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Coworking Spaces
Coworking Spaces
Coworking Spaces

Coworking Space for Rent in Dhaka.

Each month, EcommerceBD helps over 5,000 businesses worldwide locate the best coworking spaces. We know the industry because we are flexible office experts. We understand how to navigate its profusion of choices. That is why we are experts in locating the appropriate site for your company – quickly.

coworking spaces in Bangladesh

Reception Services

Our dedicated receptionist makes day-to-day operations considerably easier. They make running meetings easier and more efficient. We also aid with tasks such as setting up meeting rooms, answering phones.

coworking spaces in Dhaka

Perfect Workspace

Discover a workspace that meets your needs, whether it's a single desk, meeting room, or private office. You can reserve space by the hour, the day, or the month as you need it. Our global footprint gives you the flexibility to work.

Shared Office Space Services

Networking Scope

Our coworking spaces services in Bangladesh strive to build a collaborative environment. So we offer frequent social events. It allows members to network - a concept known as "community."

Coworking Spaces

Family-Friendly Facilities

Entrepreneurial parents can better manage work and personal responsibilities thanks to family-friendly facilities. Our coworking spaces are also dog-friendly. It also allows employees to bring their furry companions.

Coworking Spaces Solution

Wellness Initiatives

To keep our members healthy and active, we have onsite gyms in our flexible workplaces. We offer wellness services such as yoga courses and massages on a regular basis. Showers and lockable bike racks .

Coworking spaces in Bangladesh

Breakout Areas

During the day, our coworking offices have common breakout rooms where you may rest and unwind. Besides, we provide high-end amusement areas. It includes pool tables, beanbag chairs, and video games.

Modern offices and workspaces for rent in the Pearl District with premium amenities

Businesses can operate more efficiently with the help of our coworking spaces services. Clients and businesses enjoy a more balanced and integrated approach to working.

We Ensure Maximum Flexibility

We provide flexible workplaces ranging from a single desk to a fully customized corporate office. Our services are tailored to your requirements. We have a vibrant community that promotes contact, innovation, and cooperation. EcommerceBD ensures the greatest flexibility in mind for today's ever-changing business environment.

  • Thriving Community
  • Greatest Flexibility
  • Smarter Work-Life
  • Boost Productivity

Our smart workspaces are changing the way people work. Coworking environments are exactly what they should be: engaging, stimulating, and productive. We design hot desk offices, studios, and shared spaces. These encourage personal development and networking. To schedule a tour or to receive a free day trial, please contact us immediately.

Shared Workspace

Our Office Spaces Meet All Your Needs

Our Coworking Spaces are designed to meet the needs of today's professionals. We're more than simply a place to work. EcommerceBD is a community and network. We welcome you with quality, professional, and dependable infrastructure and employees. Our assistance, both in person and remotely, support your operations.

  • Conference Rooms
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Fully Furnished Spaces
  • Personal Lockers

Whether you need a day office, various touchdown locations throughout the city, or a solution. We can help. It allows you to visit any of our Centers across the world. Our Coworking Plans customize to provide you access to today's most valuable asset.

Serviced Office

Smart and Stylish Workspaces

EcommerceBD is more than just a photo-worthy location. Our workspace designers have an eye for innovative and stylish offices. The work from space planning to the selection of ergonomic furniture. Our team provides a broad range of services for clients. It includes designing, developing, and operating relevant and modern offices.

  • Private Lockable Offices
  • Refreshments
  • Mail Delivery Services
  • Print Services

Hot desking and printing services are available at our coworking locations in Bangladesh. To suit your business needs, we also integrate with in-house entertainment and mail handling services.

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More Than A Shared Office Space

Enjoy a productive workstation with best-in-class services and amenities in Bangladesh. Coworking Areas Members have access to a variety of benefits. It offers complimentary refreshments, printing services, and meeting rooms that can be reserved.

  • Validated Spaces
  • Trusted
  • 100% Free of Charge
  • Private Phone Booths

We provide all the places you need. Do you need a quiet space to concentrate on an important pitch, a huge table for a team meeting, or a private space to secretly?  Speak with our dedicated assistance?

Virtual Office
Coworking Spaces Services

Coworking Space & Shared Offices.

Collaborate with like-minded people in our dynamic coworking spaces. Hot-desk or reserve a space in one of our shared workspaces. It is located in thousands of locations.

Reduce Operational Costs

Having a dedicated private office space may appear expensive to small business owners. But the expense of using shared amenities outweighs the cost of working in a coworking spaces.

Excellent Accessibility & Location

One of the most appealing features of employing shared offices is proximity to public transportation hubs. They are also located near commercial and recreational facilities.

A Great Place to Learn

Working in a coworking office space allows you to interact with more people. They have various perspectives, talents, and information. This provide an opportunity to learn.

3 Special Serviced, Furnished & Shared Office Solutions.

Our coworking spaces give you a location to go every morning and leave when you’re done with your job. It ensures you with a sense of routine.

Excellent WIFI
Excellent WIFI

Your employees can’t work if they don’t have access to reliable WiFi at all times. And it’s not only in the main working areas but we offer more. Modern offices are flexible because workers roam the facility.


No one can go a whole day without taking a break from battling dragons. Your kitchen serves as a modern-day water cooler like a place to store leftovers. Freshly brewed coffee & tea are available.


Hosting events is a key distinction between coworking spaces and more typical executive suites. Members who are starting a new business might enjoy events and networking opportunities.

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The following are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Do you have any other inquiries? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

We have both wireless and hardwired Internet connections accessible. The average download speed on the Internet is 17-20 Mbps, and the upload speed is 18-20 Mbps. Any firm can use our Internet because it is fast enough.

Communication and meetings are always encouraged in our coworking space. You can use our conference room. It can accommodate 6-8 people comfortably in the complete office area.

Our members often sign a one-month to three-year first membership agreement with us. EcommerceBD means to be as flexible and convenient as possible. We assist you in starting & growing your business in the most efficient manner.

From one-hour conference room rentals to monthly memberships, we have something for everyone. We understand that month-to-month agreements might assist you in growing your startup. Do you require some temporary office space while you relocate? Do you want to pay us a visit while your area is being renovated? We can also assist you with that.

Lounge & office use, professional business
line & voicemail-to-email notification service.
We offer virtual office rentals and workspaces
at prestigious addresses in Dhaka City.