Exactly Why Should You Select Premium Serviced Offices?

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Exactly Why Should You Select Premium Serviced Offices?
Exactly Why Should You Select Premium Serviced Offices?
Exactly Why Should You Select Premium Serviced Offices?
Exactly Why Should You Select Premium Serviced Offices?
Exactly Why Should You Select Premium Serviced Offices?

A facility management company often oversees a serviced office space, renting out hubs, floors, or portions of an office building to also various companies.

With the continued trend, premium serviced office spaces have inevitably grown and also now meet the demand for on-demand workspaces.

Among many other advantages, they allow you to choose and also move into the office space of your choosing right now.

Modern workspaces have caught the attention of leading companies, young startups, and also even international entrepreneurs looking for more competitive workspaces to drive their explosive growth.

In this article, we’ll look more closely at serviced offices, including how they work, who uses them, and how they differ from conventional offices and coworking spaces.

Firstly, let’s define a serviced office….

What is Actually Meant By A serviced offices

A serviced office, a type of leasing office space, is delivered completely furnished and also ready for use. They could alternatively be called controlled offices or executive offices.

Unlike standard office leases, which require a company to sign a long-term tenancy, serviced offices might be rented on a temporary basis for a single fee.

These workplaces are equipped with everything a company needs to get up and running, including desks and also chairs, cabinets, printing facilities, and a rapid, trustworthy Wi-Fi connection.

Many serviced offices also provide extra amenities including a full kitchen and canteen area, an on-site gym, and pay-as-you-go access to shared conference rooms, breakout areas, and event spaces.

Why Should You Choose A Serviced Office?

Business owners use serviced offices for all of the reasons we’ve mentioned above. You can be a startup company unable to afford to sign a long-term lease.

It’s possible that you simply don’t want to deal with the hassle, money, and resolving unforeseen maintenance concerns that come with buying your own technology.

In either scenario, a serviced office is a useful and flexible office space choice.

An entire office or floor of a public building can be rented out to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your business, your data, and your clients.

What Are the Main Advantages of Serviced Offices?

1. Short-term, flexible leases

The rental terms for serviced offices are varied, and many locations offer agreements that last just one month.

This is perfect for companies that want to be flexible and operate in a place that can quickly expand or contract in accordance with their business plan.

2. Cost-efficient and non-stop

Businesses just pay for the space they use in a serviced office, and the majority of these offices are furnish and pre-cabled, giving them access to top-notch technology.

There won’t be any downtime during the move, which can assist free up extra money for other business needs.

3. Availability of all facilities

Serviced offices typically have fully staff reception desks, kitchens, break rooms, maintenance and cleaning services, and networking areas.

Additionally, businesses have access to pay-per-use resources and services.Budgeting is simple since there are no unforeseen expenses.

4. New markets

There are several sites worldwide that offer business centers, executive offices, or serviced offices, allowing users a variety of options when setting up a base.

Businesses can now establish themselves at a location that would normally be out of their price range, and they also have access to business hubs all around the world.

Serviced Office Facilities 


Breakout rooms


Conference and meeting rooms



Office cleaning

Office furniture

Fully-staffed reception desk

Who Uses Serviced Offices in Real Life?

  1. Startups and business owners: Serviced offices are perfect for those looking for office space. But don’t want to commit to long-term agreements or hidden fees.
  2. Businesses trying to enter new markets: Companies who want to expand into new regions or nations. And need access to short-term leasing facilities at business centers throughout the globe.
  3. Business that are expanding: Big business that are lease into traditional spaces that they have outgrown and are looking for temporary workspace for teams or employees.
  4. Project-based teams: Groups that, while completing a project, require a fully furnished workspace in a specific location for a limited time.


With EcommerceBd’s Service Office, you will be provided with everything you need to begin managing your business.

For small and medium-sized businesses, renting a serviced office is significantly more economical.

It could help you save up to 60% more on your living expenses than opening your own office.

Unlike normal office space, you are given a fully furnish office.

We offer a free call plan and an international business IP phone network. We have lightning-fast, secure internet as part of our global IT infrastructure.

Photocopiers, printers, scanners, as well as a fully functional kitchen, are available to clients.

For instance, there is a pay-per-use option for commercial meeting spaces.

As a result, you won’t be charge for something you won’t use.

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