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Co-Living Studio Apartment
Co-Living Studio Apartment
Co-Living Studio Apartment
Co-Living Studio Apartment

Short Stay Service Apartments in Co-living Space.

Co-living space appears to have evolved into more than just a housing model in today’s world; it has also evolved into a solution for the booming younger generations.

Co-living Space

1. Fully Furnished

Ecommerce BD offers Housing's fully furnished apartments are ideal for business travelers, relocating employees, and project teams who require short or long-term housing around the world. Ecommerce BD provides short- and long-term housing with a variety of lease options.

Residences Co-living Space Services

2. Serviced Residences

Whether you're arranging temporary housing for mobile employees or you're in need of temporary housing yourself, Ecommerce BD Housing provides an exceptional temporary living experience in the area's best housing options. Our local experts can help you to find the best housing

Healthy Co-living Space Services

3. Healthy living

Healthy Living Services provide confidential advice and resources to help people improve their health and address a variety of health issues. These services are also available to family members who live with an employee or expat workers.

Co-Living Space Room Types

4. Room Types

Your office should have various rooms and spaces that meet your employees' various needs in order for them to do their best work. Your office, like an ideal home, should be a welcoming environment where people enjoy spending time. It should promote inspiration, creativity, and productivity while also reflecting the culture of your company.

Furnished Co-Living Space

5. Amenities

It all comes down to amenities when it comes to getting businesses to sign on the dotted line and lease space in your commercial building. The goals of the office and employee amenities design are to provide spaces for administrative and clerical tasks. A more sophisticated marketing strategy can include amenities.

Co-living Facilities-Management

6. Facilities Management

We offer a comprehensive range of facilities management services, all of which are overseen and managed by an Ecommerce BD facility manager. Our management and support services will be tailored to your company's requirements. Our highly skilled team ensures that all aspects of a contract are completed

Short-Term Rentals in Studio Apartment in Dhaka.

Co-living Space is “city living made better” and “communal living made easier” at Ecommerce BD. Co-living Space streamlines the process of finding a roommate, provides the most affordable housing options, and creates beautiful homes for convenience.

Unlike traditional apartments, which lack essential amenities and a sense of community, Co-living Space provides residents (referred to as “members”) with a private bedroom and access to fully furnished living spaces, shared kitchens, and amazing amenities. On the one hand, it appears to be a lot like your typical roommate situation (living with friends), and some people even refer to Co-living Space homes as “adult dorms.” Co-living Space, on the other hand, provides so much more.

Our homes at Ecommerce BD are designed to make it easier to share a home’s spatial and program operations while removing the annoyances of living with roommates. That means we give away everything for free, from toilet paper to professional cleaning services. Co-living Space at Ecommerce BD aims to make home sharing desirable and affordable for all types of residents while also creating new, diverse opportunities and a strong community through smart architectural design, community event planning, and resident support.

Enjoy Facilities & Stay Stress-Free

Co-living space appears to have evolved into more than just a housing model in today's world; it has also evolved into a solution for the booming younger generations.

Check each company you're considering to see if they have a functioning website and are a legitimate company. Take your time when touring potential living spaces and imagine how you'd feel coming home to it every day.

  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • Swimming pools
  • Work spaces
  • Leisure areas
  • Gyms
  • Sanitization
  • Free Wifi
  • Meeting Room
  • 24/7 Security service

Fully-Furnished Short-Term Rentals With Kitchen and Laundry Facilities.

Anyone, from students and young professionals to millennials and baby boomers, can benefit from co-living space by avoiding the headaches of the real estate market and living stress-free. Coliving is a solution to the housing crisis in cities, rising in tandem with the coworking and ridesharing economies.



If you don't want to commit to a long-term lease (let alone buy furniture and appliances for a home you might only live in for a year), Co-living Space is a good option. This is especially useful if you're moving to a new city and want to get a feel for the area before committing to a long-term residence. Ecommerce BD Co-Living space services assist you in every possible ways 



For people under the age of 30, rent is the most expensive monthly expense, accounting for 45 percent of their income on average. So, if you're looking to cut costs, living with roommates is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. You won't have to buy your own couch or wifi router if you live in a Co-living Space because the Co space rent is low.


Financial Responsibility

Co-living Space alleviates some of the financial concerns that come with living with others. Co-living Space eliminates the stress of roommates not paying rent on time or moving out early by providing individual room leases. Because utilities and rent are combined into one monthly payment, you won't have to pay for utilities up front and then harass your housemates

Co-Living in Condos and Apartments for Rent

Rooms come with weekly turn-down service, a mini-fridge, a flat-screen TV, and shared living areas such as a kitchen, a living room, and a bamboo patio.

Individuals have their own full residence in cohousing, but communal areas such as gardens, laundries, and gathering spaces are shared. Each person has their own bedroom and possibly a bathroom in Co-living Space, but all other areas of the residence – kitchen, dining room, workspaces, and so on – are shared for traditional gameplay

The benefits of co-living are appealing to tenants. They can afford higher-quality amenities and services — gyms, laundry, and house cleaning — than they could if they didn't split the costs. The shared areas are frequently nicer than what a single renter could afford.

In addition to the lodging, each member can sign up for a monthly subscription service that will take care of their bedding and room cleaning so they can spend their time doing what they enjoy. The monthly rent does not include these services.

Discuss these items in your shared dorm room with your roommate.

    • Miniature refrigerator. One of the most popular yet expensive shared dorm room accessories is a mini-fridge.
    • Compact vacuum.
    • Coffee maker
    • Water pitcher with purifier.
    • Dustpan and brush set.

Co-Living offers furnished flats & co living spaces to rent in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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