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THIS LEASE INDENTURE is executed at _________ right now___ of _______ 20__, BETWEEN

____________________, Son of ____________________ resident of ____________________, Address ____________________ ____________________, (hence referred to as “the Landlord,” wherein the term “the Landlord” shall include his heirs, successors, administrators, and assigns unless it is inconsistent with the context and meaning) of the one part and

____________________, Son of ____________________ resident of ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

(hence referred to as “the Tenant”); this term shall include its successors and assigns, unless it is inconsistent with the context and meaning.

WHEREFORE, the Landlord is completely in possession of the ______ square foot property located at ____________________, ____________________, or is otherwise well and sufficiently entitled to it.

And in view of the fact that the Tenant requested it, the Landlord has agreed to award a lease for the leased property for a duration of _ Months in the manner set out below.

Now This Deed Witnesseth As Follows:

  1. According to the terms of the aforementioned contract, and in exchange for the rent hereby reserved, the covenants, conditions, and stipulations that will be included herein and that the tenant will be required to pay, observe, and perform, The Owner Hereby Demises To The Tenant All That The Building Located At ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ the right for the Lessee, its employees, servants, agents, customers, and other people designated by the Landlord to use the entrances, doorways, entrance hall, staircases, landings, and passages in the demised premises for the purpose of access thereto, and referred to as the demised premises, Together With All The Furniture And Fittings Therein, As Well As The Electrical Installations, To Hold The Demised Premises Unto The Tenant For The Period Of ___________ Only Commencing From The _____ And Determined On ________ But Determinable Earlier As Herein Provided Paying Therefor To The Landlord Monthly Rent Of Rs. ______Per Month Payable
  2. The following promises are made by the Tenant to the Landlord:

    a. to make the required rent payments on the dates and in the manner specified.

    b. To pay the electricity bills for the electricity used to operate computers, air conditioners, fans, and other electrical appliances in the leased space as well as to light the leased space.

    c. Without the landlord’s prior written consent, you may not enter or alter the demised premises structurally, nor may you change or add to the exterior look of any component of the demised premises.

    d. To use the demolished property as the Tenant’s office space.

    e. Not to do or allow to be done anything that might be or constitute a nuisance to the landlord or other tenants and occupiers of the said property in any way on the demised premises or other parts of the said building in common with other people.

    f. Not to maintain or allow to be stored on the demised premises any obnoxious, hazardous, highly flammable, or explosive material or any other item or things that might endanger, annoy, or endanger the owners or occupants of the demised or adjacent premises.

    g. Not to sublet, transfer, assign, or give up any portion of the possession of the demised premises.

    h. To allow the landlord, his servants, employees, or agents who have been properly allowed by him access to the deeded property at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting the property’s condition or performing any necessary maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.

    i. To transfer peaceful possession of the leased property and all of the landlord’s fixtures and fittings at the conclusion of the term, or as soon as it is determined, with the exception of normal wear and tear, damage from fire, acts of God, riots or other civil unrest, war, enemy action, and/or other circumstances beyond the tenant’s control.
    j. To not block or allow to be blocked the lobby, entrances, doorways, hallways, staircases, or elevators.
  1. To owner does hereby covenant with the Tenant as follows:
    a. That upon Tenant’s payment of rent on the due dates and in the manner herein provided and upon Tenant’s observance and performance of the conditions, terms, and stipulations herein contained and on his part to be observance and performance, Tenant shall peaceably and quietly hold, possess, and enjoy the demised premises throughout the Term without any interruption, disturbance, claim, or demand by the Landlord or any


    b. To maintain the interior, exterior, and drainage of the demised premises in serviceable condition.

    c. To pay any and all fees, charges, assessments, taxes, duties, cess, impositions, rates, and other costs that may be levied against the leased property at any time or on occasion throughout the life of the agreement.

    d. It is hereby agreed and declared that these terms are subject to the express condition that the landlord may re-enter the demised premises if the rent, or any part thereof, payable in respect of the demised premises is in arrears for a period of [two months] or by the tenant omits to perform or observe any covenants or conditions on the tenant’s part herein contained.

  2. It is required to sign this lease deed twice. The Landlord shall keep the original, while the Tenant shall keep a copy.
  3. The marginal notes and catchphrases are just included for the convenience of reference and should not be used in any way to understand the content.

The following is expressly agreed upon by the parties:

  1. The Tenant shall have the right to erect any fittings, fixtures, wooden partitions, cabins, additions, or alterations that may be required for the Tenant’s use of the premises, provided, however, that the Tenant shall remove all such fittings, fixtures, wooden partitions, cabins, additions, or alterations upon the expiration of the term of sooner determination of the lease and shall return the demised premises to the Landlord in the same condition as it was prior to such alterations.
  2. After giving the Owner a _ month written notice, the Tenant may pay, discharge, and carry out the foregoing at its own expense. The Tenant may also set off the foregoing from the rent due under the terms of these Presents if the Landlord fails to make the required repairs and other work as required herein.

In Witness Whereof, the Tenant has caused its common seal to be affixed hereunder and a duplicate hereof on the day, month, and year first hereinabove stated, and the Landlord has placed its hands to these presents and a duplicate hereof.






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