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Workspace For Rent In - Hourly, Daily, Monthly Plan.

Bangladesh’s prefer coworking space and serviced office provider is EcommerceBD. You can expect nothing less than a modern and attractive office suite with all of the necessary amenities to meet the needs of like-mind business owners. We provide the local experience to make the process simple and economical whether you’re considering starting a branch or locating your business in Bangladesh.

With the region’s major capitals only a short flight away, in addition to Bangladesh is an ideal location for firms wishing to service and also supply clients in Asian countries. Bangladesh is sometimes refer to as well as the “crossroads” of the eastern and western economic sectors, since it provides a convenient entrance point for western companies wishing to expand their operations.

Bangladesh places a high value on work-life with balance. Your firm can run smoothly thanks to the country’s well develop communication and economic infrastructure. The skills available are vast, and technology and software development organizations currently hire Bangladeshi workers on a regular basis.

With one of our office space rent buildings, as much as you may create your dream workspace. Have your personal space while using of the collaborative community workplaces.

Office Suite Services
Furnished Office Space Services
Privet Office suite Services
Coworking Space rent in Dhaka

Office Suite Service As Serviced Office Space Rent

We offer potential benefits to our clients who take dedicate office suite from us. By the time analyzing the requirements and needs for our clients and also serve them what they need. 

Affordable Office Suite Services

1. Affordable

For customers who already have access to a computer with a web browser and an Internet connection, therefor is usually no price for accessing the service.

Booking Privet Suite

2. No Installation

There is no need to download or install anything outside of the office suite's web page, including the constant upgrading responsibilities of adding new features and also fixing issues.

Furnished Coworking Space Rent in Dhaka

3. Easy Collaboration

Online office suites allow a group of individuals to collaborate on a project without doubt having to set up their own server. As well as, the online office suite is available in the form of software as a service.

Furnished Office space services

4. Accessible Procedure

This is easily accessible. Due to, users can access their documents from almost any device with any operating system with a connection to the Internet.

Privet Office Suite Services in Dhaka

5. Provided Flexibility

Serviced offices provide unrivaled flexibility as well as allowing you to change the size of the space you require without the stress of waiting for a lease to expire.

Office Suite Services

6. Easy Resize

When you relocate into one of our strategically positioned offices, you'll have the ability to expand or scale down your office as needed for your business.

Why Trust EcommerceBD For Office Suite?

In third-party provide office suites, Also it is a common scenario to be a victim of data breach. Although we offer you complete protection against it.

1. Comfortable

Our office suite service help you work in a comfortable environment after that increases your productivity in a rapid way.

2. Inexpensive

Our office suites are low at cost and help you cut off your business expenses to a fraction, making also it affordable.

3. Secure

We help you secure your necessary and also confidential data in a way that prevents any leak of information.

Office Suite Available Services

Enhance Growth With Well-Equipped Office Suite

We provide all the necessary amenities for you to provide with every amenity you need to focus on your work every day. The office space rent suite is As well as equip for your comfort. 

High-speed Wi-fi

Our office suite is provided with 24/7 high speedy internet connection. Accordingly,  it allows you to stay connected with your clients and suppliers. 

  1. Keep in touch
  2. Easy access
  3. Stay connect
  4. Update communication

A high speed internet connection is a must for every business to grow productively. This time you get out of touch from other clients and also competitors, you'll fall behind.

Serviced Office

Data Security

We provide necessary steps for against any kind of data breach and leak. That is a key factor for us to ensure all types of security for you.

  1. Do everything in your way
  2. Tighten Internal Communication
  3. Multiple Conference & Meeting Rooms
  4. Common Shared Coworking Areas

With our office suite, you do not have to worry about installing anything to secure your necessary data, as well as we provide all the measures for you. 

Safely & Security

Used Installed Media

A good office space provides everything that makes it professional and clear. That is to say, we provide multimedia system for you to work efficiently.

  1. Video Conferences
  2. Multimedia projection
  3. Audio Media
  4. White boards and Screen

Our office suites are equip with everything you might need to proceed a meeting or anything else. 

Private Office

Arrange Meetings

A good office suite provides you with the perfect amenities to suit your needs of arranging meetings and also conferences effectively.

  1. Access to multimedia communication
  2. Active Events
  3. Client Meetings
  4. Team Meetings

We have equipped our office spaces to best suit your needs. Correspondingly, it helps you grow your business at a rate that enhances your growth.

Get Started Now

Furnished Private Offices, Ready To Move-in. High Speed Internet.

We want to provide you with any kind of office space rent you need to set up your office so you can be able to work in peace and in your way.


1. No Extra Management

We at ecommerceBD provide every inclusive service for you. At last you do not have to manage anything on your own. 


2. Stable Productivity

Our office can stabilize your business growth and also productivity through our office suites services. 


3. Accessibility

Our office suites allow you accessibility to other amenities with lower or no cost at all so you can focus.

Get Office Suite In One Location At Monthly Or Annual Subscription

You will get your own office suite for a nominal monthly membership cost (and your team). Every piece of office equipment is included. There are additional meeting rooms, a phone room, a game room, a kitchenette, and access to the coworking space. The cost of the technology in the facility, such as business-class high-speed internet and commercial-grade laser printers, copiers, and scanners, is also not included in your budget. Traditional office space rent offer a fraction of the size, facilities, and technology – all at a much higher price than a Private Office Suite Membership.

FAQs For Office Suite | Office Space Rent Services In Bangladesh

24 hour access with CCTV. Dedicated parking spaces. Events and community. Tea and water included.

When you add properties to your list and submit us an inquiry, we'll compile the necessary information and seek the most current rates on your behalf. The flex office space rent operator will then contact you directly, or one of our advisers will contact you with an overview of offers from a variety of operators so you can evaluate price and contract terms.

Single starting offices, big executive suites, team offices, double suites, triple suites, and larger offices are available. Our varied sizes provide the necessary flexibility in today's ever-changing business environment.

The regular term duration is usually 12 months. Shorter periods may be available; please contact for further information.

You can upgrade to actual office space rent at any time throughout your virtual office arrangement. This is a cost-effective shift because you won't have to alter your old phone number or address.

Create An Affordable Yet Highly Motivational Co-Working Space For Freelancers & Startup Business Owners With Office Suite

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