consider them as if you were renting a month-to-month apartment, except instead of an apartment, you’re renting a room in a welive coliving environment.

A Day in the Life of a Cohousing Community

Coliving’s appeal stems in part from the fact that it accommodates a wide range of lifestyles.

Morning work sessions, meetings, lunch on your own, afternoon work sessions, breaks, and dinner or evening activities as a group are typical of a day at a coliving space.

EcommerceBD’s Head of Community put together this script about a typical day at EcommerceBD – Encinitas Grandview after spending a week there.

8 a.m.

Get up. Take a quick sunrise walk around the block. While enjoying breakfast, go to the kitchen for coffee.

9 a.m.

To begin working, go up to the workplace. Spend a couple hours on key assignments, calls, and online brainstorming sessions with teammates, as well as soliciting feedback from coliving members.

12 p.m.

Take a break for lunch. Take advantage of leftovers from the community potluck you and your neighbors hosted the night before. Return to your workplace to continue your work.

3 p.m.

Take a yoga or surfing break. As the sun sets, head down the street to the beach for a couple hours of surfing/yoga with a fellow house member.

5 p.m.

Work for a few more hours, completing whatever chores that have been assigned throughout the day.

6:30 p.m.

Visit a neighborhood restaurant for supper with a couple of neighbors, or go to a local bar for trivia night.


It’s time to retire to your bed. The next day, you’ll be rested and eager to do it all over again!

Tips and Etiquette

If you’re still interested in coliving, there’s one more item to think about before jumping in: how to successfully transfer from your existing life/work model to coliving.

Here are some pointers, etiquette, and suggestions to assist you understand what you should do and what you should avoid as a member of a coliving community.

What to Do and What Not to Do in a Coliving Environment



1. Participate in community: Events, get to know your housemates and fellow residents. And play an active part in interacting with the people you live with.

1. Be a wallflower: You don’t have to be social all of the time, but if you live in a co-living area, it’s tough to avoid everyone.

2. Observe the house rules: Guests, noise, and privacy are all frequent irritants. Adhering to the rules makes things go more smoothly.

2. Disobey the rules: You must respect the fact that this is everyone’s home.

3. Be mindful of your fellow residents: If keeping your space clean is difficult. Choose a single room and keep your clutter contained to your personal space.

3. Be that guy: Do your bit and shoulder your share of the responsibility for keeping the coliving area clean, tidy, and pleasant to live in.

Coliving in the Future

The groundwork has been established. But the coliving concept will continue to grow to fill in the many voids in the market. Expect interest and demographic-based communities to increase in the future. As well as coliving players to continue to extend their products and available locales.

CTA: Is coliving a possibility for you? Explore EcommerceBD’s global locations to learn more.

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