Shared Workspace

Shared Workspace
Shared Workspace
Shared Workspace
Shared Workspace

Share Workspace For Rent In Bangladesh- Hourly, Daily, Monthly Plans.

Looking for a shared workspace in Bangladesh particularly where you can work with your team, freelance, hold office meetings, and also conduct business? Your search has come to a conclusion. As well as, EcommerceBD coworking is here to provide you with all of the conveniences you require in a coworking environment. Although, we have the best co-working spaces for entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and freelancers. Our goal is to make your work life easier and more enjoyable while also assisting you in growing your business.

Significantly, our shared coworking spaces include high-speed WiFi, dedicate workstations, air-conditioned space, and free parking, among another features. These amenities will assist you in working without interruption. Make our workspace your flexible office now and also schedule a tour of our facility.

What We Offer For A Shared Workspace

01. We Provide a any size of space, from a single desk to fully configurable offices.

02. We are flexible on your terms by the hour, the day, the month, or as long as term.

03. The ability to access anywhere in available from any location.

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A day, A month, Or Longer? Choose Our Co-working Space.

It’s important to understand what services you’ll receive within the workspace in order to gauge your needs. We provide an easy e-commerce solution for you.

Work Space rent in Gulshan

1. Dedicated Desk

Rent an affordable and also flexible private desk in our shared workplace as your choice. Every day, in reality you can go to the same spot and leave anything you need overnight.

Shared Workspace Services

2. Hot Desk

There is an open space in the common area. Being that your laptop, choose a workstation, and get down to business. Although, you'll choose a new position each time you come in.

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3. Attractive Location

Our shared workplace is in Dhaka, which is consider a posh neighborhood even more in Bangladesh. Several international corporations have offices in the area.

Shared workspace customer support

4. Customer Support

However, our company supports the outsourcing of important accounting services for company management. Our 24/7 support boost business.

Workspace Business Trip

5. Support Business Trips

We are organising corporate to Bangladesh in order to invest in the country's economy. Our ideology revolves upon growth of businesses.

Shared Workspace Technical Support

6. Technical Support

Our business is in the field, so we believe that we can conduct a realistic study. So you can get in touch with us for the affordable services.


Our Share Workspace and Virtual Office Space Solutions to Maximise Your Business Potential ?

You will find flexible spaces and solutions to move your business forward, whether your established company or a startup. We provide following facilities

  • 01. Better Community Spirit
  • 02. Savings You Can Afford
  • 03. The Ideal Workspace
  • 04. Work on Flexible Terms
  • 05. Work Wherever You Are
  • 06.Provide a Dedicated Desk
  • 07. Rooms for Conferences
  • 08. Collaborative Communities
  • 09. Flexible Working Hours
  • 10. Conference rooms

3 Core Features Of Our Shared Workspace

A month-to-month agreement or a long-term commitment. Our dedicated team members help you in everywork.

Collaborative Shared Workspace
1. Collaborative Workspace

You keep the space in-house and at the same time can use it in whatever way best matches your company’s present needs.

Standard Office Space
2. Standard Office

We Provide Space after that can be lock. Also, we provide quality working service and environment.

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3. Suite of Office Products

There is a private area with amenities. Due to, ecommerce gives you secure eCommerce services.

Fully Air Conditioned Space

We have air-condition workspaces due to with power backup to keep the work environment healthy.

Plug and Play Desks

We recognize the most important of your time. With our plug-and-play workstation desks, there's no need to waste time.

Free Parking

There are no concerns with automobile parking. We have parking spaces for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Get Office Space In The Heart Of Your Preferred Business Centre.

We offer a variety of coworking spaces, short-term office rentals, meeting rooms, and also a welcoming event space with plenty of free parking. At the same time, our clients are provided with opportunities to network daily with other business-minded professionals. Reach out to one of our amazing Community Guides at Victory Workspace for even more information on our services, to setup a free tour, or to learn about which one is the best fit for you.

The most important aspect of the EcommerceBD is the opportunity to network with like-minded people. All of Dhaka’s known digital celebrities come to meet and work in a healthy environment with us because we are the best-ever shared co-working space provider in Bangladesh. As a result, you’ll have the chance to meet and speak with people who share your entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Do You Want To Find A New Shared Workspace?

Our facilities include coworking spaces, short-term office rentals, meeting rooms, and welcoming event space with free parking. Accordingly, our clients have daily opportunities to network with other business mind professionals, just like you! After that, we have amazing Community Guides at eCommerce Workspace that can help you learn more, set up a tour or figure out which service is best for you.

FAQs For Shared Workspace

Have Any qustions?

You can use an app call  to access all in all unlimited workspace packages, including unlimited flex, permanent desks, and also private offices. 

Our favorite part of the day is making new friends! We welcome your guests to join you in any of the meeting spaces you have reserved, or to meet with you in the common area for as long as you need. Although, our Community Managers can set you up with a day pass if you'd like to work together for a longer period of time.

In reality, it is not possible to have multiple email addresses per account.

At last, our favorite part of the day is making new friends! We welcome your guests to join you in any of the meeting spaces you have reserved, or to meet with you in the common area for as long as you need.

Get High-Speed WiFi, Dedicated Workstations, Air-Conditioned Space, Free Parking With Our Shared Workspace Rentals.