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Coworking Space
Coworking Space
Coworking Space

Coworking Business Center & Serviced Office Space In Dhaka

At Ecommerce BD, coworking spaces are designed to promote collaboration. Therefor, choose your ideal Dhaka location and also collaborate in our share office space with like-minded people. To broad your company’s horizons, reserve a dedicate desk or drop in and also hot-desk.

Coworking Space Serviced
Dedicated Executive Desk

Access to a dedicated executive desk office for 1–10 persons available around-the-clock. bundle that includes access to business support services as well as conferencing and meeting space.

What’s included:

  • Use of a dedicated Innovation Director
  • Parking and reception support
  • Access to parking and reception services
  • Complete service package

Prices starting from 20,000/- p/m

Serviced Office Space In Dhaka
Shared Hot Desk office space

With 24-hour access, business support, and discounts on conference rooms, shared Hot Desk offices are located in socially isolating communal spaces.

What’s included:

  • Dedicated shared hot desk 
  • Lockable storage
  • networking opportunities, 
  • Ease of scalability to requirements.

Prices starting from 11,000/- p/m

Coworking Serviced Office
Hot Desk or Shared Desk

A hot desk, reception services, and discounts on shared desks are all included in the hot desk or shared desk service. Our Hot desk services is available.

What’s included:

  • Hot desk and shared desk services
  • Reception services 
  • 5 hours of shared desk room 
  • Usage each month is all offered.

Prices starting from 15,000/- p/m

Furnished Office Space
CEO /Director / Room

Having a dedicated CEO or Director chamber can provide flexibility for executives who may not need a full-time office but require occasional access to a private room.

What’s included:

  • Confidential Meetings
  • 1 Direction + 02 Person Setting
  • Privacy and Security
  • Leadership Presence

Prices Starts From 55,000 BDT

Coworking Space Serviced in BD

Manager Chamber /Room

Managers often require a dedicated workspace to manage their daily tasks and planning. A manager’s chamber provides a consistent and private workspace.

What’s included:

  • Privacy and Concentration
  • Employee Support
  •  1 Person + 2 Client Setting
  • Personal Workspace

Prices Starts From 45,000 BDT

Dedicated furnished shyer Office Space
Meeting Room

Get in touch with us where you  can book the meeting room with 24/7 security. This can usually be done through our website, email, or phone.

What’s included:

  • Seating and Furniture
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Video Conferencing
  • 48 Hrs Notice 08 – 12 Person 

Per Meeting 15,000 BDT

Serviced, Furnished & Shared Office Solution

Our coworking space is well-equipped with all of the necessities for running a successful and as long as term business. Our main goal is to provide as well as functioning and well-serviced environment. So that users may focus on their essential duties. Instead of being distract by office administration concerns.

Get Well-Designed Workplace Affordably

The combination of a well-designed work environment and as well as organize work experience appears to be one of the reasons why Ecommerce BD Coworking clients seem to enjoy our spaces. Coworking benefits our clients because it gives them the space and support they need to be their authentic selves. Unlike our competitors, we provide our clients with 5 star business addresses, a receptionist who will answer calls in their company name, and a landline number that is entirely provide by us – all in a sophisticate share space with great views and plenty of natural light.

The following 8 items are all included:

  1. Get one of our prestigious addresses.
  2. Get a local phone number.
  3. A dedicated receptionist.
  4. On-Demand Secretarial Services.
  5. Flexible month-to-month contracts.
  6. Week-to-Week Community Activities.
  7. A variety of well-designed and also diverse spaces.
  8. You'll have access to over 100 Ecommerce BD locations.
Shared Workspace

Simple IT Service Solutions

A bilingual secretarial team, ample meeting space that can be booked through an app, and color printing from any desk are also available. Because of the high-quality services and digital advantages we provide, our clients can concentrate on increasing their revenue. If our customers need IT help, they simply dial *1 then on their phones, and a Ecommerce BD IT expert will respond right away. Accordingly, business happiness includes simple IT solutions that work, a professional team to delegate to, and a community of like-mind Imaginers to collaborate with. Also, our teams welcome our clients in hundreds of locations across Bangladesh. Although, it's impossible to beat an Ecommerce BD Coworking Space.

  1. Internet that is fibre-based, Tier-1-manage, and secure.
  2. Customize in-house IT support - to get start, dial *1.
  3. Unique common areas with plenty of space.
  4. Provide desks, chairs, lamps, and lockable storage cabinets.
  5. Business multi-function copiers, scanners, and printers
  6. Private phone booths available for those private phone calls.
  7. Ability to network with potential clients and investors
Answering Services

Space That Is Both Collaborative & Adaptable

Coworking space inside is designed to resemble a professional office environment, also equip with all necessary conveniences. In addition, you may even book a trial session to determine if it's the right fit for you.

  1. Ecommerce BD's dedicated coworking space is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. When working on a deadline, people can choose whether to work as long as hours or take a long lunch break to go to the gym, do some necessary shopping, or simply enjoy the natural environment outside of the office. You can take a break and also live a little in our workspaces
  3. Our clients can work in a quiet space where they can focus or a moreover collaborative space with share tables where interaction is encourage by a variety of workspace types. At this point, they can even choose to work from home on days when they need to. also it is critical to be adaptable
Office Space

Flexible Rooms for Meetings:

Our meeting rooms are locate in every major city in the United States, allowing you to hold meetings wherever you need them. Particularly, impress clients, hold memorable workshops, or deliver a winning pitch in our fully-serviced meeting spaces. If you book on-demand by the hour, our dedicated team will be on hand to surely that your meeting runs smoothly. So, if you're not near a lot of foot traffic, most of your customers will stay for a long time, and you'll have fewer drop-ins. While your team members will meet with clients, it's safe to assume that they'll spend the majority of their time with teammates and also coworkers.

  1. Formal meeting rooms will continue to be necessary.
  2. You'll need enough informal meeting rooms,
  3. Open leisure spaces, and also share areas where teams can have productive discussions and community collaboration can occur.
Meeting Room

How We Manage Services For You?

Accordingly, a diverse range of businesses call our workspaces home. Also, you can meet like-minded people and collaborate with another businesses by attending one of our many Ecommerce BD events. Expand your business opportunities by joining a vibrant and also global community of 2.5 million professionals.

  1. Professional and also social work environments
  2. Organize regular Ecommerce and so far personal development events
  3. Work in a central location for your industry.
  4. Socializing and due to collaboration areas in common breakout areas

In our fully service coworking spaces, all in all of the details are take care of, and an experienced on-site team ensures that everything runs smoothly. Simply walk in and get to work, and also we'll take care of the rest.

Event Space

Coworking Space and Shared Office Space.

Coworking members do a wide range of work. Whether it’s writing a proposal or making a sales call, so they’ll need a variety of environments to get the job done. 

Physical Space

It's critical that your coworking space provides knowledge workers with the physical space they need to do their best work.

Video Conference Room

opting for a large whiteboard. Video conference rooms should have a large display and a centered camera that can see all participants.

Room Design

A room with backless chairs and a high top table is typically designed for meetings, whereas a room with a lounge sofa and coffee table is typically designed for a casual get-together.

Furnished Coworking & Shared Office Spaces Rent.

Going to a coworking space offers the benefit of giving you a dedicated office, allowing you to concentrate on your job with fewer distractions. Some coworking spaces will even give you with a private workstation if you request one. I genuinely use the flexible workplace option at my coworking location. As a result, I have access to a number of different workstations throughout the building.

Serviced Office Stable Internet
Stable Internet

You have unlimited access to a stable high-speed internet connection. In addition, UPS cables are available for free in the event of a power outage.

Coworking space Expert Securities
Expert Securities

Our primary concern about security systems. On the first floor, metal detectors are installed, and access to the shared office space is controlled by fingerprint authentication.

Furnished Office Professional Reception
Professional Reception

The receptionist is capable of handling daily phone calls. In addition, I will be responsible for managing and sharing letters that you receive to your company.

Coworking Virtual Office, Serviced Office In Bangladesh.

Feel Free To Ask In Questions Related Coworking Spaces

A coworking membership can help you find a collaborative environment in which you can flourish. With access to our global network of shared offices, you can work from any coworking desk in the world. With business-grade internet, telecoms, ergonomic furniture, and bookable offices and meeting rooms available within our business centers, a coworking membership makes it easy to work your way wherever you are. As part of your coworking membership, you'll have access to our business lounges, Ecommerce BD events, and exclusive benefits from our health and lifestyle partners.

Dhaka Coworking space

If you've reserved a dedicated desk in Dhaka, there's no need to book ahead. If you prefer to hot desk, make a reservation using the Ecommerce BD app, online, or over the phone to ensure that a space is available.

There is no minimum rental period when renting one of our coworking spaces. In any of our locations around the world, you can use a coworking space for as little as one hour or reserve a dedicated desk for as long as you need it. For even more flexibility, our coworking membership gives you access to coworking desks by the day, five, ten, or unlimited days per month.

Dhaka cost to rent

If you're looking for an inspiring place to network, collaborate, and grow your business, we have two vibrant coworking locations in Dhaka. You can rent a dedicated coworking desk for BDT 13,779 per month or upgrade to our premium option for BDT 13,779 per month. Ecommerce BD rates and a 24-month lease agreement are used to calculate these rates. The cost depends on the number of people, the length of the contract, the coworking location, and availability.

Individuals and teams of any size can also purchase a coworking membership, which gives them access to any of our coworking spaces for 5, 10, or unlimited days per month.

Need Coworking Spaces For Your Big Or Small Team To Co-Operative In Dhaka?