Contractual Rentals

Contractual Rentals
Contractual Rentals
Contractual Rentals
Contractual Rentals

Easily Get Contractual Rentals in Bangladesh

Ecommerce BD carefully screen each of your potential tenants to ensure that apartments and services are of the highest quality. In contractual rentals, contracts typically begin with a one-month stay, but shorter stays may be available depending on availability. The screening process can take up to a week, and only our Corporate Premium Members have access to same day bookings. The rates are calculate by the day, not by the night, as they are in hotel. We also have hotel-style serviced apartments available for stays as short as one night. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and your landlord. It allows you to live in a house as long as you pay your rent and follow the rules. And It also outlines your tenancy’s legal terms and conditions. It can be written or spoken (a spoken agreement). A tenancy can either be a fixed-term (a set period of time) or periodic (week-by-week or month-by-month basis).


6 Core Features of Our Contractual Rentals

Ecommerce BD has a dedicated team of legal experts who deal with all contractual rentals legal issues. You can contact them at any time if you are having problems.

Contractual Rentals and Agreement

1. Flat Rent

The flat can be rented in two ways. Water, common electricity, and gas bills are examples of service charges. Security, lift, garage, and generator maintenance bills are among the utility charges. Under Bangladesh Tax Law, landowners will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes of contractual rentals.


2. Increment Clause

A rent increment agreement should be sign by both the tenant and the land owner (in percentage). According to the Premises Rent Control Act of 1991, a ten percent rent increase can be made every two years. A violation of this law, such as asking for more or requesting a monthly/annual fare increase, is punishable.

Contractual Rental Utility Bill

3. Utility Bills

The tenant will only be responsible for their own rental flat’s monthly electricity bill. They should only be responsible for the charges associated with their own connect meter. In Bangladesh, paying internet and cable operator bills for television is also a part of contractual rentals and agreements.

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4. Miscellaneous Utilities

After a certain amount of time has passed, the agreement will automatically renew. If the tenant wants to stay in the property longer, they must sign a new contract two months in advance. If they want to end the contract, they must give at least one month’s notice in advance. 

Contractual Rental Property

5. Property Transfer

Residential contractual rentals and agreements in Bangladesh prohibit the transfer of a rental property to another entity or the use of sublets for commercial purposes. Sublets are permit by some home owner, but only for residential purposes.

Contractual Tax And Fee

6. Tax & Fees

According to the law of the country, the house owner is solely responsible for paying income tax at the current rate from the house rent. They will deposit the tax with Bangladesh Bank and provide the tenants with copies of deposit slips and tax paid certificates.

Final Thoughts

During the term of the lease, the contractual rental property may be destroyed by fire or other natural disasters. These types of accidental destruction are not the tenant’s or the owner’s fault. As a result, the tenant has the right to immediately stop the lease without having to pay any rent. Contractual rentals and agreements in Bangladesh are quite complicated. It is because of the diversity of bylaws in different municipalities. Yet, there are some general rules that every tenant should be aware of. Understanding these can help you avoid getting caught in traps. Then find the home of your dreams in the best neighborhood.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask any questions related to contractual rentals

Keep the rental property in good condition. Tenants are usually responsible for keeping the unit clean, which means they must avoid causing excessive damage. Aside from keeping their rental unit clean, tenants should avoid causing damage through carelessness or negligence. Issues should be reported as they arise.

Our dedicated team is always available to draft a rental agreement on behalf of the tenant and the landlord.

Our Ecommerce BD rent team ensures that both the property owner and the tenant have a trusting and transparent relationship.

The Rents team always advises tenants to transfer rental fees directly to the property owner's account. If the property owner agrees, the Rents team will collect monthly rental fees on behalf of the owner and deposit them into the owner's account.

Our Dynamic Consultation On Contractual Rentals

Contractual rentals property rules and regulations are always a source of consternation. Tenants are frequently subject to multiple unfair dilapidation. Aside from these, the un dispute annual increase in fares can cause serious problem for a family on a tight budget. In order to resolve these issue, you must be familiar with and understand a variety of rental contracts and agreement in Bangladesh.

Penalties and Deposit Protection

There is no difference between the two types of periodic tenancies if the contractual rental deposit is protect in a scheme and the prescribe information is served on all relevant parties. However, if the deposit has not been properly protect, the law interacts with each differently.

  1. As a penalty, the landlord will only be liable for one to three times the deposit in contractual periodic tenancies.
  2. This is due to the fact that they are only in breach of one tenancy: the combined fix term and periodic tenancy.
  3. Because there are two tenancies in a statutory periodic tenancy, the landlord may be subject to a penalty of 2-6 times the deposit for non-compliance.

If a landlord has protect a deposit after the original fixed term has expire, the landlord must return it before serving a notice for contractual periodic tenancies. This differs from statutory periodic tenancies. Where they should be able to serve a notice as soon as the new periodic tenancy begins, as long as the deposit is protect and the require information is serve before the tenancy begin.

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Tenants During Covid19

During this pandemic, tenants fear of being  from their homes has become a global issue. Many countries have already begun to address the issue in order to find short-term solutions.

  1. In the absence of a temporary halt to evictions or a permanent solution, landlords and tenants can currently mitigate the situation by engaging in cooperative negotiations.
  2. They are strongly encourage to work with tenants to set up fair payment arrangement. It is possible by modifying lease agreements to include deferral, waiver, reduction, or other payment options.
  3. Furthermore, landlords will benefit from keeping their tenants because finding new ones in the post-Covid-19 era may be difficult. Tenants who are capable of paying their rent must do so to the best of their abilities at the same time.

No one should be afraid of losing their home as a result of Covid-19's unprecedented challenges. Article 15 of Bangladesh's Constitution gives guarantee of the provision of basic necessities of life, including shelter  . While the government has done an excellent job. It happens by introducing stimulus packages to help businesses. They may also consider including a bailout scheme for middle and low-income tenants or a contractual rentals. It occurs on residential evictions with clear guidance highlighting tenants' rights during Covid-19. Furthermore, because rent is their primary source of income, some landlords may not be able to waive it. In that case, the National Board of Revenue and local governments may consider exempting landlords from paying income tax. Also the holding tax for a year.

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Ensure Electrical Safety

You must ensure that the electrical installations in your home are safe to use in Bangladesh. This is accomplished by having a qualified person inspect the property. Then issue you an electrical installation condition report stating that the installations are safe to use.

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector also include many requirements. It is about the distribution of copies of the electrical installation report to the following individuals:

  1. Before the tenants can move in, they must be given a copy of the lease. You must provide a copy of the new report within 28 days of the inspection if you replace the electrical installations report.
  2. You must provide a copy of the electrical installations report to a tenant who requests it in writing within 28 days. If the local authority asks for a copy of the electrical installations report, you must provide it within seven days or face penalties. A copy of the lease must be provided to any prospective tenants who request one in writing within 28 days.When it comes to contractual tenancy, the choice between contractual and statutory periodic determines when these regulations apply to you. Before the start of the contractual tenancy, you need an electrical installations report.
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Council Tax

During a contractual rentals, you are responsible for paying council tax.

If the tenancy is for the entire house or flat rather than a room, and it is for a fixed term of at least 6 months, the tenant will be responsible for council tax until the end of that term, even if they leave without notice. If the tenancy continues as a contractual periodic tenancy at the end of the fixed term, the same rules apply. Even if they leave early, the tenant(s) will be responsible for the council tax until the end of their notice period.

Because statutory periodic tenancies are brand new tenancies with no six month fix term, tenants are only responsible for council tax while they live in the property. If a tenant vacates the property without giving notice during the statutory periodic tenancy, landlords may be force to pay to reclaim possession as well as pay council tax.

Tenancies that begin as periodic tenancies or have a fixed term of less than six month will also be subject to the same rules as statutory periodic tenancies.

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 Deposit In Advance and Security: 

During the signing of the contract, the tenants must pay a security deposit advance. It is of at least one month and no more than two month. The land owner is require by law to refund the money as soon as the tenants vacate the premises.

Payment Methods

The rental fees must be paid by the 7th day of each International calendar month. For documentation of the credit, the homeowner must provide a money receipt.

Charge For Service

Government imposes all taxation and other charges . Those are the responsibility of the home owner.

 Amendment to the Deed and Dispute Resolution:

Modifications are legal if they are require. Yet, a third party arbitrator approves it. An authorized representative must be the third party. The tenant and home owner, as well as their arbitrator, must sign the amendments. Then approve them going forward. Third party must resolve Any type of dispute or conflict of interest.

Responsibilities Of Tenants

Different homeowners have different preferences for prospective tenants. Despite this, tenants in Bangladesh have some rental property maintenance issues. These obligations are also cover by rental contract and agreement.

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