Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business

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Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business
Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business
Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business
Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business
Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business

Fully Furnished Or Unfurnished Commercial Office Space: What Should You Rent?

Your business may develop its culture and personality thanks to an office space. This aids in bringing in new business and luring in and keeping talent. A commercial office environment fosters social contact among staff members while bringing people together to collaborate  create, all of which result in better products and services.

A well chosen commercial space can work as a blessing for your company if the space creates a work friendly environment for the employees. This will directly help to increase the productivity of the employees .

Over the course of the projected period, the market for office space is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 10%. Coworking office space is expanding at a rate that is significantly higher than other forms of office space.

The typical 9-to-5 workday is quickly becoming outdated due to modern technology breakthroughs for the commercial space of any business. If you want to grow your staff, though, you cannot ignore the importance of having an ordered a private or a shared workspace.

Key Arguments,

  1. The commercial space are likely to attract businesses and entrepreneurs who would wish to hold the space for longer periods of time because of its position (next to markets), giving you a decent return for a longer period of time.
  2. Through commercial spaces, renters have a safety net of fixed overhead costs, whilst landlords are guaranteed of predictable profits, which are also seen relatively favorably by banks.
  3. Overall returns for the commercial space may be better, and dealing with a firm and clear contracts eliminates some of the hassles sometimes associated with residential renters.

Reasons To Choose A Fully Furnished Office Spaces 

  1. Save cash
    One of the numerous advantages of renting or leasing a completely equipped office space  that you will ultimately spend less money. The cost of renting or leasing the newest furniture, as opposed to purchasing it outright.
  2. Reduces Time
    You will be able to save the time you would have previously allocated for setting up your office space and decorating the interiors if you choose commercial office space. Instead, you may use that time to concentrate on other important duties.
  3. Reduce Hassle
    By selecting a workplace that is already equipped, you can avoid the total burden of having to spend time picking out the interiors and matching the decor to the building or your company
  4. Allows For Growth
    When you already have the furniture and equipment, all you need to do is modify it to fit your needs—set it up in cabins, get rid of some excess items, make room for additional equipment, etc. You won’t need to start from scratch; you simply need to add a few items that are specific to the workplace area.
  5. Ready To Go
    Your fully furnished office space will be professionally set up and furnished as part of the monthly fee or lease for the office. It will be a completely set up situation, so you won’t have to waste time on decoration and can go right to work.

Choosing The Right Office Space For Your Business

One should take care of the following sectors while choosing a fully furnished office space.



1. Location

Neighborhood safety, ease of access to commercial areas, proximity to business partners, and building visibility.

2. Lease Terms And Conditions

Parking spot price, the quantity of spaces allotted to a certain rented space, shared space fees, and maintenance expenses.

3. Accessibility

Access to the airport, the railway and bus terminals, the public administration offices, and the building by public transportation.

4. Building Features

Reception area, server room, other services (such as restaurant, florist, newsstand, bank, and/or medical services), elevator (or elevators), utilities, and room accessibility (e.g. for archiving purposes)

5. Ad-on Factors

Fitness facilities nearby, beauty of the region, office area illumination, developer brand and tenant image, and customer parking spaces

Estimated Cost For The Commercial Space Rent

Location: Gulshan, Banani and Dhanmondi



  1. 3600 Sq.Ft

1. BDT 756,000

  1. 3135 Sq.Ft

2. BDT 391,875

  1. 2450 Sq.Ft

3. BDT 140,000

  1. 5069 Sq. Ft

4. BDT 10,13,800

The rent for commercial space will also differentiate on amenities, areas, environment etc. 

Get The Best Of Commercial Spaces With Us 

While the state’s own rent control statute restricts rent increases for residential properties to a certain amount. Such a provision does not apply to commercial spaces. A company is less likely to move locations as it becomes more established in its current location.

We give you all the conveniences you need for the commercial area that you requested. We are here to help you with everything from offering a completely equipped office space to virtual office space assistance.

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