Fully Serviced Office Space: What Is It?

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Fully Serviced Office Space: What Is It?
Fully Serviced Office Space: What Is It?
Fully Serviced Office Space: What Is It?
Fully Serviced Office Space: What Is It?
Fully Serviced Office Space: What Is It?

The way we work has changed forever as the Covid-19 pandemic fades and also the globe returns to office-based labor. An alternative workspace option is highly valued in today’s society.

Serviced office spaces are a cost-effective workspace option for business owners looking for the greatest amount of freedom also from a workspace.

Fully equipped offices are in higher demand as independent contractors, contractors, business owners, and digital nomads gravitate toward the most adaptable workspace possibilities.

In the modern world, do you want to have more control over where and when you work?

Learn more about completely serviced office spaces in the sections that follow, including who works in these unusual offices and also how they might help your company.

What is a Fully Serviced Office Space?

A serviced office is a place of business that offers desk or office space, a variety of amenities, and all of this on a pay-per-use basis.

Regardless of a company’s size or stage of development, serviced office spaces offer a flexible workspace alternative.

For the benefit of your company, serviced office providers offer internal amenities and administrative services like:


  1. Access to private conference and meeting rooms; a front desk staff to greet customers, take calls, handle mail, and perform other administrative tasks on your company’s behalf;
  2. Teams of cleaners and maintenance personnel will maintain the business center.

The business center’s operator planned everything.

Who Ought to Lease a Completed Office Space?

The diversity of the business center is a great quality of serviced offices. Serviced offices offer the ideal working environment for both small and large companies, as well as independent contractors seeking a more sociable environment.

Additionally, the serviced office contains:

  1. startup companies
  2. Freelancers
  3. Remote employees
  4. based on a project or area
  5. Businesses are expanding
  6. Online nomads

 1. Private Office 

EcommerceBD Office Space offers offices big enough for teams of one to forty-five people. It has more than eighty private office suites. Depending on your company’s demands, you can hire private offices for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

2. Dedicated Desk 

Dedicated desk memberships at Ecommerce BD give people a permanent desk space in the open coworking area, where they may keep their stuff and have access to the office around-the-clock.

3. Hot Desk

Hot desk memberships give people first-come, first-served access to a flexible desk space in the coworking area or to any available space in the business center that may be utilized as a workstation, like business lounges.

4. Meeting Room 

Meeting rooms are made available by EcommerceBD Office Space for both internal users and visitors to the Ecommerce BD Community to reserve.

5. Event Space

EcommerceBD Office Space evolves space into an experience. Offering two remarkably designed event venues, individuals can rent the spaces for any occasion with the option to add-on various catering packages.

Benefits of a fully serviced office space

Serviced offices provide businesses of all sizes a flexible workspace choice. All business requirements can be met in these locations with comfortable working conditions.

Companies should take serviced office space into consideration as a workspace option to the traditional office at any level of their development. Time, money, and efficiency are all improved.

1. Flexible 

Users of serviced offices have the greatest degree of flexibility outside the office. Serviced office space users often have access to the office space around-the-clock, giving them the flexibility to work whenever they wish.

In contrast to the rigid, protracted lease arrangements commonly seen in traditional office space, serviced office buildings also offer flexible lease agreements.

2. Time-saving

The difficult effort of locating an office space shouldn’t detract from what really matters: your business operations. There are many aspects that go into running a business.

Business owners may focus on their operations rather than setting up and maintaining an office space because serviced office spaces take into account all of the costs and time-consuming aspects of managing a workspace.

3. Cost-effective

Serviced offices are an affordable option that companies in any stage of development should think about.

When renting a traditional office space, a business owner would need to factor in the costs of daily cleaning, routine maintenance, electricity and water fees, as well as staffed personnel in the business center. Serviced office providers take all of these costs into account. As a result, they significantly reduce those costs.

4. Extra amenities

The possibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance is provided by the many serviced office space providers who offer exclusive amenities within the business center.


The serviced office space and coworking industries are evolving into an environment of flexibility, opportunity. And success as the view of traditional office space changes.

Due to the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, networking opportunities, and time-saving features of the concept. Entrepreneurs are being drawn in to plunge into the coworking experience and take advantage of its advantages while eschewing the traditional way of doing business.

EcommerceBD Office Space will keep setting the standard for serviced office space experiences as the sector grows.

Get your personalized, fully serviced office space quote by contacting the EcommerceBD Team right away.

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