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Rent Your Apartment With Us
Rent Your Apartment With Us
Rent Your Apartment With Us
Rent Your Apartment With Us

Our Apartment Rental Maintains Believes In Flexible Rental Plan

EcommerceBD is the first organization in Bangladesh who have started apartment rental and hosting platform similar to Airbnb business model. We welcome our clients who have a ready but unused and non furnished apartment or single available rooms in their current home and are willing to give them for apartment rental service. You just contact us, we take care of the rest. EcommerceBD offers partnership on your apartment rental, but that’s not all. Once agreed, every liability of your apartment, starting from maintenance to any physical damage, we will take care of it. We will arrange your apartment for rental, secure guest bookings, and receive and divide the revenue and send it to you according to our agreement. 

How We Manage Your Property For Apartment Rental

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1. Create Listing

Fill out the listing with images and a description of your apartment.

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2. View Messages

Respond to potential guests’ messages and answer their questions.

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3. Accept Requests

Once you’ve accepted their request, communicate with them.

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4. Prepare Apartment

Prepare your apartment for your guests and inspect the overall condition.

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5. Check-In Process

Your visitors arrive at the apartment and are given the key to enter the apartment.

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6. Get Rental Paid

You will be paid after we receive payment 24 hours after your guests check in.

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7. Guest Stay Period

Your guests have a good time at your apartment during their stay.

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8. Check-Out Process

When guests leave the apartment, they place the keys in the designated location.

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9. Guest Review

You and your guests both leave reviews about your experiences.

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10. Property Cleaning

Prepare your apartment by cleaning and performing housekeeping tasks.

Find Out The Benefits Of Partnering With Us

We are fast and reliable in everything we do. Our apartment rental service is very professional. Our properties allows you to sit back and enjoy your vacation like at home.

01. Marginal Financial Difference

People often under-estate the prices that people are willing to pay for renting one or multiple rooms in someone’s apartment.

02. Increased Rental Income

Instead of earning the regular apartment rental price and fees, you can partner with us and get an increased amount of profit.

03. Monetize Spare Space

Use up any free space you have in your apartment like one or two unused rooms and provide them for apartment rental.

04. New Business Connections

There’s nothing like having a good chat with someone over a nice meal or drink in your apartment to make a business connection. 

05. Mortgage Is Paid

listing one of your spare rooms on EcommerceBD can be extremely lucrative and save you enough money to clear mortgage.

06. Vastly Reduced Cleaning

When it comes to servicing the rented apartment, cleaning is so much faster and quicker than servicing a whole condo.

Places We Manage For Apartment Rentals

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1. Gulshan

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2. Banani

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3. Bashundhara

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4. Uttara

Property Types You Can Enlist For Apartment Rental

Are You Ready to Grow your Dream. Our Goal is to Take Your Dream to The Next Level. We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

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1. One Bedroom

Our 1-Bed Room Rental service should include access to every type of furniture, amenities, and facilities. The common area should be accessible by every tenant.

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2. Two Bedrooms

Our furnished 2-bedroom apartment rental plans require to have furnished interior for the apartment as well as a hygienic and healthy environment in the building.

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3. Whole Apartment

Apartments need to be fully equipped with an AC, fridge, and a smart TV. There should be an open kitchenette with an infrared burner and all kinds of cooking amenities. 

Why Us?

The largest and best-documented potential benefit of EcommerceBD expansion is the increased supply of temporary accommodations, which could benefit travelers by making travel more affordable. There is evidence that EcommerceBD increases the supply of short-term travel accommodations and slightly lowers prices.

FAQs For Apartment Rental In Dhaka

Physical intrusions: Without prior permission, hosts, guests, and those associated with them or working on their behalf must not enter or attempt to enter any private spaces.

We make sharing simple, enjoyable, and secure. We verify personal profiles and listings, run a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with confidence, and manage a secure payment platform. Our primary concern is your safety.

Host liability insurance protects you if you are found legally responsible for any of the following: A guest was injured physically (or others) Property belonging to a guest that has been damaged or stolen (or others) Damage to common areas, such as building lobbies and nearby properties, caused by a guest (or others).

1) Objective vs. Expectation
2) Having Strangers Visit Your Home.
3) Commitment to Time.
4) Listing placement.
5) Landlord-Tenant Relationships
6) Relationships with Neighbors
7) Liability and risk.
8) Price optimization.

We Help You To Get More Revenue From Your Apartment Rental