Foreign Worker Living

Foreign Worker Living
Foreign Worker Living
Foreign Worker Living
Foreign Worker Living

Perfect Accommodation Service for Foreign Worker Living in Bangladesh

We offer accommodation for Foreign Worker Living in the country since the foreign employees hired by our clients in the manufacturing and service sectors, we provide services in the areas of human resources, administration, training, welfare solutions, and immigration-related solutions.

We provide a variety of management services, including lodging, transportation, work permit renewal and extension, and insurance coverage and claims. 

Features Services We Offer For Your Business

Business Recognition
Business Recognition

We provide a best and flexible cost effective location.

Cost Effective Locations
Cost Effective Locations

We ensure cost is low when considering a Business to be operated in our country.

Our 6 Assistances For Foreign Worker Living in Bangladesh

Businesses may need to make special accommodations for migrant employees since they are working outside of their home nations or regions.

Foreign Worker Living Services

1. Properly Sited

Foreign Worker Living in Bangladesh are accommodated in such a way. They are not exposed to air pollution, surface run-off, or sewage.

Foreign Worker Living in BD

2. Structural Safety

Housings are built to ensure structural safety for the Foreign Worker Living. In the country as well as adequate standards of decency, hygiene, and comfort.

Foreign Worker Living Solution

3. Sanitation Facilities

Sanitation facilities are readily situated, fulfill minimal health and hygiene requirements, and provide adequate levels of comfort to the Foreign Worker Living in the country.

Health and Safety Foreign Worker Living

4. Health and Safety

Precautions are taken,  to safeguard workers and their possessions, and not restrict the freedom of movement of the Foreign Workers Living.


5. Inspection

Inspections of the premises should be carried out on a regular basis. The results made public to all the Foreign Workers Living in the facility.

Foreign Worker Living Services

6. Vacancy Time

Employment of Foreign Workers Living in the country  is terminate. They are given a fair amount of time to leave the premises without worrying.

Foreign Worker Living is Facilitated In 5 Ways

We have exquisite accommodation for the Foreign Workers Living. The accommodation we provide are well-furnished as well. 

Get Well Furnished Accommodation

We have nicely furnished accommodation for the Foreign Worker Living in the country. The accommodation facility is well equipment with necessary amenities. 

  1. Live with community
  2. Be Productive
  3. Enhance networking
  4. Live your way

Our accommodation are decorated and equipped. The greatest comfort anyone can ask for. With freedom and regulation, we ensure their free living. 

Furnished Condo

live in a Great Location

We continue to build our property of centralized accommodation near our customers factories in order to facilitate worker supervision.

  1. Find everything nearby
  2. Be Active
  3. Easy transportation
  4. Live quality life

Our lodging facility relieves you of all the time-consuming and difficult procedures while ensuring that you do not have to compromise on almost anything you would not want to.


Get Emergency Support

We have on-spot support system for the Foreign worker Living in the facility. The team works to ensure emergency support of any kind for the people living in.

  1. Emergency support
  2. Get responded
  3. Address problems
  4. Have support 24/7

The accommodation provided for the Foreign Workers Living are highly responsive towards any emergency that can occur during the dwelling period. 

Short Term Rentals

Insurance Security

We provide scheduled audit for the safety of the Foreign Worker Living in the country. With these audits we make sure of basic hygiene maintenance.

  1. Be safe in pandemic
  2. Be healthy
  3. Live perfectly clean
  4. Enhance hygiene

Our audits are design to provide you a tension free living in the facility. We upkeep our accommodation in a clean way.

Case Studies

Manage Your Payments

We manage their payments for them. They do not have to face the hassles inherent in the system.

  1. Pay on date
  2. Easy payment
  3. Be anxiety-free
  4. Do not miss any payment

Our payment management systems work very well for the foreign workers living in the facility provided by us. Our easy and pressure free facility keeps them at ease. 

Employee Management

We Value Your Journey

We facilitate the foreign worker living in the country so their way of work can be easy and tension-free. There is no way we will compromise with anything mentioned above. Nor will we be barriers to their comfortable work pace.

FAQ For Foreign Worker Living

We have answered the frequently asked questions from and outside our clients in hope to assist you with the necessary information.

Yes, as long as all of the workers at the site are assigned to the same project.

No, a facilitator is not allowed to remove or keep any of a foreign worker's belongings, including his or her passport and work permit.

yes, we specially take safety into consideration because of the pandemic and to ensure a healthy living space.

We provide everything you might need while living in the facility, so you do not have to bring anything from home.

Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Assistances For Foreign Worker Living

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