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Virtual Office Service
Virtual Office Service
Virtual Office Service
Virtual Office Service

Leading virtual office provider, offering affordable virtual office services.

Your business is moving in the right way if you have a Virtual Office address in Bangladesh. We can create a virtual address for you in a number of Bangladeshi cities, including Dhaka and others. You are welcome to conduct business in these cities, establish a physical address and telephone number there. In Bangladesh, you gain a lot when you register a virtual address. Your virtual office in Bangladesh will only be one of the ways that new customers will find you once your business starts to become more well-known.

They will literally give you all of their business because they want to trust you because you live nearby. One of the values Bangladeshis will recognize and respect is the name of your organization.

Serviced Offices / Private Offices / Coworking Spaces / Elevated Environment

All Your Business Needs In One Place With The Value You Deserve
Virtual Office Services for Company Incorporation with Mail Address

1. Business Address

We identify the most authentic site ideal for every business task in a well-known establishment that will give your newly established firm the professional image it needs.

Virtual Office Services for Company Incorporation

2. Access a workplace

We can help with that with the aid of our thoroughly cleaned Community Lounge and meeting areas fueled with lightning-fast WiFi. Our excellent hospitality will captivate your guests.

Virtual Office Services for Company Incorporation with Mail Address

3. Personal basis

Get a unique company phone number that is created just for you. As problem-free as virtual business office services get, a virtual secretary will handle and forward any incoming messages to you in the event of your absence.


Access To Meeting Pod, Free Hi-Speed Internet & Meeting Rooms, Free Flow Drinks & Snacks.

The flexibility offered by our facility is greater than that of traditional office sites. Try out our Virtual address subscription for the first month for free with no commitment to continue! We wish to bind you to instead, we offer flexibility and good value. Contracts that are month-to-month make it simple to upgrade or downgrade your membership.

  1. Dedicated Receptionist 
  2. In-House IT Support 
  3. Meeting Rooms 
  4. Secretarial Support

You can use 20% of your virtual business office costs to buy your own private office. You can only have this level of independence with our Virtual Office subscription!

Flexible co-sharing space perfect for business start-ups, remote working.

We’ll look after Bangladesh’s virtual office. Learn more about the 3 unique virtual office services we provide.

Virtual Business Planning, Shared Administrative Support

An Online Business

Are you an experienced businessperson who is juggling too many balls and failing to meet deadlines? Let us help you, please! The virtual business service provider EcommerceBD is well-known.

The Meeting Room

EcommerceBD provides affordable conference room bookings in Bangladesh. With our Meeting Room Services, we can assist you in repurposing your meeting spaces at the most competitive price.

Business Address

The digital mailbox locations offered by EcommereceBD's virtual mail address are secure, fully manned, and professional. Each email address corresponds to a specific location.

Smart Virtual Office Singapore is the best Virtual Office by comparison.

In addition to renting out physical offices, we also provide virtual address. Click here to contact us!

Virtual Business Office rent

1. Dedicated space

Get a business address for friends and family to enroll in across the country with EcommerceBD and impact.

virtual office space services for company

2. Mail and package

Get your mail delivered to the EcommerceBD office of your choice, with a trusted companion handling your upcoming packages.

virtual business Services

3. Entry space

Receive monthly meeting room credits and day passes for EcommerceBD for cross-over work. We provide best and excellent entry space.

Fully Equipped Ready To Use Office.

Please get in touch with us right away if you have any inquiries so that we can talk about your needs.

At EcommerceBD, we take great pride in offering the best customer service. A professional team of customer care representatives makes it simple to set up a virtual service or any other of our services. We help you with our most recent hardware and software.

A virtual office provides many advantages of a physical office without the expensive cost of a permanent location. The features of virtual office packages can be customized at any time to meet your specific needs. Our virtual office plans are designed to expand along with the success of your business.

Saving money is one of the most important benefits of using virtual space. You can cut back on corporate overhead costs and make investments. By using a virtual office address, you may invest the money in other important elements of your company, including marketing and advertising. Virtual office plans are available for as little as $55 per month.

You have the flexibility to work from wherever you choose with virtual offices. While yet giving you a polished and prestigious location to have client meetings.


As Virtual Office Provider, We Provide Your Company A Business Address, Phone Number, Call Handling, Mail Forwarding, And Access To Other Office Facilities.

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