Safely and Security

Safely and Security
Safely and Security
Safely and Security
Safely and Security

Get Assurance of Safety and Security with Our Co-Living Services

We ensure Safety and Security for our residences as the process of returning to normalcy will undoubtedly be slow and steady in this post-pandemic period. Since they serve as our offices, social gathering spots, and places to unwind and recharge. As a result, it is more important than ever to keep our possessions safe and secure.

Our tenants’ and employees’ well-being is vital, and it remains at the center of all we do. All of our buildings have stayed open and occupied as a result of our quick and proactive approach, which considered both long and short-term consequences. We’ve taken Safety and Security initiatives and put in place a variety of procedures to adapt our operational functioning to social developments and government directives.

The Way We Keep you Safety and Security Amid Pandemic

Safely And Security in Coliving

We ensure proper sanitization for the co-livers and people coming to book a seat.

Safely And Security in Coliving

We impose wearing masks for everyone leaving and entering the premises.

We Take Pride in 6 Safety and Security Measures

85.9% of the employees who are under the age of 35,  consider Safety and Security  to be the most decisive factor in a co-living facility along with the convenient services it offers.

Safely And Security in Coliving in Bangladesh

1. Cleaning

We have a team to clean everything before any tenant move in to the co-living space. We have adequate hygiene measures taken amid the pandemic.

Safely And Security in Coliving Services

2. Check Points

We ensure to check for any unusual rise or fall of temperature, pressure and pulse to confirm healthy tenant for the space. We have check-points in the premise for Safety and Security.

Safely And Security in Coliving

3. Hand-Wash Zone

We have installed hand washing zone equipped well for the people who wants to book the rental service of co-living physically with us to ensure Safety and Security.

Safely And Security in Coliving in Bangladesh

4. Isolation Zone

We have adequate space to use for isolating oneself from others if anyone is sick or unwell in any way. We do not allow the spread of virus in any way and assure Safety and Security for you.

Safely And Security in Coliving in Bangladesh

5. Medical Team

To enhance Safety and Security, we have an on-spot medical team that can easily come to support if anyone is feeling unwell in any way. They are always stand-by for any possible emergency.

Safely And Security in Coliving in Bangladesh

6. Social Distancing

We ensure social distancing period of 14 days for any new tenant who come to get our facility of co-living before they get along with others. Also, we impose Safety and Security issues.

Ensuring Your Safety and Security While Co-Living With Us

We take satisfaction in delivering you with unique innovations in the comfort of your own home, as well as the ideal blend of community and privacy. You can take use of all the conveniences and advantages of communal living while being secure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in experiencing the best of co-living.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things to know before you decide to co-live in any way. Things that most people ask us are answered for your use.

You are free to remain as long as you like. We require a one-week minimum commitment, however we also accept daily stays. Longer leases are recommended for the greatest pricing! We can design your contract to meet your lifestyle and needs, whether you need a room for the period you need to stay.

At Together Co-Living, we put safety first. The following are some of our security features:

• 24/7 CCTV cameras.
• Swipe cards for each building/room and for lift access.
• 24/7 Doctors on call.
• 24/7 Reception/Security staff

Yes, every home has a laundry room equipped with washers and dryers. The number of laundry appliances is determined by the number of people living in the residence.

We certainly do! Weekly housekeeping is included in all prices, and includes sweeping, mopping, removing waste, and changing your bedding if you leave a fresh set.

5 Issues about Safety and Security Measures

We've made strides and developed processes to adjust our operating procedures to changing societal conditions and government requirements.

Count the Costs Thoroughly

To compare the cost of a standard apartment to the cost of a co-living place, total up all of the expenses that come with the co-living "package." Because the common operating costs are shared among all co-tenants, co-living has a lower overall cost than conventional housing.

  • Fractionalized utility bills
  • Shared chores
  • Low expenses
  • Divided funds

The way we divide all the charges among all our tenants, can apply an overall reduction of expense. It unburdens the people living in our facility. This is a way to live without feeling any pressure with Safety and Security.

Furnished Condo

Measure Needed Space

There are a variety of co-living options, ranging from small cottages with fewer than five residents to a building with shared common areas. The pricing varies according to the space provided to you. Decide on the Safety and Security of space you are going to need while living in the facility to assess the price beforehand.

  • Get as much space as you need
  • Measure appropriately
  • Count the cost beforehand
  • Get comfortable spacing

There is no obligation to rent more or less space than you need. You’ll be allotted the exact area you need to operate your businesses.

Coworking Space

Offered Services

Co-living distinguishes from other shared lodging models in those basic services such as rental management, cleaning, and community events are included in the package fee. To further satisfy the requirements of its citizens, each operator and brand creates its own unique service offering.

  • In-house cleaner team
  • Provided meals
  • No need to furnish
  • No need to put extra effort

Co-living gives opportunity to do everything you want to, with the help of expert concierge services or need to by taking away the responsibilities from you. It gives you a lot of free time so you can focus on yourself.


Know People You Live With

Your co-living will be brighter and more appealing if the common areas and community activities are of higher quality. Communal areas and community activities are designed by each operator and brand to reflect their fundamental beliefs and create opportunities for social interaction. 

  • Participate as you wish to
  • Build community
  • Establish Commodity
  • Tighten Social Network

Co-livers can choose whether or not to participate. The sense of belonging that many people seek in this type of living arrangement can only be instilled in residents by the manager.


Live Your Way

In general, the co-living option is more flexible than conventional housing. Within the co-living models, the hotel co-living, specializing in shorter-term stays, offers more flexibility than residential co-living.

  • Focus on the Basics
  • Be Proactive
  • Educate Customers
  • Tighten Internal Controls

With the necessary measures taken by us, you can live in a commotion free life. You don't need housekeeping, as we provide that as well. We offer easy-to-access services for your solace.

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Stay Stress-Free With Our Safety and Security Life Services

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