Rent Your Unused Workspace To Us

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Rent Your Unused Workspace To Us
Rent Your Unused Workspace To Us
Rent Your Unused Workspace To Us
Rent Your Unused Workspace To Us

Consider Your Unused Workspace As Passive Income

We are using the business concept which is a two-sided marketplace for unused workspace that links clients with homeowners and experience providers. But after the agreement, there is no responsibility for the homeowners. Because, experience providers will manage everything and homeowners only get their profits without doing nothing. So, If you own unused workspace or offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh, you can earn money by renting them to us. Let’s come to an agreement!

Unused Workspace

How To Use Your Unused Workspace For Financial Gain

The sharing economy, which is defined as “What is mine is yours, for a fee” has inspired a number of innovative business concepts. One of the 10 concepts that will transform the world” in 2011 was sharing. The charging of a service fee is the most typical revenue model for platform businesses. The sharing economy is an industry centered on using online media to unlock the value of unused workspace, as well as our business model is a great example of this. In the case of our business model, their business involves putting guests in touch with us because we rent out spaces from the homeowners, typically for a long period of time. However, we’re seeking for the unused workspace. Please get in touch with us right once if you have an extra space, office, or flat in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Due to the fact that we will first visit your property. If your property would meet our needs, we must get into a long-term agreement.

Places We Prefer For Unused Workspace

Co-living Space

1. Bashundhara R/A

Independent workers, freelancers, and business owners each have their very own region in Bashundhara. We'll give them a workspace with wonderful environment and facilities.

Residences Co-living Space Services

2. Uttara

In Uttara, we're looking for unused workplace. Many independent business owners could use our workplaces to operate in a fully furnished office and apartments.

Co-living Space

3. Gulshan

The bulk of people in Gulshan are moving away from conventional offices and toward artistic workspaces. So, our goal is to fulfil their requirements and earn profit together.

Residences Co-living Space Services

4. Banani

One of Dhaka's most well-known commercial area is Banani. We can provide our clients with a beneficial, secure, and productive working environment if we collaborate.

Why You Should Join With Us

More Profit
If you will join with us that means rent us your unused workspace or apartments then you could earn more profit from us than traditional rental process.
Ensure Security
If you will allow us to rent your property then that’s our responsibility to ensure your property’s security. We will make sure all kinds of security process.
No Maintenance
When you will handover the unused workspace to us, we will modify it by ourselves. And from this day, we will maintain everything till the contract ends.

FAQs For Rent Unused Workspace

No, we are the owners and managers of every one of our properties, which total and over 1 million square feet of commercial space in Dhaka.

Yes, we've 24/7 customer service.

We've two options. one is long term rental and another one is short term it depends.

Because we are giving our clients more benefits than others. our service is totally hassle free and secure.

Let's Make Your Unused Workspace Or Property Usable And Make Profit Without Doing Nothing

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