Basic Information Before Renting A Commercial Property

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Basic Information Before Renting A Commercial Property
Basic Information Before Renting A Commercial Property
Basic Information Before Renting A Commercial Property
Basic Information Before Renting A Commercial Property
Basic Information Before Renting A Commercial Property

Leasing commercial property can be difficult. Yes, it resembles a residential home quite a bit. Your lease agreement has provisions to protect both you and your landlord. 
But never take something at face value just because it is in a formal document. Even though it is thrilling, taking this action is important, so you must make sure you are adequately protecting yourself.

5 Things to Consider When Leasing a Commercial Property

The critical information you should be aware of before renting a commercial property is provided below. Five things to be aware of are:

  1. Give yourself adequate time to start. It could take months until you sign a lease after you’ve found a place. If there is any flexibility, make sure you are clear about the date you want to move in.
  2. Is the structure suitable for your company? It’s critical to consider the rights the lease will offer you. Tenants frequently additionally bear the cost of utilities, service fees, and business rates in addition to the rent.
  3. The lease’s duration is quite important. Even while the lease’s price may be alluring, it might not be wise to be saddled with a lengthy lease when your plans are uncertain.
  4. Rent, review provisions, and obligations are negotiated. Your main goal when negotiating with the rent will be to get the best bargain on the rental of the space.
  5. Typically, a business lease will require you to maintain the property in a proper state of repair and decorating.

The term of the lease and who is responsible for paying the property taxes are two significant differences between commercial and residential leases, notwithstanding the similarities between them.

Revenue From Commercial Real Estate in 2021

IBIS World estimates that the pandemic had a substantial influence on the commercial real estate industry’s revenue in 2020, which fell by an estimated 17.8% to $893.2 billion as corporate profit and the value of private nonresidential development activities both fell sharply. 

That would bring the sector’s two consecutive years of decline to an 18.8% decline from its 2018 top of $1.1 trillion. Additionally, the size of the commercial real estate market will be significantly smaller in 2020 than it was in 2015.

Different Types of Commercial Property

You might not be aware that there are five primary categories of building types in the commercial real estate market, and that each of these building types has a different application. These five groups consist of:

  1. Retail includes shops, shopping malls, and retail stores.
  2. Industrial Factories and warehouses
  3. Hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and sporting venues are places to go for fun.
  4. Medical facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes

Statistics Of Commercial Property

Size of the global commercial real estate market, by region, for the years 2019 to 2021. Ranking of the top real estate companies in the world by market value in 2022.

In the first quarter of 2022, commercial real estate transactions cost $161 billion. (Colliers). In the US, there are more than 2.25 million commercial real estate firms..

8 Tips to Rent the Right Commercial Space for Your Business

We can give you all the information you need to rent the ideal commercial space for your company.


You must therefore consider the workplaces of your employees, suppliers, and clients. Your employee’s productivity will suffer if you choose a faraway location.

Operational costs

Naturally, the location you choose for your company comes with some operational expenses. The use of the facilities for energy, water, and security will result in that expense. You must specify all such costs prior to signing the contract.

Reason for renting

Renting a commercial space typically depends on your types of activities. Suppose you rent it for setting up the office then you need partitions for sitting, whereas the shop doesn’t need partitions instead, it requires nice decoration. 


You must pick the ideal lodging if you want to guarantee the expansion of your company. However, if you choose a large workplace, you will need to leave some room empty.


It goes without saying that you must provide the owner a sizable sum of taka as a deposit. Additionally, you must have money set out for extra expenses like relocating and operating expenditures.

Exit strategy

Even though you don’t buy the place, you’ll still need to vacate it in the future. What procedure do you follow to vacate your rented business property, then? You and the owner should talk about establishing an appropriate exit strategy during the transaction signing phase.

Modern Trends and the Importance of Interior Design for Commercial Space

The significance of a well-planned, comfortable room has grown recently. People anticipate pleasant and appealing spaces.

A well-designed facility will significantly affect how satisfied customers and employees are, whether it be an office or retail location. Many people today are hiring interior designers for business spaces as the relevance of interior design grows.

Final Words

The best solutions for your space will depend on your understanding of your company’s goals because every commercial space office may have various issues and constraints.

Your work will improve as a result of working with us since our specialists will give you guidance as you decide how to tackle any concerns in your office environment.

So, get in touch with us right now to benefit from the best opportunities that Commercial Space has to offer.


Even when they are signing a flexible property license with a respected landlord like a local authority, some enterprises do rent commercial space without seeking legal counsel. However, it's important to be crystal clear about the commitments and potential liabilities you're making.

If the property's owner decides to sell it, for instance, you might find yourself responsible for costly repairs, confined to a rigid contract, or residing with a less forgiving landlord. It won't cost much to have a lawyer review a straightforward rental agreement, but getting it wrong could be fatal. Therefore, seeking professional counsel is always a good idea.

  1. The expenses would normally include the surveyor's and lawyer's professional fees.
  2. Fees could include those for pre-contract and pre-completion searches as well as Land Registry fees.
  3. The purchase price of the property, any initial leasing premium, plus any applicable stamp duty and land tax (if applicable).
  4. Rental fees and servicing fees (if renting),
  5. utilities, non-domestic rates, and insurance (business rates),
  6. Costs of upkeep and repairs.

Although supplies provided to commercial properties are free from VAT, the owner may choose to do so (including renting or selling). As part of our due diligence, we will look into the VAT situation and provide appropriate advice.

The Commercial Property Standard Enquiries are a series of pre-contract standard questions that the buyer can ask the seller about the property to determine the value of the property and whether they wish to buy the property.

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