How to Select the Best Coworking Space and Executive

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How to Select the Best Coworking Space and Executive
How to Select the Best Coworking Space and Executive
How to Select the Best Coworking Space and Executive
How to Select the Best Coworking Space and Executive
How to Select the Best Coworking Space and Executive

Need Comfortable & 100% Secure Coworking Space?

Bashundhara has a specific neighborhood for independent workers, contractors, and Coworking Space business owners. For you to be effective and complete tasks without being distracted, we offer a fantastic workspace. In a calm yet effective environment, you can work here.

80% of coworking professionals continued to use their original coworking location; this time, that percentage fell to slightly around 70%. More people were also probably to visit their original coworking locations again.

Co-working enables people who want to move from working from home to an office to have all of the advantages of a regular office without having to spend a fortune. These are the best kinds of settings.

Tips To Choose Best Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have experienced tremendous growth in popularity. Without a doubt, collaborating and networking with like-minded individuals is a terrific option for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Address

This is the first but apparent factor to consider when starting a business because you’re likely to pick a co-working place with a fancy location.

2. Budget-friendly

The amount paid for a seat should be reimbursed in order to be satisfied. The Executive Zone offers services comparable to those found in the world’s top co-working spaces for a pricing range that starts at Rs. 15000/shared space.

3. Adaptability

Professionals can work at a co-working space on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on their available time. While most start-ups employ co-working facilities and have established hours, there may be times when you’d like to change things up.

4. Safety

It’s crucial to take care to have a place where you feel secure leaving your work and possessions overnight in a coworking space that is open 24 hours a day. Checking the security measures is crucial, especially if the location is open 24/7.

5. Internet access

Move your job to a location with a strong and dependable internet connection if you use the internet for emails and transferring large files to the cloud.

6. Privacy

Because it helps freelancers concentrate, coworking spaces are a terrific way to boost productivity.

Highlights: Coworking facilities that are affiliated with a chain or network are growing more prevalent. 79% of business owners are independent, 5% are franchisees, 6% are associated with a group, and 10% are part of a network.

Coworking  Demands in BD Upto 2022


Coworking -Demands-in-BD-Upto-2022

Difference Between Coworking & Virtual Office Space

Coworking space

Virtual Office

professional workers’ actual work space.

With this You can use services like call answering, voicemail, and call redirection

They offer usage of utilities and services including printing and scanning.

And They offer storage as well as mail and package receiving services.

They provide chances for networking and community involvement.

The availability of work place and meeting areas is frequently optional.

Meeting rooms, event spaces, break out rooms, and phone booths are all available to you.

This offer the greatest amount of flexibility so you can get what you need without paying for extras.

The Importance of Coworking Space: 6 Arguments  

It’s been said that nothing else matters when you’re passionate about what you do.  However, the truth is that you might not be able to reach your full potential without the correct work environment. The majority of people seem to think that working from a cafe or home is a pipe dream.

1. Maintains a work-life balance

A shared office space guarantees an uninterruptible setting and enables you to separate work from home.

2. Boosts your productivity

When you choose coworking, you enter a community of people who are keen to establish themselves as experts in their respective industries.

3. Networking opportunities

Coworking spaces are a melting pot of people from various professional backgrounds and with a variety of talents.

4. Boosts adaptability

If you’re thinking about renting office space, you’ll need to have the money available to pay not only for the rent but also for the installation and upkeep of the necessary infrastructure.

5. Expert opinion

The majority of coworking spaces plan various events and activities to aid coworkers in establishing stronger footholds in their respective industries and achieving success.

6. Comfortable workspace  

Coworking facilities, as opposed to traditional offices, guarantee that you work in a comfortable setting. A comfortable space is one that has access to all amenities, including refrigerators and everything else.

Why Select the Coworking Facilities of EcommerceBD?

Work together with like mind professionals in our busy coworking spaces. Our shared work space, which are accessible in countless locations, let you hot desk or book a space. You’ll collaborate with a variety of companies at our social coworking locations in Bashundhara, Bangladesh. By the hour, reserve a dedicated work station or a hot desk in an open plan or share office area that best suits your working style. You can conduct business swiftly, collaborate, and broaden the horizons of your firm in these fully service facility.


Coworking have the advantage of being versatile in their uses. Some people use them as their sole or primary place of employment. When they travel or when their regular place of employment is closed, some people use them on occasion. The coworking spaces provide a variety of options depending on how frequently you need to use them. Some major companies have locations in a variety of cities and countries.

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