Considering A Fully Furnished Office Property: A Case Study

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Considering A Fully Furnished Office Property: A Case Study
Considering A Fully Furnished Office Property: A Case Study
Considering A Fully Furnished Office Property: A Case Study
Considering A Fully Furnished Office Property: A Case Study

About Lamentory LTD:

A software developer company, originating from Nepal. They are a successful company looking to expand further in Asia and thus pursue Office Space (Fully Furnished office and Modern) In Bangladesh.

Their Requirements:

The Lementory Team were ready to launch in Bangladesh with a number of employees working in the office, they were looking for:

  1. Fully Furnished Office
  2. Office For Rent
  3. 2000 sqft
  4. Sophisticated Environment

The Problems:

Turned out that the office that their internal team had located lacked many things and was basically dysfunctional. This was a huge shock to the entire team as the office chosen was far from a workable place.

It Mainly Lacked:

  1. Proper Utilities
  2. Security
  3. Safe/Professional Environment and Location
  4. Electricity Facilities
  5. Building not Legally Approved
  6. Car/Parking Facilities

What actually happened?

  1. Lamentory LTD’s Internal Team, who did the research and located the office were not experienced in this area.
  2. They lacked knowledge in the Law and Compliance Sector In Bangladesh.
  3. No experience in the Real Estate Sector of Bangladesh.
  4. There was much Miscommunication between the parties


Lamentory LTD Contacted Ecommerce BD, an Industry Leading Office Space Service Provider in Bangladesh. They explained their needs and their problems to us.

How The Problem Was Fixed:

Firstly: Our Professional Team of Real Estate Agents Stepped In. After a Short Time, our team found the most suitable and desirable Fully Furnished office space In Bangladesh for Lamentory LTD. The office space was Fully Furnished office and provided all of the required facilities.
The space also provided extra Facilities Such as:

  1. Automated Entrance/Exit
  2. Great Site and View
  3. Extra Lighting
  4. Huge Car and Parking Service


Ecommerce BD’s Legal Team Stepped in, they checked all the legal documents and confirmed its compliance.


The Lamentory LTD is now functioning Smoothly in Bangladesh without much hassle and problems. They were delighted with our choice and selected the best one.

Market Share In Bangladesh Increased By 92%
Marketing Reach In Bangladesh Increased by 64%
Overall Employee Satisfaction Increased: 34%
Annual Revenue From Bangladesh Increased by 12%

Benefits of Considering A Fully Furnished Office Property

Cost savingsRenting a fully furnished office space can save money on purchasing furniture and equipment, as well as on the cost of hiring a designer or decorator.
Time savingsMoving into a fully furnished office space means that you can start working immediately, without the need for additional setup or decoration.
FlexibilityFully furnished office properties can offer more flexibility than traditional office spaces, allowing you to rent for shorter periods of time or adjust the size of your space as your business needs change.
Professional imageA well-furnished office can help create a professional image for your business, which can be important for attracting clients or customers. It can also help to foster a positive work environment for your employees.


Considering a fully furnished office property can provide many benefits for businesses, including cost savings, time savings, flexibility, and a professional image. Renting a fully furnished office property can save businesses money and time on furnishing and decorating, allowing them to focus on their core operations. The flexibility of rental terms and space size can also accommodate the changing needs of a growing business. Moreover, a professional-looking office can create a positive work environment and help to attract clients or customers.

Overall, a fully furnished office property is a smart choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations and establish a professional image.

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