One-Bedroom Apartment

One-Bedroom Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment
One Bedroom Suite

Fully Furnished One Bedroom Suite Rental in Dhaka

Experience luxury and comfort, view the skyline, live the dreams with our One Bedroom Suite service.

One of the most important reasons to rent co-living spaces is to reduce the cost of living while enjoying the add-on services to add to their comfort. We provide reliable and strong one room suite service for our clients. Our clients with immense comfort and dedication so that they do not face anything to their discomfort. Let our clients have a cozy and comfortable living space that comes with strong security system.

Fully Furnished One Bedroom Suite for Weekly or Monthly Rental

Renting might make more sense to some people as it has its own advantages. Sometimes it is more cost effective for them to rent a place than to own a permanent address somewhere off location. 

One bedroom Suite Service

1. Zero Maintenance

While renting a property, the owner will take the full responsibility for all the repairs needed. Since the tasks are expensive to get, it becomes cost-friendly for a person if they do not have to pay for the repairs needed.

One bedroom Suite Service

2. Access to Amenities

Another financial benefit is to have access to the amenities and the add-on services that we provide along the one-bedroom suite service. Any homeowner can have access to the luxuries that comes with the room with no additional expenses.

One bedroom Suite Service

3. Flexibility of Choice

Renting a room helps a renter with choosing from any place they would like to live in. They can practically choose from any place of their choice. We help our clients to find an affordable place for their living even in the costly areas.

One Bedroom Suite Services

4. Fixed Rent

The amount to be paid for rent is fixed for the customers until the lease agreement is over. This helps to budget efficiently as it is a fixed cost on monthly basis. This also helps the renter to choose from affordable places to live in.

One bedroom Suite Service

5. Low Utility Bills

We have compact and efficient rooms for our clients. We ensure to provide them with an ideal place to live and work from. This prevents our clients from being overcharged and also lowers the electricity bills for them.

One bedroom Suite Service

6. Flexibility to Downsize

Our clients have the option to downsize their living spaces according to their avail. Specially, we provide the clients with smaller alternatives to match their budget. Especially important for the retirees who are our clients, can have the fullest of this service.

We Ensure Exceptional One Bedroom Suite for Our Clients

We have a potential client base whom we serve in finding the perfect location in many different ways.

The Area to Choose For One Bedroom suite

Every area you choose to live in affects how much you have to pay for it. With property value the rent to be paid fluctuates as t is the part of how a location impacts the economic tenet of supply and demand.

  1. Don’t overpay
  2. Look for fluctuation
  3. Get everything in your reach
  4. Do not fall behind the supply chain

We ensure a centralized location for our customers. They do not have to face any shortage of anything while choosing the area to relocate.


To Consider of One Bedroom suite

We help our clients to find renting rooms in appealing but affordable and easily accessible place. The neighborhood is situated near major transit routes and also not too much near that causes noise irritation.

  1. Avoid Noise Pollution
  2. Access easily
  3. Choose your view
  4. Be safe

The rooms for our clients are situated in locations that are also in regard to appearance are beautiful while are also secure and sound.

Facility Management

Present and Future of a One Bedroom suite

We focus not only on the present developments, but also on the future infrastructure that increases the quality of living for our clients. Make sure that our customers can access anything that grows near them for the comfort in future as well.

  1. Access the facilities
  2. Enjoy the looks
  3. Rely on the amenities
  4. Secure yourself

We value the additions that can affect the desirability of the surrounding areas and provide according to their demand and make sure not to cross their budget.

Get Started Now

Seek the outcome

We search the lot location thoroughly for our clients so they do not have to be in any crowded area, or any commercial property that might add to the traffic and noise. We ensure rooms with serene views and cozy areas.

  1. Do not waste space
  2. Go for the perfect space to live
  3. Choose the way to deal the mass
  4. Decide how to optimize the living.

Our strong client base is provided with the best rooms available at hand. They do not have to seek for any other space to relocate. If they do, we are always there to find another way for them to live in.


Gulshan Area

Your World of Thought

The rooms we offer to our customers are not only well-situated, but they also are very affordable and rich with built-in amenities. This way, we make sure that we have provided the utmost knowledge to our customers about the room and deal they have to work on.

  1. Know everything
  2. Know the added expenses
  3. Know your rights
  4. Know the dos and don’ts

We provide them with the best one-room service available at hand. Ensuring the best customer outcome is another area we excel at. So, the one-bedroom suite service we provide for our customers bring us strong and potential customers.


One Bedroom Suite with CCTV surveillance & 24Hrs Security

Our customers with finding the perfect room for them to their needs. We tend to discuss all the details regarding the service to be provided to our customers and reduce any kind of potential risks while renting. Consider all the necessary costs so our clients don’t have to worry much about any sort of hidden costs or anything else they would have to face.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have added some frequently asked questions by our customers. Find what you need here. 

The rooms we offer usually have built-in wi-fi, a single work space and additional technologies to make the stay more comfortable. No other recreational facility is offered. 

There are many things for a foreigner to follow and consider before renting a room. We offer necessary resources and services to make any international customer comfortable while renting a room.

Many problems are common and even though each situation is unique, the process to work out is fine. Look for the provided resources.

Rent One Bedroom Suite (Studio,1bhk, 2bhk), Fully Furnished House, service apartments with kitchen.

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