Healthy Living

Healthy Living
Healthy Living
Healthy Living
Healthy Living

Your Healthy Living Is Our Primary Concern

EcommerceBD keeps a very close eye on good health assurance measures for our tenants. We are very careful about maintaining the national health code in our residences. Especially with the world going through this pandemic, we have gone above and beyond to implement security and safety protocols for our tenants’ healthy living.

All our serviced apartment buildings are sanitized on a daily basis. temperature checking modules are placed at every entrance and exit to make sure no one infected is going in. For the shared apartments, our housekeeping team performs regular sanitization inside the house so that the tenants can enjoy their stay without any safety concerns for their health.

Our top priority is ensuring the proper nutrition of our tenants by keeping our kitchen clean and our foods hygienic. Everything is done and supervised by expert professional personnel, every building has a proper waste disposal system as well.


No. #1 Health Conscious Serviced Residence

EcommerceBD is here to provide you not just a top-quality home, but also a healthy lifestyle. We promise our tenants the best state of mental and physical health.

Healthy Living in Bangladesh

Public Health

Our expert team patrols the serviced apartment areas to make sure all our serviced residences are scrubbed and cleaned on a regular basis.

Healthy Living Services

Clean Neighborhood

EcommerceBD owns the selection of serviced apartments that are situated in the most elite neighborhoods all around the city.

Healthy Green Living in Bangladesh

Green Living

Every apartment has its own waste disposal system as well as a common area and they are cleaned by our sweepers on a routine schedule.

Healthy Living in BD

Health Code

To maintain strict nutrition, meals are prepared under the supervision of our head chef to ensure there is no health code violation in the kitchens.

Healthy Living in Bangladesh

Safety & Security

Every time someone enters the residence, a full-body sanitization is done and temperature is checked to keep the residents safe and secured.

Healthy Living in Bangladesh

Cleaning Inspection

We provide a quality assurance team that inspects the buildings on a weekly basis to make sure the tenants are keeping the place clean.

Expert Support To Ensure A Healthy Living

There is nothing compared to leading a healthy life for everyone, we offer you one and we intend to keep our promise to you.

Hygiene Maintenance

Our team of professional chefs dedicates their heart and soul to making sure that the kitchen environment is kept up to the mark by cleaning it daily and thoroughly. The meals are prepared and delivered by our personnel with proper safety measures ensuring the protection of our tenants. 

  1. Clean Kitchen
  2. Contactless Delivery
  3. Proper Diet
  4. Hygiene Certificate


Hygiene Assured

Cleaner Neighborhood

EcommerceBD has the most enriched selection of locations spreading throughout the whole city. Our serviced apartments are situated in the most elite neighborhoods which are less populated than all other areas. There are nearby hospitals, easy access to restaurants, and grocery chains.

  1. Unsoiled Neighborhood
  2. Unpopulated Surrounding
  3. Less Traffic
  4. Accessibility


Good Building location

Improved Living Surrounding

We believe in having a healthy living space to have a better lifestyle. Our residences are surrounded by plantations to ensure an environment-friendly stay for our tenants. Our professional team regularly cleans the garbage bags disposed of by the residents to keep the habitat neat and clean.

  1. Environment Friendly
  2. No Pollution
  3. Waste Recycle
  4. Less Disposal


Green Living

Routine Property Sanitization

After the critical period of the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, EcommerceBD still believes it is strictly necessary to keep up the hygiene practice. That's why we perform health checkups for our tenants whenever it's necessary. Our team performs disinfection of the properties in a methodical system.

  1. Health Inspection
  2. Campaigns
  3. In-house Steriliztion
  4. Property Disinfection


Safety & Security

Healthcare Security Maintenance

Our serviced apartments are patrolled and monitored by certified security guards and CCTV cameras 24/7. There are intercom phones at every apartment connected with the guardhouse so no unwanted or unknown person can enter the premises without our tenants acknowledging them.

  1. Intercom Service
  2. Property Inspection
  3. Security Guard Patrol
  4. CCTV Monitoring


Housekeeping Services

Our Promise To You

EcommerceBD presents to you the most innovative and latest collection of serviced apartments that are maintained by top-quality safety and maintenance service providers. Choose a neighborhood more suitable to your taste, accessible to your workplace, and environment friendly than most other areas of the city. Let us know about the specifics of your stay period and we will provide you with the best option by your mind.

Got Any Questions About Our Services?

  • Peace of mind – living in a healthy environment can lift your mood and help you feel better
  • Cost-effective – with us, your diet plan will be accurate and it will save you the extra costs of eating out at restaurants
  • Lesser health problems – living a healthier lifestyle means a lower risk of developing many diseases.
  • taking control of your life – living in an environment-friendly apartment helps you feel in control of your life.

YES of course, it is safe to share an apartment because we do all types of necessary background checks on our tenants before finalizing the agreement.

  • Our top focus as part of the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol is to maintain the highest levels of safety in compliance with local requirements in each country. Disinfecting all main access points is one of the first steps in prevention.
  • We've developed onsite, quick COVID-19 antigen testing for residents to make it easier and more confident for them to return to face-to-face meetings and events.
  • Our resident management team can provide information about local medical aid and support as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our guests have a relaxing stay with us.

YES, we maintain the national health code sanctioned by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

  • Always sanitize yourself before entering the property.
  • Maintain social distance all the time.
  • Prevent yourself from having big gatherings inside the apartment.
  • Respect your housemate's privacy

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