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Get Office Space With Everything Included In A Single Monthly Fee

EcommerceBD offers office space in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We own and run the structures we develop. As a result, we provide a broader selection of spaces than our competitors, allowing clients to grow with us over time. Even more crucially, it allows us to pass on the advantages of being part of a nationwide property management company to our clients.

Our completely flexible terms allow you to rent office space for as long as you need it, starting right away. With such a diverse range of options, the decision is entirely yours. We’ve got your back whether you’re looking for a small office or a huge private office space. We’ll never ask you to sign away your life; instead, you’ll be able to scale your space as your team and business require it. It’s that simple. 

EcommerceBD’s completely flexible terms allow you to rent office space for as long as you need it, beginning now. With so many possibilities available, the choice is totally yours. Whether you need a little office or a large private office space, we’ve got you covered. We’ll never ask you to sign away your life; instead, you’ll be able to grow your workspace to meet the needs of your team and business. That’s all there is to it.

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Fully Furnished Office Space With Conference Space, Desk Space & Event Space

flexible Office Space
1. Flexibility

Adaptable solutions will foster the maximum productivity in the workplace as the office becomes more of an all-in-one center.

Shared Workspace services
2. Strategic Seating

Individual desks may become a remnant of a bygone era in a tiny office where teamwork and meeting space take precedence.

office space reception area
3. Reception Area

Although a greeting room is necessary, we believe it is a space that no longer reflects the present period.

Dedicated office space Services
4. Dedicated Space

Although having social justice in sitting heights is more casual, the subtle ergonomic social ramifications are as significant.

Digital office space
5. Digitized

Built-in cabinates are quite useful in any workplace setting when wall space is limited. Live paperless and digitized with us.

Shared Workspace
6. Creative Style

Small offices have their own style and functioning, as well as the potential to be creative with the available space.

Shared Office Space for Rent

What’s the finest part about renting a serviced office space? Everything is included, which includes all utilities and services. It’s much less expensive than a regular office space, and there are no upfront expenditures. Simply choose a completely equipped or unfurnished office space and get down to business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you require a change of scenery? Simply walk into one of our shared workspace, speak with one of our helpful receptionists, or meet your clients in the business club. Simply walk into one of our coworking spaces, speak with one of our helpful receptionists, or meet your clients in the business club.



Create a work environment that allows you to achieve your vision as it changes.



You and your team can focus, collaborate, and perform to their full potential.



In a world that often feels unpredictable, the job can be a stable anchor.



Surround yourself with colleagues who will make a long day of work enjoyable.

Our Perfect-Sized Office Spaces Are Tailored To Meet Your Business' Needs

For our clients, we construct upscale work environments that project a professional image while simultaneously providing outstanding service and flexibility. Simply select a fully furnished or unfurnished office space and go to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Desk Space Services

1. Speedy WiFi

Work even faster and save your valuable time with our super fast internet.

Office Space Services

2. Cafeteria

Get your meals without any hassle and having to go out, right from the office.

Office Space Services

3. Entertainment

Stay Entertained throughout your work hours and work in high spirit.

office space rent

Private executive suites & shared office space for lease

Our settings are meant to foster new connections and spark collaboration, while your office space offers you with all of the privacy you require. You join our unique business community right away with complimentary access to business locations during business hours. An international network of ready-to-use workspaces, as well as a comprehensive calendar of business events, speakers, networking lunches, and more, will enrich your work-life experience.



Fully-Equipped Office Space To Host Clients, Conduct Training Sessions Or Collaborate With Team Member

Without the hefty rent, you’ll get the attention of a prestigious address. Nothing is more vital than having a physical address, and with a virtual office, you may have a physical address without having to pay rent. With a virtual address and zip code in New York City and Florida that is entirely verifiable, our modern office premises in Dhaka, Bangladesh can help businesses go forward in the globe. Your office space registration with us guarantees you a high-end office in Dhaka at a cheap price, with no long-term obligations.

FAQs For Office Space

Our services range from finding unique coworking spaces for small groups to negotiating hundreds of workstations for enterprise clients, from brokering thousands of square meters of commercial space for flex office operators to assisting property landlords in incorporating flexible concepts into their portfolios.

Our services are unrestricted and unrestricted. From the first day of your search until the last day of your move, our skilled consultants will be there to provide complete, free, and impartial assistance. Simply fill out the online enquiry form or give us a call, and one of our expert consultants will contact you and assist you in narrowing down the business centers that best meet your needs.

No, your information will be kept totally private and will only be shared with the appropriate business center or co-working space that meets your needs.

You can upgrade to actual office space at any time throughout your virtual office arrangement. This is a cost-effective shift because you won't have to change your old phone number or address.

Get Office Space With High-Speed Internet, & Various Onsite Campus Amenities At All Times