We Serve The Latest Building Amenities In Bangladesh

Our residences are fully equipped with all the latest amenities that will conduce to the mental and physical comfort of our tenants’. 

EcommerceBD has developed and chosen all the serviced residence properties while keeping the convenience of our residents in mind. We help our clients to live a fully optimized life like they are used to living back in their own country, at their own house. It doesn’t matter if you are just having a vacation here in Bangladesh or looking to live permanently for work purposes, we promise you a better experience than staying at hotels.  

We serve our clients with both in-house and property amenities whether they are sharing a serviced apartment or renting a whole suite. Our house amenities include the most amazing room service while our property amenities consist of separate parking for individual units, a 24/7 water supply, on-site maintenance, and an eco-friendly environment. We have priority zones for our senior citizens as well as open spaces for children.  There are sports facilities and recreation centers nearby or on the property for your enjoyment.  Easy accessibility to all your daily necessities is considered as a primary awareness of EcommerceBD.

6 Amenities Provided By EcommerceBD

EcommerceBD helps you to keep up a healthy lifestyle as well as makes sure every necessary resource for your convenience is at your threshold.

Amenities in Serviced Residences

Building Signage

With the most prominant identification sign, your apartment is easy to lcoate for anyone.

Amenities in Serviced Residences

Covered Parking

Each serviced apartment has its own allocated parking inside the property.

Amenities in Serviced Residences Fitness Facility

Fitness Facility

Our every residence stores an in-house gym, enabling you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Amenities in Serviced Residences Security System

Security System

The apartments are equipped with burglar alarms, the property is patrolled 24/7.

Amenities in Serviced Residences

Conference Room

A well-furnished conference room for weekly meetings and your personal use.

Amenities in Serviced Residences

Pickup & Drop Off

A designated spot for the rideshare services to pick up and drop off the residents.

Benefits That You Will Enjoy Only With Us

Our one-stop residence solution will improve every aspect of your daily life.

Getting A Community Together

Our residences are packed with all the featured amenities. These actually enable the residents to meet up on a daily basis and build up a community. As an example, people who love working out living in the same residence will meet on a regular basis and share their interests.

  1. Helping Hands
  2. Share Interests
  3. Quality Time Spending
  4. Learn New Cultures


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Rekindling New Passions

When there are facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, and sporting facilities present at the property, it motivates the residents to get out of their bed early in the morning and practice healthcare by working out or playing sports with their fellow tenants.

  1. Building New Habits
  2. Pursuing Passion
  3. Physical Health Upgrade
  4. Quality Lifestyle


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Easy Access To Daily Life Activities

EcommerceBD has established its residences in such locations that they have nearby facilities such as hospitals, educational institutions, and shopping malls. The apartments are also located in such prime areas that it makes traveling all over the city really easy.

  1. Emergency Services
  2. Time Saver
  3. Recreation 
  4. Convenience


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Saves You The Extra Expenses

Having in-property amenities can be very cost-efficient. We have designed all our residences including all types of facility services in such a way that they will not only provide a comfortable living but also save our tenants from unnecessary costs.

  1. Allows Savings
  2. Less Tension
  3. No Hidden Charges
  4. Peace Of Mind


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Our Promise To You

Enjoy our wide range of amenities and facilities services. Get to know your neighbors and get rid of loneliness. Build your new family in the new country and create new bonds with new people by sharing the same interest. Enjoy an exclusive lifestyle in a more budget-friendly rental plan and save money for your future endeavors. EcommerceBD opens a variety of immense possibilities alongside providing your future home.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Amenities' are described as extra features that make life more comfortable and convenient in the context of residences. These amenities might be in-unit amenities like a washer and dryer or central air, or they can be community amenities like a pool. The majority of the time, though, when people talk about apartment amenities, they're referring to community elements.

When it comes to selecting your next residence, amenities play a very important role. Amenities make the serviced apartments more desirable, such as location, conference room, swimming pools, gyms, and so on. They provide a significant contribution to the occupants' delight and enjoyment. There is a very significant connection between a residence's social infrastructure and the living quality of its tenants.

You don't have to pay a separate price to access the amenities in your apartment, therefore they're "free." In most cases, the costs are already included in your rent. If your lease allows it, you can drop out of extra amenities that are not applicable to you.

YES, a swimming pool is considered a property-specific amenity.

YES, there are in-house amenities such as:

  • Central air conditioning.
  • New kitchen appliances.
  • Walk-in closet.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Attached master bathroom.
  • Kitchen counter.
  • Stainless steel appliances.

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