Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals
Short Term Rentals
Short Term Rentals
Short Term Rentals

Short Stay Furnished Service Apartments Rent in BD

Short term rental services are provided to people who do not want to lease a place with a long-term rental services. Because vacationers are the most common users of short-term rentals, durations can range from a few nights to several weeks; some are leased for as long as a month. 

Since, vacationers are the most common users of short-term rentals, durations can range from a few nights to several weeks; some are leased for as long as a month. A short-term rental is defined as a period of less than six months. 

To keep the property in guest-ready shape, the owners are responsible for cleaning, coordinating, and maintenance. Seasonality can also influence whether a rental is in high demand, which means owners may have to forego personal stays at the busiest seasons of the year.  Everything mentioned above are some advantages that we offer our clients for their comfort.


Short Term Stay in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara & Bashundhara

Our short term rental is a condo, home, or apartment that can be rented for as little as one night or as long as one month. Short term rentals are typically rented for a few days at a time.

Short Term Rentals Services

1. Payers Keepers

When you’ve already paid the first month’s rent, the flat is yours. You’ll immediately receive an email confirmation, which you can use as proof of residency for any visa applications or resident permits you may require. The simplicity of booking online allows for easy viewing.

Short Term Rental Services

2. Hassle-Free Bookings

You have the right to know everything before booking anything. Examine the most recent availability, features, photographs, videos, floor plans, and translated descriptions of a listing. Check out the map in the listing gallery to feel even more assured about making a reservation.

Amazing Short Term Rental Services

3. Deposits

All of your payments are secure on our platform. We’ve implemented anti-fraud safeguards to protect your experience, and you can be confident that if the landlord cancels, you’ll get a full refund. Your first month’s rent is held in escrow until 48 hours following your move-in. 

Short Term Rental Services

4. Expert Maintenance

We are responsible for the maintenance of the home you are living in. With our expert maintenance services and facility managers, we provide a healthy and clean room throughout your stay. 

Short Term Rental Services

5. Enjoy Your Vacation

Everything you might need in a vacation accommodation is provided with our short-term rentals. while you are on vacation, you do not need to pay attention to anything other than enjoying your vacation. 

Short Term Rental Services

6. Opportunity To Save

short term rentals are more cost-efficient than hotels while also ensuring all the comfort that hotels offer. There are many ways in which short term rentals  help you in saving money while you are on vacation.

Semi and Furnished house, service apartment, house for rent .

Our short term rentals are appropriate for you in many ways. We benefit you in these three ways. 

Better maintenance

Our short term rentals are maintained by a team of expert facility managers. There are no hassle for you take during the short term stay.

  1. Less cleaning to do
  2. Less chores to do
  3. Less effort to put
  4. Less maintenance costs

Not only are the units cleaned frequently, but because there is more frequent audits, maintenance issues can be identified sooner rather than later.

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Experience Comfort

We have expert house keeping system that helps you in staying in a better condition that is provided for your comfortable stay.

  1. Laundry 
  2. Foods and Beverages
  3. Upkeep maintenance
  4. Running errands

Our concierge services ensure utter comfortable experience for you while serving you. 

Female Co-Living

GEt Help with Everything

Our facilities are furnished in every possible way for your assistance in everything you might want. While you are in a vacation, you should focus on the experience.

  1. Food and beverages
  2. Laundry and transportation
  3. Hygiene assured
  4. Better housekeeping

Our facilities does reduce the anxiety of maintaining your house in every possible way. You can be sure to be able to live in a worry-free accommodation.

Commercial Space

Short Term Rentals Help You in Enjoying Your Vacation

Short term rentals are rising trends in the present time. There is no way you have to take hassles in your vacation. You can stay wherever you wand to stay during your vacation. You can also have the comfort of your home while staying at one of our rental spaces. We have every facilities inclusive under the rent.

Short-Term Serviced Apartments In Dhaka.

All the frequently asked questions of our clients are answered below for your assistance.

When you arrive, the place is spotless. The cleaning fees you pay at check-in include a standard cleaning at check-out. You must maintain and leave the apartment in good working order.

Short term rentals are ideal for business travel.  Short term studio apartments, short let 1 bedroom flats and short term 2-bed apartments offer a more personable space, as well as a lower price tag in comparison to hotels. If your short term rental includes housekeeping services, you will save a lot of money on these additional expenses.

If you want to extend your short-term rental tenancy, you'll need to ask your landlord or leasing agent. 
This usually necessitates the tenant giving the landlord notice of their plan to prolong their tenure. 
There is distinction to be made between short-term rentals and extended-stay flats.
Electricity is included in the rent in the case of weekly rentals. The power fees are not included in the rent for monthly rentals of less than three months. 
They must be compensated separately.
We check the electricity counter when you arrive and again when you depart. You will be charged for the number of kilowatts that you utilized.

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