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EcommerceBD provides a variety of short and long-term flexible office space options, including furnished private office  with shared infrastructure. This means you only pay for the office space and services you require at the time they are required. Our private office space is a lockable area within a shared office facility that is hired exclusively to a single organization. We offer a quiet, private, and safe environment in which to work and store your possessions, while also allowing you to interact with the larger professional community when you want to. Our office spaces are a cost-effective method to hire commercial space because you simply pay for the square footage you require while also having access to shared conference rooms, internet access, and breakout areas.

You will get our Private offices are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from one to 100 people, and most are furnished, internet-ready, and ready to use when you arrive. Although, within a private office, workspace operators often allocate between 5 and 10 square meters per individual.

Our private offices come with skill staff, at the same time up to date amenities to use for your comfort and another beneficiaries that comes with our private office room service. We offer a wide range services that comes with our private office that is ideal for maintaining your privacy, handle your facilities, and enhance your productivity.

Get A Private Office Space Without Long-Term Commitment Or Investment

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Private Office coworking Space
Privet Office Coworking Space Services
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Key Reasons You Rent A Private Office Space.

There are many reasons for you to choose a private office rather than a shared office space. Some of the key reasons are enlisted below.

Privet Office Space Services

1. Professional

Our private office will supply your company with all in all of the necessary workplace amenity like meeting and conference rooms, projectors, event space, and common gathering areas for networking and with attention to, to help you stand out. At last, get better flexibility with our private office space.

Cost Efficiency Privet Office Space

2. Cost Efficiency

Private office helps you in cutting off the extra expenses after that you have to make if you have to pay a monthly rent for your office setup. The rent traditional office space is high, and also it requires a as long as term commitment. It can vary depending on where you rent your office space.

Coworking Space Rent in Dhaka

3. Convenience

Running a business entail lots of new inconvenience. In view of, you can simply walk in and start working with a private office. All service will be connect and available, and also the private office provider will only need to provide logins and also access to you and your staff. It's simple.

Serviced Office Space Rent in Dhaka

4. Productivity

The purpose of private offices is to keep you and also your team productive and involve in your job. Accordingly, our private office locations will have high-speed internet and several dismissals, ensuring after that your company is constantly online and also able to answer to customer calls and emails.

Flexibilble Serviced Space

5. Flexibility

Most of the companies don't allow for flexible agreements. But they frequently demand extra fees if you need to cancel or end your lease early. Especially, with a private office, instead of dealing with various service providers, you'll have to deal with the landlord if and when you leave the service office.

Privet Office Net Working

6. Networking

The common spaces in a private office space will be share, allowing for natural interaction between these like mind creative. During their downtime, your staff will be able to interact in these community areas. As well as, small businesses who do not have access will benefit from this.

Data Security

With our Private office system, presently you do not have to worry about protecting your data from any kind of breach as we do that for you.


Surely, we enhance productivity with our private office space that comes with everything you need for your purpose.


With our provide system, although it is necessarily confirm after that with cost reduction method, you can reap the highest profit.

Fully Furnished Private Office For An Individual Or Teams

If you demand the option to conduct private meetings on short notice or if you have a lot of business meetings, a private office may be the better option.

A dedicated office space provides the ability to meet whenever you want, in case without worrying about running out of conference rooms. Simply schedule the meeting or welcome drop-ins to your office, knowing that you will have privacy anytime you need it because you are the only one utilizing it.

Because it protects your conversations, emails, and computer screen from being easily or mistakenly accessed by those around you, a private office can help you keep data secure while performing these duties. As a result, you may confidently accomplish your assignment.

Our Private Office Space Is Flexible Workspace Solution Your Business Needs

In this new era, we value your business purpose, and there is more to it than just adding value to your business purpose. 

Privet Office Space Services
We Know Your Needs

We Know exactly what you need in your office to grow your business and also we are always here to provide with everything you need. 

Private Office Space Services
We Are Professional

Our professionalism stands out in this service. At the same time, we offer the best private office setup that helps you enhance the growth.

Get Interior Or Exterior, Furnished Or Unfurnished Private Office Space

There are many factors provoking changes in your business. Do you know when to move your business to a private office? 

Stop Working in a Noisy Workspace

If the place you work in is too noisy to focus on your works, in addition, it will hamper your works, hinder the growth and all the results of your work will go in vain. 

  1. Focus On What You Do
  2. Reduce Noise
  3. Cut Down Interruption
  4. Get What You Need

In a private office, you do not have to think about getting into your work and due to concentrating on it. Lower rate of interruption means to get the jobs done within the deadline. At this point, it works very well for you. 

Open Workspace

Stay Private with Your Business

It is a very common attribute of traditional workspaces to lack personal space and also privacy. It is a problem with shared office because it cuts off the productivity. 

  1. Work More Privately
  2. Least Interruption
  3. Stay Focused
  4. Get Straight to Work

There's no denying that no client wants their classified data or documents to be easily obtainable to anyone. In addition, there are many parts of a professional's job that require privacy, such as taking calls, meeting clients, working long hours.

Fully Furnished

Accommodate Everything in Your Workspace

The space is maintain by all means the private office provider in a serviced office. There is no need to hire cleaning employees for the office because the office provider will handle everything, even ensuring that the business is linked to electricity.

  1. Manage workspace efficiently

  2. Ensure growth

  3. Do not get crowded

  4. Have the space you need

This location allows you to work with fewer distractions while also having the option to join a creative group just outside the door.

Co-Living Space

Be More Autonomous

When it comes to determining your own company culture, though, you may desire more influence over the atmosphere. You have the opportunity to create your own corporate culture with a private office space for your business. Your temporary and no fluid office space is as long as the case.

  1. Take Control
  2. Maintain Quality
  3. Ensure Quality
  4. Stay Focused

You have your own dedicate space where you can develop your brand and also set your own rules.

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Add All the Maths Up

When your firm reaches a certain size, it's more cost-effective to stop paying single-person coworking space costs for each of your employees and instead switch to a private office space.

  1. Reduce Costs
  2. Manage Office Efficiently
  3. Take Business to Another Level
  4. Ensure Growth

Once of a company's highest operating expenses is relocating to a new location. When you rent an office space, utilities are usually not include.

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Move In & Get Started, Your New Office Space Awaits

We strive to anticipate, meet, and exceed Member expectations in all areas with our Private Offices. Our Private Offices uphold the finest standards, from service and infrastructure to technology and interior design, and are impeccably crafted in style and function to meet your business demands. Your office is ready for you to move into and is all yours. It’s a space that you may completely personalize. Benefit from the enhanced work environment and additional first-class business services, such as global access to Executive Centers across the world.

FAQs For Private Office Space

All the necessary questions are answered below for your information. For further knowledge visit our page for more information.

Before signing a contract, it is necessary to conduct a review. Please send the document below. Application form, A corporation after that has been establish as well as a local subsidiary, a copy of the local profit permit; a corporation that has not yet been established as a local subsidiary, a copy of the representative's portfolio.

Desks, chairs, cabinets, wireless and wired internet lines are installed. Also strong stable internet is also available there.

Yes, there is availability of parking space. Also, we are wheel-chair friendly. 

With our facilities and services, you will have a lower initial cost of creating an office and will be able to start doing business on the same day. You can also use our office on a temporary basis.

Get Fully Furnished Private Office Space In The Heart Of Country At The Best Rate