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Uttara Area
Uttara Area

Get Fully Furnished Coworking Space In Uttara

We understand that each company has specific requirements in order to operate at its full potential. Our coworking space in Uttara support your business and ensure your success.

Our Coworking spaces are designed to facilitate collaboration. There are thousands of options around the world, so you can find your perfect spot and meet people who share your interests. Get the most out of your business opportunities by using a dedicated desk or hot-desk in our Uttara co working space.

EcommerceBD’s Coworking Space Uttara Area has something special to offer. We have hot desks, dedicated desks, premium desks, and private offices with IP phones, meeting rooms, and conference calling available at the EcommerceBD’s coworking space in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our services allow entrepreneurs to work in an office with all the necessary equipment at a low price. Your company can now reach new heights by working in a secure co-working space in Uttara.

Why Uttara Co-Working Space Is So Special?

A coworking space is available from EcommerceBD in Uttara. Our mission is to create a community of hard-working people that is productive, safe, and significant. 

1. Trust-based Services

Entrepreneurs and businesses in Bangladesh, as well as the rest of the world, use EcommerceBD. We are your trustworthy partner. So get a good space in uttara.

3. Work Flexibility

You can reserve space 24/7 longer whenever you need it. We are flexible in every work. Get touch with us and take our services easily in Uttara area.

2. Different Values

At EcommerceBD, we add value to the places we work at or we create places of value from scratch. We strongly believe that value is the key to success.

4. Ideal Workspace

We offer workspaces in Uttara to meet your needs, whether it is a single desk, a meeting room, or your own private office. Get all services in one place.

Productive, Safe & Significant Workspace In Uttara

We provide great flexibility in our Uttara co-working space. Our dedicated team member ready to help you everytime.

We Are Different In Our Services In These Respects

Our company does not have any set guidelines when it comes to welcoming a valued client. We do require a government-issued photo ID and your emergency contact information for documentation and security reasons.

1. Focus on Business
2. Productive Team
3. Serviced Customers
4. Flexible Workspace

The opportunity to meet people you might not otherwise meet is one of our coworking space's greatest benefits. The daily interaction with new people contributes to this, but workspace solutions such as EcommerceBD also incorporate aspects of a community.

Serviced Office

Join Us and Stay Connected

It is best to shop at EcommerceBD if you want to save money. At a lower cost, you can have a well-decorated, fully furnished, air-conditioned private office with a comfortable dedicated corporate desk.

1. Fully furnished and managed office space
2. A desk with a locker & high-speed Intern
3. We Provide hassle-free service and everything is taken care of
4. A central location to commute for employees

We can help you achieve better work-life balance by providing a dedicated workspace and offering remote employees a working location outside the home.

Employee Management

We Offer More Opportunities For Our Coworking Space

It is one of the most valuable benefits of our coworking space to be able to meet new people. If you run your business from home or in a small office, you may miss out on opportunities to build your business.

  1. We are flexible
  2. Security Work
  3. 24/7 hour Internet
  4. Skilled Employees

You can improve your company by exposing yourself and your staff to fresh ideas. A comfortable and efficient workplace is essential for any business.

Commercial Space

We Improve Creativity & Reduce Cost Efficiency

You can find inspiration in our coworking spaces by interacting with people and exposing yourself to diverse ideas.

The change of workspace and office environment can enable you to think differently and come up with new ideas.

  1. Shared Space
  2. Coffee & Tea Unlimited
  3. Own Access Code
  4. Office Space and Large Desks

Coworking spaces provide these benefits and others as part of their monthly cost. They also offer a number of built-in business services, such as business mail, that can save you money in the long run. Think about what your business requires before choosing a location.

Get in Touch Now

Right Coworking Space In Uttara For Everyone

The coworking space services offered by EcommerceBD gives you the flexibility to choose a location that’s convenient for you and your team. Make sure your workstation is visible so you can take your work and business to the next level. We handle all of the facilities management costs and problems every day. We are always available to assist you with your issues so you can concentrate on your business.

FAQs For Coworking Space In Uttara

You can keep your belongings and files in your locker if you have one. You'll have to take everything home if you don't.

The coworking environment includes full-service printing and scanning, mail forwarding, bean-to-cup coffee, customized furniture, and meeting room use.


Costs vary depending on the number of participants, the length of the contract, and the exact location of the coworking space. You can also purchase a coworking membership for individuals and teams.

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted for online payments.

Work Alongside Like-Minded Professionals In our Uttara Coworking Space

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