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Room Types
Room Types
Room Types
Room Types

Choose Your Desired Room Types With Us

As a serviced residence provider, EcommerceBD specializes in understanding our clients’ needs to the point. We have a variety of room types that we believe will serve every kind of purpose that our clients may seek to accomplish. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to be living alone or with your family. You might also be staying for a short time period or you may also have a long-term rental plan in your mind. Maybe renting a whole apartment can be more than you need, or maybe just renting one room is not enough. 

We are offering you every type of living arrangement through our wide range of options. We will match your budget with your requirements and find out the perfect serviced apartment or room types for you. Yes, with us you can actually decide if you want to live in a whole apartment by yourself or if you want to share a unit with other tenants simply just by renting a single room and saving money. 

EcommerceBD Offering Economy Friendly Living

Choose from our expanded listings of room types and start living your life in your new home with all the facilities included right away.

Room Type One-Bedroom Suite

One-Bedroom Suite

Experience the luxury, enjoy the independence and start living your dreams with our one-bedroom suite service.

Two-Bedroom Suite Room Type

Two-Bedroom Suite

Find the best two-bedroom apartment options that will let you enjoy a unique, friendly, and comfortable living. 

Three-Bedroom Suite Room Type Services

Three-Bedroom Suite

Got a big family? Stop worrying. EcommerceBD provides you with a list of three-bedroom suites located in all the prime locations.

Room Type For Rental

Female Coliving

Get a comfortable house today where you can share a serviced apartment with other females which ensures complete privacy during your stay.

Student Coliving Room Type

Student Coliving

Planning to get your higher studies done in Bangladesh? Find the most affordable rental prices and flexible lease terms with us.

Foreigner Coliving Room Type rental

Foreigner Coliving

Prefer to live with housemates? Looking for a place to relocate? Check out our various serviced apartment options to choose from. 

5 Reasons To Choose Our Coliving Services

Your ultimate comfort is EcommerceBD's number one priority, that is why we have equipped our every room types with the most amazing facilities. 

Fixed Rental

With us, you can have tremendous control over your finances because EcommerceBD offers you the most budget-friendly rental plans that will save you unwanted and unplanned costs, giving you an exciting staycation experience during your holidays.

  1. Security
  2. Peace Of Mind
  3. Forecast Expenses
  4. Control Over Lease


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Learning New Cultures

Don't know anyone in the city? Not a problem anymore. Choose one of the shared apartment plans that we have and start learning about the nation's culture while building your new family with your housemates right away! 

  1. Helping Hands
  2. Learn The Culture
  3. Socializing
  4. Great Company


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Zero Maintenance Fee

EcommerceBD always thinks of our clients' peace of mind. We understand it is expensive for our tenants to do the apartment's maintenance, that is why we take care of it. With us, only we will be responsible to provide the necessary maintenance services.

  1. No Hidden Charges
  2. Professional Service
  3. Time-Saving
  4. Cost-Effective


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Added Amenities

Moving into a new home and worrying about the future expenses of buying home appliances? EcommerceBD always thinks ahead and provides all the latest amenities in-house for your convenience, offering you an optimized lifestyle.

  1. Hassle-Free Living
  2. Optimized Lifestyle
  3. Convenience
  4. High-Rise


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Shared Utility Bills

All our shared serviced apartments are equipped with separate meters for each room to allocate the exact individual electricity and water consumption so no one would feel injustice in dividing up the utility bills.

  1. Efficient
  2. Less Expense
  3. Allocate Consumption
  4. Stress-Free Living


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Our Promise To You

Relish the experience of a new family by sharing an apartment with your housemates. Enjoy the benefits of a serviced apartment and start saving money today! We are here to promise you the safest, at-home feel like stay with us. Choose between our room types plans and the most upper-class areas inside Dhaka city to have your next home in. While traveling, gather the most amazing memories and cultural influences from your stay. We do not just promise you a fully functioning apartment, we promise you an experience.

Got Any Questions About Our Services?

Apartment sharing is typically less expensive than living alone; many students and young professionals combine expenses and save money by living together. Of course, it depends on the type of apartment you obtain and the neighborhood you choose, but sharing a home with three or four other people is usually less expensive than renting on your own.

  • Establish basic rules with your housemate.
  • Do not borrow anything without asking.
  • Respect the privacy of your housemate.
  • Clean up your spaces.
  • Do not make unnecessary noises.
  • Do not be overly sensitive.
  • Landlords are not allowed to enter rented apartments without prior notice.
  • Landlords are not allowed to terminate a tenant's tenancy before the lease expires.
  • Mid-lease rent hikes are not permitted unless stated in the contract or by the municipality in certain circumstances.
  • The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for a landlord to discriminate against tenants when renting, representing properties, or providing services.

A lease is a contract, and it is binding until the landlord and other tenants agree. You will still be responsible for your part of the lease if you move out without a written agreement stating you are no longer a tenant.

A holdover tenant is someone who continues to live in a rental apartment after the lease has expired. The tenancy effectively becomes a month-to-month tenancy if the tenant continues to pay rent. A holdover tenant has the legal right to remain in the rental property as long as he or she plans to renew the contract.

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