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Coworking Space In Motijheel To-Let At Flexible Price

EcommerceBd offers coworking space in Motijheel area. We offer quality standard services. EcommerceBD invite you to use our co-working space in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

At a coworking office, you’ll find a variety of spaces, such as lounge areas, canteens, huge conference rooms, and smaller meeting rooms. Keep an eye out for any important aspects that could lead to a nasty surprise – we’ll discuss that later. There are many benefits to coworking spaces, such as workshops, free health screenings, yoga classes, and theme parties. Thus, you can offer your employees incentives, information, and entertainment without having to hire an HR manager or incur extra costs.

Our team is available to help you. We are happy to walk you through the various membership types and determine which is best for you and your team. Here are a few special solutions that you might need:

Motijheel Space's 6 Amenities Makes You Successful

Our co-working space in Motijheel is designed to promote collaboration. Our shared office spaces allow you to work with people of like-minded interests in hundreds of locations around the world.

Coworking Space In Motijheel

1. Serviced Office

Our office spaces are furnished and ready, with everything you need. They are ready for you to start working immediately.

Coworking Space In Motijheel

2. Customize an Office

Workspaces should reflect your brand’s culture and aesthetic while accommodating needs. You will get an office to customize.

Coworking Space In Motijheel

3. Data Privacy

You can work more privately at your own corner workstation. Customize your workspace however you like.

Coworking Space In Motijheel

4. Comfy Desk

We identify productive workstations. We can provide whatever you need at any time. A comfy desk is available in our Motijheel area.

Coworking Space In Motijheel

5. Communication

Making contact with other people and institutions for the purpose of developing mutually beneficial relationships.

Coworking Space In Motijheel

6. Shared Space

Work together with all of your colleagues in our shared space at Motijheel. This will allow you to share expertise and expand business.


Get Dedicated Desk, Conference Space, Office Suite At Our Motijheel Coworking Space

Co-working rooms are designed to encourage collaboration. You can choose from hundreds of locations around the world and work in a shared office space with like-minded people

We Ensure A Creative & Dynamic Work Style In Motijheel

The workplaces are designed for young workers to keep them motivated with a fun and flexible work environment. Focus on work instead of being distracted by a manager and other support staff in the workspace.

1. Event for creatives
2. Talented hires
3. Private offices
4. Dedicated desks

The popularity of coworking spaces has significantly increased among startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and most corporate workers. These shared areas allow people to build, create, and expand their businesses at their own pace. They let people work in a comfortable and productive environment.

Dedicated Desk

We Are Offering Dedicated Coworking Desks In Motijheel

A co-working space is a great option if you want greater discipline and structure, better job performance, a better network of people, and the opportunity to get qualified leads. Ensure that the coworking space you choose meets your needs.

1. Get Together Space

2. Communal Setting 

3. Professional Rooms 

4. Networking Globally

Most co-working spaces offer the fantastic services and privileges one would expect from Google or Facebook, as well as stylish interiors that compete with them. It is evident that co-working spaces have a collaborative atmosphere, which can foster creativity and collaborative work since they make it easier for people to work remotely

Meeting Room

 Why Should You Rent a Coworking Space?

We have coworking spaces for startups and established businesses at Motijheel. There are many reasons why coworking spaces are so popular, including their energy, community, and productivity-inducing designs. We offer the following solutions:

  1. A dedicated desk is available in the coworking space
  2. Hot desks are available for all Access members 
  3. Private office space with flexibility

Our workspaces feature glass walls to preserve privacy, while still allowing light to enter. No matter who you're bringing to our buildings, the common areas have a unique look and vibe that will inspire them. We offer private phone booths, onsite staff, and business-class printers at our locations. EcommerceBD's community also offers networking events, lunch and learns, and wellness activities. Join us today!

Shared Workspace

Get More Flexibility Than Traditional Office Space At Our Motijheel Space

Our clients can pick from a number of workplace styles to work in a quiet space where they can focus. The EcommerceBD’s distinctively designed rooms will help you fall in love with work all over again
Our team is available to help you. We are happy to walk you through the various membership types and determine which is best for you and your team. Here are a few special solutions that you might need:

01. Reception support
02. Bluetooth doors
03. Free snacks and beverages
04. Scanners and printers

Our fully branded floor model provides limitless possibilities. We provide you with the flexibility to have your own corporate identity, privacy, and culture while still enjoying the benefits and rewards of working in a coworking space.

Facilities Management

Flexible Office Space, Shared Workspace & Coworking Space In Dhaka

It’s all about people and ideas at work, we believe. Our Spaces have forward-thinking, innovative, and game-changing individuals who are confident that they can succeed. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs are all members of the Spaces community.

FAQs For Motijheel Coworking Space

Have a question? Feel free to ask us! 

Co-working spaces are popular among small businesses and freelancers who cannot justify the costs of renting a full office space. In this way, members can enjoy perks such as internet, printing, a kitchenette and a lounge area without having to pay additional overheads.

EcommerceBD welcomes you to bring your lunch and snacks to work. We have a kitchenette available for your use, but you should also know that there are a number of restaurants and takeaways within a 5-10 minute walk of the space.

Our coworking office encourages and actually hopes that anyone who works here will make the best connections in their field. We encourage both creatives and entrepreneurs to network here. We have set up our offices as a community, so you can make relationships that will last you for a lifetime.

Access to the Internet can be obtained both wirelessly and via hardwired connections. The average download speed is estimated to be 17-20 mbps, while the upload speed is 18-20 mbps. Our Internet is fast enough for small businesses.

Fully Furnished Coworking Space In Motijheel With Meeting Room, Desk Space, Event Space

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