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Student Co-Living
Student Co-Living
Student Co-Living

Feel Secured With Our Student Co-living Service

If you’re planning on attending higher education in Bangladesh, you should know that student co-living is more cost effective and flexible. Since, Bangladesh is rich in diversity and culture, and it continues to retain strong international ties. As a result, this country is an appealing option for potential overseas students.

Bangladeshi student housing, like everything else, may be costly. You can compare and choose student housing that meets your budget with EcommerceBD’s comprehensive search engine. We provide a wide range of reasonably priced and convenient lodging options, all of which have high-quality modern amenities. EcommerceBD will make the process simple, cost-effective, and adaptive in a nation like Bangladesh.

Enjoy 6 Benefits Our Student Co-Living Services

Finding dependable Student col-living units can take more time and effort. Fortunately,  we are able to provide student co-living services that any student can rely on.

Student Co-Living Facilities Services

1. Satisfaction Assured

EcommerceBD  guarantees satisfactory service with every student co-living unit. Our room sharing facilities are unique and amazing experience to live in.

Student Co-Living Services in Dhaka

2. Easy Booking Process

We offer quick, seamless and transparent booking process. We offer different types of rentals for student co-living facilities that can help them live peacefully. 

Student Co-Living Services Payment Methods

3. Payment Methods

Our student co-living facilities can be paid through online and cash. We rent our units on a monthly or even on a yearly basis. and the payment method is made easy for you. 

Student Co-Living Services Expert Housekeeping

4. Expert Housekeeping

We have a lot of experienced people to keep a student co-living facility clean and neat. You can just focus on your study while we take care of other necessary things. 

Student Co-Living Complete Package Services

5. Complete Package

One of the reasons why EcommerceBD is so well-liked is we provide student co-living service with everything included in it for your betterment in study. 

Student Co-Living Complete Package Services Transparent Costs

6. Transparent Costs

We have no hidden cost for any kind of service provided to you while offering you student co-living facility in a furnished unit. All charges are included in the contract.

100% Satisfaction With Our Student Co-Living Services

Our student co-living rooms are not only attractive, but they are also equipped with all of the practical and smart conveniences that you require. Furthermore, they have fashionable design and large public rooms for you to socialize with friends and meet new individuals.

Get Access to Short-term Leases

It's difficult, but not impossible, to find an off-campus apartment room in Bangladesh with a lease arrangement of less than a year. Thousands of flats, co-living spaces, and hotel rooms with month-to-month leases may be found on sites like EcommerceBD.

  1. No need to stay on vacations
  2. No obligation to prolong the stay
  3. No extra payment for leaving in vacation
  4. Change location according to schedule

Short-term leases do not bind you and allow you to move about without being locked into a long-term lease in one location, just in case your academic schedule changes.

Short Term Rentals

Save on Moving-In Costs

The costs of moving-in can be very high, especially in a country like Bangladesh. Landlords typically request the first and final month's rent, as well as a security deposit.

  1. No extra cost
  2. No need to buy furnishers
  3. No need to spend on connectivity
  4. Move in without anxiety

If you can find a fully furnished place on a month-to-month contract, there is a lot more flexibility. Also, every unit we offer for student co-living is completely furnished and equipped with utilities and WiFi.

Full Furnished

Reduce Immediate Move-In Costs

You would save a lot of money if you discover off-campus accommodation in Bangladesh on EcommerceBD as it will be fitted. To live comfortably, you won't need to buy a bed, dresser, or other belongings. You won't have to pay extra for utilities or WiFi when you move in.

  1. Don't buy Furnishers
  2. No extra connectivity fees
  3. No right away expenses
  4. No immediate expense

You won't have to spend money on these things right away. As a result, your average rent will be less than comparable options.

Get Started Now

Get A Chance to Know Your Community

Booking a room in student co-living facility for a short-term allows you to get to know your neighbors and the community before committing to a long-term lease.

  1. Know the community
  2. Know the environment
  3. Know the facilities
  4. learn the drawbacks

You'll have plenty of time to learn how to travel Bangladesh and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of your selected location. If you enjoy the location, you can either prolong your stay on a monthly basis or schedule a longer-term stay with confidence.

Good Location

Stay Till You're Comfortable

While some properties are only available for a limited time, others allow you to live in a student co-living apartment, hotel, or co-living space in Bangladesh for as long as you like.

  1. Live in the best place
  2. Live with better people
  3. Live hassle-free
  4. Live your life

On EcommerceBD, you may reserve student housing for one month or longer, with the possibility to extend your stay. Because you have control over your living situation, this is the best-case scenario.

Keep In Touch

Final Thoughts

You may live in elegance while still enjoying the comforts of home. Simply choose the location where you’re seeking for student co-living facilities and you’ll be presented with a variety of it!

FAQs For Student Co-Living

Feel free to ask any queries to us

Yes! If you'd like to visit a home before reserving it, please contact us and one of our booking specialists will gladly arrange a showing.

It's simple to arrange student accommodation in Bangladesh with EcommeceBD. To discover your perfect match, use our user friendly search filter to compare different student housing alternatives.On the property page, click 'Enquire' or 'Book Now' after selecting your desired home. One of our booking advisors will then advise you of the following stages.  After that, a contract will be produced for you to sign.

Though it is a very costly country for a student to live in, with ecommerceBD, you can manage to afford it in your way. Check for the price tag!

Every partner and listing on our website is reviewed and verified by our professional team. Every partner must adhere to our guidelines and accept our agreements. No matter where you go, we ensure that every home is furnished and equipped with the necessary amenities you've come to anticipate on your trips. Book online with confidence, knowing that we'll be there for you every step of the way.
If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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