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Get Coworking Space In Gulshan Area

The goal of our Gulshan coworking space is to encourage collaboration. Work in a shared office space with like-minded people at one of hundreds of locations across Dhaka. Ecommerce members can also invite friends and guests for a cup of coffee. Co-working Area is the perfect place if you’re looking for a professional environment at an affordable price!

The majority of people are moving away from traditional office facilities and toward innovative co-working spaces in Gulshan Area. Our recommended co-working spaces can help reduce your costs. The company offers ergonomic furniture, conference rooms, event venues, and office furniture. Our licensed specialists recommend reading through our guide or contacting us for more information before starting your search.

Co-working zones are designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Working with a laptop in this luxurious lounge while enjoying high-speed internet and unlimited coffee is possible. You get the benefit of a full-time office, but you only pay for the desks you use. You can choose a permanent desk or sit at a different desk every day.

4 Unique Benefits Of Renting Coworking Space in Gulshan

Our Coworking lowers economic friction and promotes economic and knowledge exchange among these experts, benefiting not just the lives and enterprises of people who cowork, but also the regional and national economies.

Coworking Space in Gulshan

1. High-speed Internet

Each coworking space's WiFi speed and dependability are non-negotiable and required, and we have it all!

Coworking Space in Gulshan

2. Comfortable Desk

We identify workstations that are productive. We can accommodate you whether you need a single desk or a private office.

Coworking Space in Gulshan

3. Storage for Individuals

Take advantage of having your own space and storing your valuables in your own private, secure storage.

Coworking Space in Gulshan

4. Supervisors

Floor supervisors have been assigned to manage the day-to-day operations of their assigned floor.

Pick A Number Of Workplace Styles To Work In Gulshan Space

EcommerceBD provides you with a workspace where you can work whenever and whenever you want. Whether you want to be closer to home, empower your team in many places, or have a secluded area where you can entirely focus, we've got you covered.

Get Better Security To Work

It's impossible to deny that a Co-working Space is noteworthy. Members of these membership-based workspaces thrive because they bring together a diverse range of freelancers, remote workers, and independent professionals in a shared, communal environment. The mix of a well-designed work environment and a well-organized work experience is why Co-working clients tend to enjoy our facilities.

1. Administration Support
2. We guarantee your security 100%
3. Services of the highest quality
4. Employee in the profession

The office also offers a bilingual secretarial staff, a meeting room that can be reserved via an app, and color printing from every workstation. The high-quality services we provide and our digital advantages allow our clients to focus on growing their business.

Coworking Space

Our Different Type Of Co-Working Office

We provide all the essential services and amenities to make sure your workspace is functional. The on-site support team is available throughout the day to assist you.

  1. The reception team will greet guests in a professional manner
  2. Security, cleaning, utilities, and maintenance
  3. Discounts for members and networking events
  4. Access to the global business lounge is complimentary

Our furnished, private offices that are ready to be occupied; everything is included.

Shared Workspace

Your Office Should Reflect Your Business

Design a layout that fits the needs of your business. Add a meeting room and collaboration space. From our trusted partners, choose from design, technology, ergonomic furniture, accessories, and storage options.

  1. Layout options
  2. Adaptive technology
  3. Collaboration, focus, and meeting spaces
  4. Ergonomic, high-quality furniture

You can rely on us to help you design a bespoke space for your business by working with you to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Serviced Office

We Enhanced Flexibility, Reduced Costs

Your office space costs can be reduced by eliminating upfront capital expenditures and achieving continuous savings. We provide total cost certainty and minimize your risk with our lower monthly fees.

  1. No capital expenditure
  2. Low risk
  3. Cost-savings
  4. Term flexibility

We can offer custom offices in every city of the world, for teams of all sizes. One of our advisers will be happy to assist you in finding the right location.

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The Bottom Line

Our services provide an insight into the dynamic fields of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and freelancing as the flag bearers of the new generation of coworking and independent living. Our global network of workspaces enables you to work and wherever you are. You will be able to compete in a global market if you create a work environment that matches your firm’s needs now and tomorrow. Our serviced private office spaces provide a stimulating environment for teams of all sizes to focus, collaborate, and produce their best work.

FAQs For Coworking Space In Gulshan Area

Any Query? Have a deep look below.

Our space is available to Startups, Freelancers, Private Businesses, and Individuals. You can rent a space for yourself or your team depending on your needs and requirements, such as a fixed desk, a meeting room, or a space for an event.

Ecommerce offers members workshops, networking opportunities, and member events.
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It is high speed internet, but we cannot guarantee it all the time as it depends on the service provider.

You must deposit a month's worth of the selected package.

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