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Commercial Space Leasing Template
Commercial Space Leasing Template
Commercial Space Leasing Template
Commercial Space Leasing Template
Commercial Space Leasing Template

This Commercial Lease (“Agreement”) is made as of this _____ day of ______, 20___, by and between the following parties: Landlord.

[Name of Landlord] of

“Landlord” and “Tenant” are located in [Landlord’s Street Address], State of .

[Tenant’s Name], of

State of ________________, [Tenant’s Street Address], (“Tenant”).

The Owner and Tenants are referred to as the “Parties” collectively.

The Following Is Their Agreementh:

    The following described ____________ sq ft (SF) of ____________ will be leased to the tenant by the landlord.
    Location of [Type of Space]:
    Bangladesh, [Property Street Address]
  2.  Outgoing
    If this lease is net, adjusted gross verify and initial it.
  3. Gross
    Initials of the Tenant ____ Initials of the Landlord
    The Minimum Amount is the total monthly rent since it is intended by the Agreement that this Lease shall be deemed a “Gross Lease.”

Therefore, the Commercial Lease is not responsible for paying any additional costs related to the ownership and administration of the Premises, including utilities, property taxes, insuring (except on the Tenant’s personal property), fees, or expenses of any kind.

The general exterior construction of the Premises, as well as any significant systems including the heat, plumbing, and electrical, shall be maintained by the Owner.

Payment OF Safety

In furthermore to the foregoing, a security investment in the amount of ________referred to as the “Down Payment”) must therefore be due for payment in beforehand or at the time of the agreement of this Lease. The Landlord shall hold the Damage Deposit in trust account in a separate interest-bearing savings account as a guarantee for the truthful achievement of the terms & conditions of the Lease.

  1. It is prohibited to utilize the security deposit to pay the final month’s rent without the landlord’s express written consent.
  2. Leases Changes have been made, NO._________ The Tenant acknowledges that, with the exception of those stated on any Leases Improvements, Modifications, or Adjustments

The parties to this agreement have put their signatures and seals on this date, ____, 

  1. Signature of the homeowner ___________________ 
  2. Tenant’s Printed Name and Signature ______________________________
  1. Tenant’s Signed   _________________ 

Name Printed in Block Capitals

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