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Office Pick-Up And Drop Off
Office Pick-Up And Drop Off
Office Pick-Up And Drop Off
Office Pick-Up And Drop Off
Office Pick-Up And Drop Off Services

Our Smart Office Pick-Up And Drop-Off Solutions

EcommerceBD provides Office Pick-Up And Drop-Off services throughout Bangladesh. We know that traffic jam is ruining your life by wasting time and energy. You wake up in the morning and have to be prepared for a professional day. You may go out for work early keeping time in hand but the traffic jam is uncertain. It hampers your professional life as well as personal.

We consider your difficulties. We are here to get you out of this situation. We focus on some points to make you special. EcommerceBD can offer you better rates for delivery and Office Pick-Up And Drop-Off since we can provide you the option of self-service for our larger vans, which allows you to save even more money.

6 Benefits Of Our Office Transportation Services

We are going to give you the best Office Pick-Up And Drop-Off service with our maximum effort and dedication. Yes, we are going to take that pride. Let’s stare at the way we provide comfort.

Pickup Services in Dhaka

1. Minimal Payment

Travelling in your car might cost a lot with its servicing and diesel. We have a special offer for our regular passengers going to the office. So be benefited with minimal payment.

High tech Pickup Services

2. High-Tech Services

Get free WIFI, music, TV and GPS services to erase your confusion at any moment. There’s no need to explain about the necessity of connectivity in the era of globalization. 

Office Pick-Up And Drop Off Services

3. Flexibility with Time

We are very responsive with our emergency service. Whenever you need a ride for office pickup and drop off, just make a call or order via our app and we will catch you immediately.

Office Pick-Up And Drop Off Services

4. Certified Drivers

Before hiring drivers, we made sure that they must have to be capable of managing any kind of situation while driving.

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5. Comfortable With Seat

We are here to stop your sufferings because we know about your struggle when you chores to get a seat. Start your day with our provided comfort.

Office Pick-Up And Drop Off Services

6. Special Offer for Events

Let us know about your ceremony so that we can be a part of you. We are always ready for you with our best efforts and dedication.

Enjoy Convenient Office Pick-Up And Drop-Off Services

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly office pick-up and drop-off services with a driver for long-term contracts at a discounted rate. Choose your automobile from a choice of rental car options in Dhaka based on your needs and budget.

Our Integrate Service Centres

We assured you that we have all the facilities you need when you are caught in a situation. We have some facilities in our service centres which will make you come to us again.

1. Car Fixing
2. Car Renting
3. Car Washing
4. Customer Care

Whenever you come to our service centres, the best comfort is waiting for you. You can leave your vehicle in our convenient exterior key drop box. We will contact you when your vehicle is ready to review the repairs and take payment over the phone. At that time, we'll make arrangements for you to pick up your car.

Facilities Management

Driver Rent Services

You might need a professional driver for your safe return especially when you are sick or drunk. You will also face difficulties with your car engine. Just follow the steps in bad situations –

  • Take your phone
  • Connect it with internet
  • Open our app
  • Choose your suitable service and order

Stay wherever you are and make an order. We are ready to get you out. If you're visiting Bangladesh, renting a car with a driver can be the best way to make the most of your trip. You are free to go wherever you want at any time.

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We Ensure Security

There are bad histories with renting cars. Smuggling, hijacking and other criminal activities were held in the car which spread insecurities. The predictability of this service was not good then. We got challenges to deal with it and added extra security terms for you.

  • High-tech facilities
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • The quick responsive complaint system
  • The emergency team

These are the facilities worth mentioning. We assure the highest comfort to erase all the insecurities.

Safety & Security

Time, Money and Energy Saving

In this era of business, you value your time, money and energy and we know that very well. All of our efforts are to save them. We will provide you with our dedications which will make you benefit with some points.

  • Money-saving for the monthly subscription
  • Time-saving for quicker responses
  • Energy-saving for not being worried
  • Comfort with flexibility with services

No matter how much dedication we have for you if we don’t have flexibility matching with your situation. That’s why we made it sure at first.

Feel Free To Contact Us

Smart Transport Solutions For Smart Employees

Employees commute by car, which is the most important and pleasant means of transportation. Our cutting-edge Office Pick-Up and Drop-Off service is more than just a standard shuttle service. We provide customized, need-based solutions at the most competitive and cost-effective prices. If you need daily office pick-up and drop-off services to go to work on time, EcommerceBD can help you with a list of the best services in Dhaka.


FAQs For Office Pick-Up And Drop-Off Services

Of course, they are. We have a driving training service also. We always assure that the drivers are mentally and physically fit.

You don’t have to be worried. We have phone call facilities also. Just make a call and we will fly to you wherever you are.

Yes, we have. Whenever you have the urgency to wash your car, just make an order. We will pick your car up at our service centre. We will also drop off your vehicle.

The emergency team deals with sudden difficulties such as sickness. This team has a busy schedule and all the team members are well trained.

Stay Stress Free With Our Office Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services

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