Rent a Meeting Room

Rent a Meeting Room
Rent a Meeting Room
Rent a Meeting Room
Rent a Meeting Room

Rent A Meeting Room Instantly & Get Working

We have 350 meeting room and board rooms available across the platform. You can host your next pitch, interview, or collaboration session in a variety of productive venues. Our individually designed conference rooms come fully equipped. We provide high-quality equipment, Wi-Fi, and video conferencing technology. We provide you with excellent service around the clock, whether you’re in Dhaka or anywhere else in Bangladesh. So rent a meeting room with us.

In Dhaka, find the ideal location for your next pitch. We offer training sessions, conferences, or off-site workshops. Our meeting rooms are equipped with the most up-to-date screen and videoconferencing equipment. We also support the crew to keep things operating smoothly. Make the arrangement and furniture work for you. But if necessary, bring in projectors, whiteboards, and flipcharts.

Our website offers a variety of sophisticated rental options to fit the needs of any renter. We rent a small, medium-sized, or big meeting space. We urge you to examine the available options and book your meeting room in just a few clicks. A variety of activities can be conducted in these adaptable and professional spaces. It includes brainstorming sessions, pitches, interviews, and presentations.

4 Special Reason You Rent Our Meeting Room

Our private conference rooms are ideal for brainstorming. Along with coworkers, impressing clients, and holding productive training sessions. Allow our on-site support personnel to assist you throughout the day by booking a room by the hour.

Make a Positive First Impression

We provide a lovely, convenient conference room in a famous building. It will make a positive first impression on clients. We enhance the meeting and better fulfill your needs. Our five-star meeting rooms offer telephone capabilities, free WiFi, refreshments, and more.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

We offer full video conferencing capabilities. It allows you to meet with business contacts from anywhere in the world. We allow clients and colleagues to communicate instantly. This effective solution saves operational costs, business trips, rental prices, and other expenses.

Book As Long As Needed

It's pointless to pay for a place when you don't need it. Rather, you may book our professional meeting room as needed, for as long as you need it. Our offices can meet all your needs from executive suites to large meeting rooms. It can accommodate up to 25 people.

Dedicated Meeting Planners

We provide a specialized meeting planner. They will try to ensure that the conference room reflects well on your company. It gives your clients or workers a positive first impression. They can collaborate with you to ensure that the venue meets your needs on the big day.

How Our Meeting Room Space Work For You?

If you need a private, safe room for one-on-one meetings, interviews, or podcasting, we offer flex offices. Small private office spaces can also be rented for a period of 6 to 36 months.

Get Everything You Need For Successful Meeting

At this time, your team may not need a permanent meeting area. But most organizations need a space where they can communicate regularly in a professional setting. Our meeting rooms are strategically located throughout Bangladesh. Our services are equipped with cutting-edge technology. So we ensure to enhance health and safety features.

  • Immediate Availability
  • 50+ Professional Rooms
  • Secure and Fast WiFi
  • Perfect for Presentations

Explore our one-of-a-kind venues, which may be reserved for large or small parties. For these types of occurrences, inquire about our pandemic safety procedures.

Meeting Room

We Provide Meeting Room Throughout Bangladesh

We offer a location to suit your needs, from a simple business meeting to a conference with a stage. All our meeting and conference rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology & skilled support.

  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Location Convenience
  • Offer Catering
  • Reduce Overhead

Our facilities offer a blank canvas for you. It is available to both members and non-members of The Executive Centre. They are designed to guarantee that any event you hold is a success.

Facilities Management

We Offer Fast & Reliable Services

When you rent a conference space, it will tailor to your specific requirements and expectations. There is everything from catering to in-person assistance to a personal secretary. It takes minutes and translates if you need it. Simply ask for extra facilities or services if you need them. Want to make a reservation or to discuss your meeting and rental needs? Contact EcommerceBD.

The process of renting a meeting room does not take much time or effort. EcommerceBD allows you to browse a list of available venues, compare rental pricing. We also contact the landlord directly for free. Whether you need a small meeting space or a large conference hall rental, we can assist you.

Virtual Business

Stay Flexible With Flexible Venues

for short-term rental. Tenants prefer hourly and daily agreements the most. Pay only for the time you use the space and save money on your overall. When you avoid the need to maintain a meeting room of the required type and size on a long-term basis. Second, many landlords offer to pay for the amenities. 

Be sure that the conference room you've selected is adequately equipped and furnished. You can make a list of the features you'll need. Look through the available options. And select the one that best suits your needs in any area across the world. Allowing pros to create a workspace for your event ahead of time will save you time and money. Change sites if necessary. Causse the variety of meeting venues available for rent is breathtaking.

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Optimize Your Meeting Room Facilities With EcommerceBD

It is simple to rent a meeting room in EcommerceBD. You can choose and reserve a room from over 20,000 spaces in over 1,600 places in more than 50 countries from the comfort of your own home. Depending on how long you want to use the room, you can rent it by the hour or by the day. Whatever the venue, you can project a professional and clear image of your business. We let you focus on your work and not the environment. EcommerceBD aims to provide you with a meeting room rental. This is both cost-effective and meets your needs.

FAQs For Renting A Meeting Room In Bangladesh

Does your organization want to hold small, medium, or even large activities? Renting meeting rooms on an as-needed basis is preferable to paying for them even when they are not in use. We provide comprehensive packages to meet the demands and budgets of all businesses.

We regret that we do not allow conference room rentals for personal gatherings or events that are not related to work. This is because it raises the issue of personal and professional liability in the event that alcohol is consumed in our facilities.

When renting a meeting room for our clients, we require at least two weeks' notice. We can ensure that we have adequate room and time to meet your unique requirements this way.

Absolutely. In fact, we urge that you come to any of our locations to see the meeting rooms in person and ensure that they fit your requirements. Early viewing will also enable you to gain a better grasp of what we do and the types of space we have available. We allow you to gather your bearings before meeting with your clients. We also have personnel ready to conduct guided tours, which can be scheduled ahead of time.

We are part of both the serviced office and virtual office rental space packages. EcommerceBD provides a variety of adaptable on-site facilities to your firm. Whether you are renting by the hour, week, or month, our office leasing services are diverse and totally adjustable to match your needs. Guest or day offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and training rooms can all be rented.

The Conference Center at EcommerceBD has partnered with some hotels in the area. As a result of this cooperation, we are able to accommodate your housing needs. We also provide you with a superior meeting experience.

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