Serviced Office Space: Global Market Report 2022

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Serviced Office Space: Global Market Report 2022
Serviced Office Space: Global Market Report 2022
Serviced Office Space: Global Market Report 2022
Serviced Office Space: Global Market Report 2022
Serviced Office Space: Global Market Report 2022

Serviced office market volume, serviced office market projections, leading serviced office firms and their market share, important tactics to implement, and also more are all covered in our market research report.

The serviced office industry is adopting workplaces with a large amount of open space and a natural feel, according to a research report by The Economic Research Company on the subject. Offices will be completely ventilated because the pandemic has made social isolation and a positive work environment more important. 

The use of environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, the addition of interior plants, effective air conditioning. And also social estrangement will all be put into practice. Workplaces are adjusting to include natural-inspired flooring, live flowers and indoor roof gardens, use of repurposed materials in workspace design, and also more in keeping with the growing concern about the environment and an eco-conscious lifestyle.

In the long run, this contributes to an eco-friendly attitude for enterprises and works to improve the bond between people and nature. In addition to this, energy efficiency is an important issue. And sustainability is crucial in tackling it in contemporary office environments. It will be fashionable to employ tech-enabled, also low-touch equipment. 

In addition, the major co-working players have already installed top-notch sanitization mechanisms and technologically advanced office spaces after perceiving the trend toward ultra-hygienic office spaces in 2022.

The Global Serviced Office Market Size


Expected Growth

CAGR (%)


$27.83 billion



$33.30 billion



$64.06 billion


During the forecast period, the service office market is expected to be significantly influence by the growing demands for flexible office spaces. Because of the increasing demand from corporations and also unicorns following the adoption of the mixed work paradigm during the pandemic. Flexible office suppliers are renovating historic office spaces as they seek to offer new office spaces. 

When compared to 2021, the need for adaptable office space has increase by three times. And the average number of seats needed by large corporations has increased from 500 to over 1,000.

The Business Research Company has released a number of new reports, including Serviced Office Global Market Report 2022 – Sales Volume, Trends, and also Global Forecast 2022-2026, that would provide serviced office market summaries, serviced office market analyses, and forecasts market size and also growth for the entire market. Serviced office market segments, and serviced office market geographical trends.

The influence of COVID-19 on the industry is also thoroughly examine in the research. The studies make use of 150,000 datasets, in-depth secondary analysis. And also unique insights from conversations with top businesspeople. 

Market analyses and projections are produced by a team of researchers and modelers with extensive experience and expertise. Based on industry trends and the tactics used by the major rivals. The analyses indicate the best nations and also segments for possibilities and strategies.

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