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Commercial Space
Commercial Space
Commercial Space
Commercial Space

Get Solid Foun­dation For Growing Business With Commercial Space

Our good commercial space rental service enables you to locate exquisite workplace in the most desirable cities to create outstanding working conditions.

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    Good commercial spaces offer you necessary security measures for your information safety and against potential data breach.

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    Cost Efficiency

    Quality commercial spaces offer services in a balanced cost that helps you in reducing the per head costs demanded to set up a business.

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    Good commercial space offers enhanced productivity for clients by giving them access to every amenities at hand to raise productivity.

6 Types Of Perfect Commercial Space To Advance Your Business

EcommerceBD offers commercial space in Bangladesh. Give your company a jump start by picking a location that is convenient to everything. Commercial space for your business to grow to the top can be very challenging without the access to a proper place to conduct your business. 

Commercial Office Space Services

1. Office Space

The structures we build provide a wider range of spaces than our competitors, allowing clients to expand their business with us over time. Our Offices are best.

Furnished Desk Space Services

2. Desk Space

With our worldwide network of workplaces, work in a professional atmosphere from anywhere. Design a workstation with the right desk space for your business.

Commercial Open Workspace Services

3. Open Workspace

We feel that physical barriers are no longer a thing to employment. Join the open workspace by leaving your possessions at home and improve and simplify your life.

Commercial Event Space Services

4. Event Space

Whether you're presenting a presentation or holding an event, our Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces can help you leave a provide a once-in-a-lifetime event to interact.

Commercial Business Location Services

5. Business Location

Choosing a company location is a process that involves careful consideration, analysis, and comprehension of the business as well as its objective.

Commercial Furnished Conference Space Services

6. Conference Space

Meetings in virtual workplaces are held in a third-party conference room. A conference room assists them in improving business operations and their success.

Get Well-Equipped Commercial Space Affordably

Our commercial space is well-equipped with all available amenities that is required to intensify your business growth and productivity. 

  • High Speed Wi-fi
  • Catering Service
  • Conference Facilities
  • Parking Facilities
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Multimedia Amenities
  • On Spot Support Team
  • Plug and Play Desk
  • Data Security
  • 24/7 Security Support

10 Benefits Of Our Workspace Rental

Your company's image is reflected in your workspace. Getting a decent office is a time-consuming and costly task, which is why small firms wishing to grow or set up  consider renting commercial spaces.

  • Find Perfect Location
  • Hassle-free Events
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Minimum Expenses
  • Strategic Flexibility
  • More Working Capital
  • Professional Outlook
  • Convenient Sharing
  • On-spot Support System
  • 24/7 Security Support

Why Do You Rent Commercial Space At EcommeceBD?

Your company's image is reflected in your workspace. Getting a decent office is a time-consuming and costly task, which is why small firms wishing to grow or set up consider renting commercial spaces.



Having commercial space rented means you will be able to engage with high-end clients. All of these factors will assist to increase the value of your brand.



A convenient location means to get to the location without any hassle. In a word, if you rent business space with us, you may enjoy hassle-free commuting.



We offer commercial spaces in perfect commercial locations. The locations are safe and secure from any potential threat. Don't worry about security.


Why Must You Pick Us To Deliver This Facility?

We offer quality location that helps you establish your business and grow as you should. Our service comes with many facilities like the below mentioned ones.

  • On-demand Workspace
  • Affordable & Hassle-free Solutions
  • Holistic Approach
  • Comfortable & Practical Co-Working
  • A One-Stop-Shop
  • Conducive Ecosystem for Businesses

FAQs For Commercial Space

Offices with furniture: Your rent is a one-time payment that covers all utilities, including hot water, heat, gas, electricity, Wi-Fi, trash removal, bi-weekly cleaning, and common maintenance.

Unfurnished: The rent and utilities are negotiated at the time of the lease or as advertised.

Our website allows you to submit an application. We'll set up screening and application links for you so you can complete most of the process online.

Private offices with desks, office chairs, guest chairs, desk lighting, shelves, and a white board are available. Single, double, triple, and quad desk offices are available. They're also accented by beautiful artwork and potted greenery. They're all set to move in right now. Forget about figuring out how to connect your utilities and WiFi. Today is the day to come in and get to work.

We will contact you regarding the move out process once the notice has been given. We'll schedule a maintenance assessment of your area to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. We'll next send you instructions on how to complete the move-out process. After that, we may plan a final walkthrough to get the keys to the office.

Get Furnished Unfurnished Commercial Space At Your Desired Location

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