Business for Buy and Sell Investment in Bangladesh.

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Business for Buy and Sell Investment in Bangladesh.
Business for Buy and Sell Investment in Bangladesh.
Business for Buy and Sell Investment in Bangladesh.
Business for Buy and Sell Investment in Bangladesh.

Buy SMEs & Startup Fundraising, M&A, Business Sale Platform

EcommerceBD is a specialized M&A firm that was established as a platform to offer industry-leading services for business acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, partnerships, distributorships, and franchise purchases.

Our expertise lies in supporting organizations throughout the acquisition and fundraising process, from collateral preparation to deal closure, and we are distinguished by the breadth of our understanding of the SME landscape in Bangladesh.

Our primary objective is to establish enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and entrepreneurs, aiding them in the actualization of their maximum capabilities through the application of our distinctive perspective, amalgamation of specialized knowledge, and unwavering commitment to our clients’ requirements.

Buy and Sell Business - Investment opportunities at EcommerceBD

In Bangladesh and wish to acquire or sell a business in India, Merger & Acquisition Compliance can assist you. A buy-and-sell enterprise may be described as a merger or acquisition of businesses.

Buy Business

Acquire a fully operational business along with its brand, history, systems, inventory, personnel, customers, and expansion strategies.


Please provide us with your investment criteria, and EcommerceBD will locate the ideal opportunity for you.

Sell Business

EcommerceBD can consult with you as you search for the ideal buyer or investor and assist you in evaluating your company in preparation for the sale.

Transaction Advisory

Our legal and deal structuring counsel provided assistance throughout the transaction.

Acquisition or Disposition of a Business

At EcommerceBD, We handle the whole process of selling your business from start to finish. Properly assessing the value of the business. Intensive marketing strategies are used to reach out to existing potential buyers. We handle inquiries, screen buyers, and exercise due diligence to protect confidential information. We also negotiate the best terms and conditions for you.

Buying and Selling a Business

EcommerceBD is a business consulting platform and web-based aggregator for early-stage SME enterprises based in Dhaka. Our organization exhibits considerable proficiency in delivering an extensive array of services pertaining to the establishment of any form of business entity, encompassing Online Company Registration and Private Limited company registration. This is achieved by offering comprehensive solutions, which consist of a startup incubator, an accelerator program, a startup ecosystem, business plans, and financial projections for entrepreneurs.


Business Buy - Sell - Invest - Partner

Since 2012, EcommerceBD, a business consulting firm, has specialized in ensuring that organizations adhere to local business laws and regulations through business compliance procedures. Since 2012, EcommerceBD has been consistently relied upon by thousands of renowned clients. By providing a one-stop business platform with customized and exclusive services pertaining to market entry and mandatory business compliance, we are generating additional value for our clients. We maintain the good standing of our clients in Bangaldesh in an ethical and efficient manner while they are conducting business and working there.


Buying a Business For Sale in Bangladesh

If you are interested in acquiring a business in Bangladesh, you have arrived at the appropriate location for accurate information. Bangladesh stands out as a highly appealing destination for foreign investors in Southeast Asia owing to its strategic location, robust natural resources, youthful populace, and economic expansion.

However, purchasing a business in Bangladesh is not a simple task and necessitates careful deliberation of numerous factors in order to arrive at the most advantageous conclusion. We will discuss in this article a number of the most important factors to take into account prior to purchasing a business for sale in Bangladesh.

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How can we help with stepwise Buy and Sell Business Advisory?

EcommerceBD will need to understand the sell/divestment/acquisition/merger criteria, including product offerings /capabilities, quality of human capital, business size, and other must-haves of an ideal target company, through a strategy briefing session with your management team. Knowledge thus gained would serve to define an extremely detailed and focused search profile of the target.


Project Assessment & Strategy

EcommerceBD will require a strategy briefing session with your management team in order to comprehend the sell/divestment/acquisition/merger criteria, including product offerings/capabilities, quality of human capital, business scale, and other essential attributes of an ideal target company. The acquired knowledge would be utilized to establish a highly precise and targeted search profile for the target.


In Depth Research.

On the basis of the briefing session, a comprehensive economic, organizational, and market-specific analysis will be conducted in order to compile a list of prospective targets ("Target List") that meet the client's sell/acquisition/divestment criteria. You and the initial lengthy list of target companies will be combed through in order to identify the most suitable and optimal targets.


Solicitation and Investigation

At the highest levels of management, a targeted approach will be taken with each of the shortlisted individuals to determine whether or not they are amenable to discussing and negotiating the broad parameters of a potential value-chain partnership. A shortlisted target will not be informed of the client's identity unless they have voluntarily engaged in discussions and duly executed confidentiality agreements with EcommerceBD. 

Buy/ Sell Business Advisory in Bangladesh.

By leveraging the synergies that arise from our vertical integration, we have established ourselves as a highly regarded provider of deal making services for both buying and selling.

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1. Target List

We shall generate an Ideal Target Profile, which shall assign weights and/or grades to each of the shortlisted targets in order to assist the client’s management in selecting the ultimate target. Subject to operational, financial, and legal due diligence, EcommerceBD will arrange for a visit by the client’s operational team to the selected target companies, or vice versa, and organize management presentations from the target companies in order to identify the optimal target.

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2. Due diligence

EcommerceBD will perform the valuation and assist the client in conducting financial, operational, and legal due diligence, upon the target and client exchanging a non-binding Letter of Interest, should the client so request.

You can buy and sell businesses through any of Asset OR Share Purchase and Asset OR  Share Swap methods.

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3. Personal Inspection

EcommerceBD will additionally assist in the preparation, facilitation, and participation of the negotiations between the client and the target company until a preliminary agreement is reached (e.g., term sheet or letter of intent), and continue until the final signature of the acquisition agreement or an equivalent document is obtained, or until the transaction closes.

We assist Residents & Non Residents Indians in buying existing business or selling their existing business.

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