Rent Your Home To Us & Get Profitable Passive Income

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Rent Your Home To Us & Get Profitable Passive Income
Rent Your Home To Us & Get Profitable Passive Income
Rent Your Home To Us & Get Profitable Passive Income
Rent Your Home To Us & Get Profitable Passive Income

Homeowners: You Can Give Your Space To Us For Home Rental & Get Extra Income

Renting a house in Dhaka sounds to be a lengthy process. We’ll make that easier for you. We furnish your house beautifully for rent. The best thing is you that if you give us your home we will give you it with more profit. We’ve thousands of latest rental listings covering Uttara, Gulshan, Banani, and Basundhara areas.  Whether you are looking for rent your a semi-furnished home or a fully furnished home, we can assist you in renting both. Some tenants are concerned about the rental agreement.  We maintain transparency both for owners and tenants. Overall, our goal is to make the house renting process hassle-free. 


Recommanded Area For Our Home Rental

Renting your property in EcommerceBD is a smart and profitable decision. But we have some recommended area for renting home. We arranged your home in Airbnb business model based. If you have a home in our preferred area that you want to rent just come to us. We provide you a hassle free service with more profit.


We looking Gulshan space aims to encourage collaboration. 


We want our rental space in Banani. 


Uttara is a very commercial space for rent.


We give our customers the choice of living in space of Basundhara

We Make The Following Facilities for Home Rental Service to Earn More Profit!

1. Fully Furnished Home

Adaptable solutions will foster the maximum productivity in the workplace as the office becomes more of an all-in-one center.

2. Furniture & Amenities

Individual desks may become a remnant of a bygone era in a tiny office where teamwork and meeting space take precedence.

3. Reception Area

Although a greeting room is necessary, we believe it is a space that no longer reflects the present period.

4. Friendly Enviroment

Although having social justice in sitting heights is more casual, the subtle ergonomic social ramifications are as significant.

5. Smart Home & Appliances

Built-in cabinates are quite useful in any workplace setting when wall space is limited. Live paperless and digitized with us.

6.Managed Property Service

Small offices have their own style and functioning, as well as the potential to be creative with the available space.

Why EcommerceBD Is The Perfect Choice?

Renting your property in EcommerceBD is a smart and profitable decision. Our services aid in handling the administrative requirements of your business. While you concentrate on expanding your company without incurring significant overhead costs, let us worry about the details. We offer both a professional rental service and a digital system with cutting-edge technology.

Desk Space Services

1. Landlords and Tenants

It is a platform where tenants can find desired properties and landlords can find tenants without hassles.

Office Space Services

2. Increased Income

You can cooperate with us and receive a higher profit than the standard unit rental rate and costs.

Office Space Services

3. Rental Agreement

Ensuring trust & transparency Rents team prepare rental agreement on behalf of owner & tenant.

To Make Some Extra Money? You're Thinking About Renting Out Your Home?

The goals and preferences of the client will always dictate the value of facilities management services for a particular property or organization. Larger properties, in particular, gain from this service facility management is essential to them due to the size of the structure and the volume of facility chores. We did it. So give us your home and get more money.


Our recommended areas are Gulsan, Banani, Uttara and Basundhara.


 We have two option for homeowners. 1. Short term rental 2. Long term rental

We give 2x profit with more money and our service are totally hassle free.

Yes. We guaranteed 100% in homeowners and clients security.

Make Your Property Or Home Ours So That We Can Improve It and Give You 2x Money