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Serviced Workspace Rental
Serviced Workspace Rental
Serviced Workspace Rental
Serviced Workspace Rental

Flexible Coworking Spaces for Rent in Dhaka

With over 800 locations worldwide, EcommerceBD offers Open Workspace when and how you need it, whether your goal is to be closer to home, empower your team in different locations, or have a go-to private area where you can actually focus. We believe that work is no longer limited by physical boundaries. Leave your belongings at home and join the open workspace.

With a workspace tailored to your needs, you may improve and simplify your work life. You can either share the space with others or have your own office. All memberships come with access to amenities that are inspired by Nordic design and utility, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

For businesses of all sizes, we provide shared workspace and service alternatives. Our offices are located in Bangladesh’s business districts. Work effectively and flexibly in our workspaces, whether in the solitude of your own serviced offices or as part of an open working community.

Open Workspace

Coworking Shared Spaces as Serviced Office Spaces for Rent.

office space

1. Communication

The open style is combined with a welcoming culture that encourages internal communication.

Open Workspace

2. Collaboration

Turning your office into a hub of cooperation can be simple as having everyone work in an open space.

flexible office space

3. Flexibility

When you can alter a workspace to meet the needs of the people who work there, it works better.

Creative office space

4. Creativity

Work in an open workspace with natural sightings and focus on your inner creativity.

Open Workspace For Rent

5. Culture

Be part of the professional and corporate culture which will help you grow your business.

Dedicated Desk Space for your Productivity

6. Productivity

Be 100% productive working outside the comfort of your home in an open workspace.

open workspace Service

Serviced Office Spaces with Meeting Room.

We believe it’s necessary to defend open workspace and showcase its numerous advantages! Learn about some of the great benefits of an open office arrangement. Some may have questioned the productivity and creativity of open plan office Space, but contact us to know more about survival methods for the open plan office. Offering tips on how to make these layouts work better for you and your team! We ensure that your open workspace experience is perfect.



Find the Most Appropriate Furnished Open Workspace

There are still ways to benefit from open floor plans whether your staff work from home or if your company doesn’t have the means to rent office space in  Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have meeting rooms, day offices, and conference facilities that are available by the hour or by the day at Dhaka Office Suites. If you haven’t yet experimented with an open office strategy with your team, now is the time to do so.



The open workspace office has shown to be incredibly beneficial in terms of encouraging more relationship-building encounters.


Low Cost

Not only can shared space improve collaboration, but it also saves money for the firm. Get it now!


Employee Health

Another advantage of an open floor plan office is that it encourages employees to get up and move about more frequently.



We have a half-price insurance package for all of our customers. We’re here to make sure you’re safe at all times.

Economically Designed Workspace For Coworking

Firsthand experience of the transition from personal to shared space.

Office Vibe

If you sit close to your team, you’ll hear more of what they’re talking about—both good and bad. Which is pretty common in a open space.

Approachable Colleagues

Working in a shared open office allows you to network with not only your coworkers, but also everyone else in the space.

Improved Operations

It’s fantastic when employees really talk to one another and get work done quickly, which is what happens in an open workplace by default.

Coworking Space - Book Shared Office Space for Rent.

Rent open Workspace

Simple improvements can make all the difference in making your open plan office a safe place to work. Are you ready to investigate how an open plan environment might benefit your company? Temporarily, you can contact us to know more about our locations. Let’s talk about your space! We’ve helped our clients create efficient, open-plan office layouts that work for their entire team, so let’s talk about yours!

Coworking offices spaces, serviced workspaces, meeting rooms.

Yes, EcommerceBD's dedicated desks are reserved specifically for you and your team in one of our open and spacious workstations, allowing you to work while remaining safe.

We provide daily office rents that include a private office with phone lines, high-speed internet connection, and all additional on-site support services.

Our business centers provide video, audio, and web conferencing services, allowing you to save time and money by meeting with your global clients electronically instead of flying, eating, and staying in hotels.

Yes, conference and training rooms at Metro Offices are on average 30% less expensive than hotels, and there are no forced catering expenses. Our fully equipped meeting rooms also contribute to a more pleasant and professional working environment.

Get Fully Furnished Open Workspace That Is Ready To Use