Hygiene Assured

Hygiene Assured
Hygiene Assured
Hygiene Assured
Hygiene Assured

Hire Our Professional Hygiene Specialists

We are a private company with extensive experience in the fields of hygiene and disinfection. World-leading technologies have been incorporated into the company’s cleaning and disinfection products.

EcommerceBD recently launched a health & Hygiene Assured program, a new audit solution for preventing the spread of infections, as part of its EcommerceBD for health, safety and wellbeing. The program enables businesses to demonstrate that they are taking their customers’ health and safety seriously, as the world recovers from COVID-19.
Health & Hygiene Assurance solutions from EcommerceBD are designed to formulate and monitor an effective response to communicable diseases. 

Here Are 7 Areas We Can Assist You:

Stay Secure
Stay Secure

You can rely on Cleanliness Assured to ensure that our rooms are disinfected and cleaned prior to each stay.

Ensured Gather
Ensured Gather

You can have taste, ambiance, and function without compromising health and safety with Cleanliness Assured.

Our 6 Services For Hygiene & Cleaning In Bangladesh

Your business will benefit from our 6-stage process to ensure the highest standards of Hygiene Assured. You will be independently and scientifically validated. The service includes:

Hygiene Assured Services

1. Hygiene Review

An evaluation of your current practices, and if needed, a redesign of your cleaning processes, cleaning chemicals, and cleaning practices.

Hygiene & Cleaning In Bangladesh

2. Hygiene Method

Staff training in the new process for sterilize and infection control. Our team are very trusty to this work.

Hygiene Audit Services

3. Hygiene Audit

An independent audit to ensure that infection prevention measures and necessary controls are in place.

Hygiene & Cleaning In Bangladesh

4. Cleaning Evidence

Micro-analysis using the Gensig System is needed to verify that cleaning has been completed correctly.

Hygiene & Cleaning Certificate

5. Hygiene Certificate

The company will be certified for a certain period of validity, following which re-auditing and are required to maintain standards.

Hygiene & Cleaning Management Services

6. Hygiene Management

We provide free installation, complete periodic maintenance, and trained service technicians, as well as top-line customer service.

Stay Stress-Free With Our Guaranteed Hygiene Services

Our enhanced standards, protocols, and procedures have been developed by specialists trained to keep you healthy and safe.

We Assure Technology Based Work

We offer products that are unique in their fields and bring the highest levels of hygiene and microbial control to people and their environments.

Our other products are the first in their fields to utilize 100% reusable materials. Our products integrate cutting edge inventions such as:

  • Science of particles
  • Addition of cations to atoms
  • Green, viable technical
  • Technology for stable hypochlorous skincare

Ensured Hygiene achieves its ground breaking results through the use of new, safer tech, which are applicable to every industry sector and everyday life.

Green Living

We Are Take The Responsibility Very Seriously For Health & Hygiene Assurance

Health and Hygiene Assurance solutions from eCommerceBD are designed to grow and monitor an effective response to infectious diseases. Business can demonstrate that they value the health and safety of their customers by implementing Health & Hygiene Assurance.

Your facility to reopen will be vital for the confidence and well being of users. Our services are available in the following industries:

The EcommerceBD health & hygiene assurance program, a new audit solution to help prevent the spreading of infections, is part of the company's solutions for health, safety, and wellbeing. 

Safety & Security

Hygiene Process Design

We support our customers in building and enhance clean situations in a variety of settings. Our hygiene advance programs include execute solutions for the control and prevention of infectious diseases, assessing and improving. 

  • Consultations

  • Assurances

  •  Analyze and inspect

  • Seminars and training

The food safety management process, and supporting the process of acquiring quality control certifications and applying them. We also provide online consult, audit, and training services.


Insurance Security

Our process ensures that jobs are placed quickly and digitally, so we reduce sourcing delays and lag time. Our team understands the logistical complexities of last-minute staffing changes. We have experience in dealing with such situations.

  • Minute requirement
  • Saving on labor costs
  • A new approach
  • Creating custom solutions

If you provide us with details, we can handle your project completely. Our guaranteed employment program reduces the cost of hiring full-time staff for short-term projects.

HR Services


The company consists of three divisions: professional cleaning services, clinical waste management, and infection control systems.We offer high quality service offerings and hold the necessary accreditations and certifications to ensure you always receive this level of service.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cleaning Services

First and foremost, we listen to our clients and provide them with what they actually need.
We are health and safety consultants that employ chartered health and safety practitioners, chartered engineers, and chartered environmentalists.

Yes. Our safety training and consulting services are customized based on the specific needs of your organization and industry.

We provide out-of-hours email support for those who are still working after everyone has stopped! You work hard during the day, so someone is always available to answer emails between 9 am to 7 pm.

We can help you, but you need to get in touch with us so we can discuss what you require. We will let you know the cost of producing the document and the timeframe. Since we also know you are under pressure, we try to turn the work around as soon as possible!

We Provide World-Class Hygiene Services For Clients

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